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06129 Documentation Trivial Always Jan 23, 2016, 19:45 Feb 8, 2016, 20:03
Tester D Go Go Fan View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution No change required OS
Status [?] Closed Driver cclimber.cpp
Version 0.169 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 06129: cannonb cannonb2 cannonb3: Sets cannonb, cannonb2, and cannonb3 should be tagged "machine is incomplete"
Description The games don't work correctly on the hardware the bootleggers ported them to, they will crash after a few rounds. The "machine is incomplete" tag is for games that are hardly playable on real hardware, so it looks like a fitting tag for these sets.
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Affected Sets / Systems cannonb cannonb2 cannonb3
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Senior Tester
Jan 29, 2016, 00:25
I've thought about this one, and I disagree. MACHINE_IS_INCOMPLETE was meant for prototypes and location tests that haven't yet been or never were completed. It's not and never was intended for lousy bootleg coding causing crashes. I'm going to leave it as Direction Needed in case anyone else wants to weigh in with their opinion, however.
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Feb 8, 2016, 20:03
I have to agree. This stance may be reevaluated later but for now it covers the obvious 'official' incomplete/broken state which some prototypes are presented and can never be made playable by fixing emulation due to incomplete coding. There are a few in mame source and over time we will be assigning those machines this new flag.