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06643 Sound Minor Always 19 days ago 17 days ago
Tester kirishima View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver kinst.cpp
Version 0.188 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 06643: "Fight End"\"Game Over" Tone Fade-In Issue
Description This is actually an old issue with DCS that has been happening since version .142. However, I haven't seen it reported anywhere in any shape or form so that is why I'm submitting this. I apologize if it's already reported and I just haven't looked hard enough.

Both Killer Instinct games are the most affected, but Cruisn' USA and World are also affected to a lesser extent.

For both KINST games, the "End of Fight"\"Game Over" tone sound is supposed to fade in as it starts, but it instead fades out before playing at normal volume. Also Affects Killer Instinct 2's Staff Roll Medley as well as Cruisn' USA's and World's attract mode medleys.
Steps To Reproduce For the Killer Instinct games, just play the game, win or lose a fight.
Additional Information In the Killer Instinct games, the issue doesn't occur when starting a game before the DCS boot-up tone plays, but only for the first fight. Afterwards, it occurs regularly as it would if DCS was allowed to boot-up before playing.
Regression Version 0.142
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18 days ago
Not wholly familiar with this game - I'd like to see some audio/video samples from actual hardware regarding the issues specific you are seeing.
Are you claiming versions prior to 0.142 work as expected?
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18 days ago
edited on: 18 days ago
Yes the issue didn't happen in versions .141 and prior since there was an update to DCS emulation before .142's release. I want to say that the pcb doesn't have the issue, but I can't find direct audio\video capture of this game.
This is a short Mame capture I made of the issue(save state was used):

This is a hopefully good enough (and loud enough) video from real hardware:

skip to 9:25 since time wouldn't get included in link.

Recording from Mame32 .141:

I wish I could've found a pcb video of Killer Instinct 2's Staff Roll, because that where the issue is really noticeable.

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18 days ago
edited on: 17 days ago
Here is a capture from .188 of Killer Instinct 2's staff roll. No pcb video to compare.

Capture from Mame32 .141(Sorry It took so long):

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17 days ago
Acknowledging for now.