MAME - Change Log (Page 1 of 10 : 0.214GIT - 0.185)

MAME - 0.214GIT
- 07427: [Crash/Freeze] (arkanoid.cpp) arkgcbl, arkgcbla, arkangc2, arkbloc2, arkbloc3, block2, paddle2: Crashing to starting the game (Robbbert)
- 07416: [Graphics] (legionna.cpp) denjinmk: Broken backgrounds in 2 game endings (Angelo Salese)
- 07412: [Crash/Freeze] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay [chaotixju_md]: Crash attempting to play 32x audio pack (jkm900)
- 03635: [Gameplay] (igspoker.cpp) cpoker, cpokert: Games freezing during play (Roberto Fresca)
- 07413: [Crash/Freeze] (exidy440.cpp) yukon, yukon1: The games crash or get stuck during the initial checks (AJR)
- 00389: [Sound] (cbuster.cpp) cbuster: The tempo of the music played by one of the OKI6295's (#1 I think) speeds up when the flamethrower is used (AJR)
- 00130: [Sound] (darkseal.cpp) darkseal: When using your weapon the music playback would ever so slightly increase. (AJR)
- 02108: [Sound] (vaportra.cpp) vaportra, vaportrau, kuhga: Data East Vapor Trail Sound Driver messed up during game play, tempo all wrong when firing. (AJR)
- 07408: [Plugins] "autofire" plugin is not working properly. (Nathan Woods)
MAME - 0.213
18 days ago
- 05461: [Documentation] (dec0.cpp) hbarrel, hbarrelw: wrong ROM labels
- 07401: [Graphics] (nemesis.cpp) salamand and clones: Sprite flickers randomly (hap)
- 07400: [Interface] clickable artwork: dummy input listener is ignored (hap)
- 07398: [Crash/Freeze] (goldstar.cpp) mbs2euro: Exception at emulation start (AJR)
- 07379: [Interface] artwork: group autobounds doesnt always work if origin is higher than 0 (cuavas)
- 07396: [DIP/Input] (tmnt.cpp) tmnt24pu: Start buttons do not work (Tafoid)
- 07382: [Debugger] Hang and memory leak using save (hap)
- 00148: [Sound] (mappy.cpp) todruaga: The sound of the first credit is not played. (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.212
Aug 3, 2019
- 06677: [Interface] Exception at new machine selection (AmatCoder)
- 07385: [Interface] (wrally.cpp) wrally: Coin 1+Coin 2 do not function (Olivier Galibert)
- 07331: [DIP/Input] (vsnes.cpp) pc_duckh, pc_hgaly, pc_wgnmn, duckhunt, hogalley: Lightgun games doesn't work (enik2)
- 04159: [DIP/Input] (segas24.cpp) sgmast, sgmastc, sgmastj: Controller does not emulate correctly, game unplayable (Angelo Salese)
- 00349: [Graphics] (shaolins.cpp) kicker: After you enter service mode and go through the tests, 6 coloured boxes stay on the bottom of the screen. (Angelo Salese)
- 06655: [Interface] cgenie, coco3: Unloading and big changes in interface slots can cause CRASH (AmatCoder)
- 06654: [Interface] (c64.cpp) c64: In some cases, changing slots and choosing RESET crashes MAME (AmatCoder)
- 07373: [Gameplay] (iteagle.cpp) gtfore02, gtfore03, gtfore04, gtfore05, gtfore06 and clones: Attempted booting fails and attempts offsite connection
- 07098: [Sound] (itech32.cpp) gt3d, gt97, gt98, gt99, gt2k, gtclassc: Incorrect sounds playing during gameplay (AJR)
- 02060: [Graphics] (aerofgt.cpp) spinlbrk, spinlbrku, spinlbrkj: Priorities wrong (Osso)
- 07370: [Crash/Freeze] (namconb1.cpp) sws95, sws96, sws97: Crash during attract mode (hap)
- 07188: [DIP/Input] (zr107.cpp) jetwave and clones: Analog controls do not respond in game. (Hydreigon)
- 07357: [Crash/Freeze] (taitojc.cpp) All sets in taitojc.cpp: Reset loop after startup screen (AJR)
MAME - 0.211
Jun 27, 2019
- 06264: [Interface] UI: Hitting ALT+TAB causes assert message (hap)
- 07347: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (galaxian.cpp) skybase: Inverted upright and cocktail switches (MetalGod)
- 07354: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (taitosj.cpp) spacecr: Upright mode dipswitch does exactly the same as cocktail mode (MetalGod)
- 07351: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) ptrain: pay button does not work (Duke)
- 07345: [Graphics] (dec0.cpp) birdtry: sprite problems on the title screen and during gameplay (jkm900)
- 07343: [Gameplay] (carpolo.cpp) carpolo: Unable to Move + Issues with collision detection (hap)
- 07333: [Gameplay] (bbusters.cpp) bbusters and clones: Strange players AI behaviour in attract mode of Beast Busters world version. (Duke)
MAME - 0.210
May 30, 2019
- 07332: [Gameplay] (galaxian.cpp) zigzagb, zigzagb2: Game will hang when you play a 2 player game (AJR)
- 07325: [Graphics] (sbowling.cpp) sbowling: Player 2 screen graphics are bugged (Osso)
- 07315: [Misc.] (model2.cpp) rchase2, gunblade, topskatr, srallyc, manxtt: Some model 2 games can't keep any change in test menu options after power down and restart (Duke)
- 05553: [DIP/Input] (royalmah.cpp) mjdiplob: DIP settings are resolved, on Mame some are unknown or '?' (kamilz)
- 02932: [Graphics] (tutankhm.cpp) tutankhm, tutankhms: Background stars missing in attract mode (couriersud)
- 07316: [Crash/Freeze] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay: crashes when sliders selected (jkm900)
- 07323: [Graphics] (alpha68k.cpp) timesold and clones: Title screen corrupted (Olivier Galibert)
- 07314: [Crash/Freeze] (homedata.cpp) mjikaga: Game boots and immediately gets stuck at a white screen (Osso)
- 07310: [Graphics] (route16.cpp) route16, route16a, route16c: Missing or shifted map graphics (Robbbert)
- 07309: [Crash/Freeze] (8080bw.cpp) invrvnge, invrvngegw: watchdog bites a few seconds after starting a game (AJR)
- 07297: [DIP/Input] (namcos22.cpp) aquajet, dirtdash, tokyowar: Namco SS22 analog controls unresponsive (AJR)
MAME - 0.209
Apr 24, 2019
- 07242: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.cpp) sf2049: Strange freeze in attract mode
- 07275: [Core] Weird pacing issue on Windows (hap)
- 07075: [Sound] (m72.cpp) hharry: Victory scream is too low compared to previous mame releases and arcade pcb (jkm900)
- 03130: [Graphics] (ccastles.cpp) ccastles: Visible resolution is incorrect (Duke)
- 07270: [Crash/Freeze] (cps1.cpp) sf2ceea: Debugger crashes when accessing memory under certain conditions (hap)
- 07265: [DIP/Input] (tsamurai.cpp) tsamuraih: Lives DIP selection amount is incorrect. (chaneman)
- 07266: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) sasuke: Initial game music plays partially or not at all after hitting Start (Osso)
- 03122: [DIP/Input] (ltcasino.cpp) mv4in1, ltcasino, ltcasinn: Service Mode DIP does not work (Duke)
MAME - 0.208
Mar 27, 2019
- 07263: [Gameplay] (galaxian.cpp) tenspot: Only half of the games are accessible. (Robbbert)
- 07260: [Sound] (topspeed.cpp) topspeed: Top Speed engine sounds are again missing. (Osso)
- 07258: [Original Reference] (micro3d.cpp) f15se21: Rom names for F-15 Strike Eagle (chaneman)
- 07254: [Multisession] NETLIST: Running any machine using netlist components back to back from UI will cause Fatal error (couriersud)
- 07250: [DIP/Input] (segas16b.cpp) dunkshot, dunkshota: Unused DIP 1 & DIP 8 are used in this game. (chaneman)
- 07251: [Documentation] (brkthru.cpp) brkthru: Undocumented Test Mode (chaneman)
- 07240: [DIP/Input] (cps1.cpp) sf2rules: Kick buttons do not seem to be hooked up (Osso)
MAME - 0.207
Feb 27, 2019
- 07230: [DIP/Input] (taito_l.cpp) horshoes: Broken controls (Osso)
- 07225: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) Most machines in snk6502.cpp: Music playing incorrectly (Osso)
MAME - 0.206
Jan 30, 2019
- 07104: [DIP/Input] (iteagle.cpp) bbh, bbhsc, bbhsca, bbh2sp, bbh2spa, bbh2spb: Targeting is off (Osso)
- 07214: [Crash/Freeze] (snes.cpp) SNES emulation crashes on initialization if no cartridge is selected. (AJR)
- 06300: [Color/Palette] (galaxian.cpp) eagle, eagle2: Incorrect color palette (cuavas)
- 07205: [Sound] (neopcb.cpp) svcpcb: Cracking/distortion/buzzing sound (Osso)
- 07015: [Gameplay] (model1.cpp) vr, vformula: Undetected communication board. (Hydreigon)
- 07189: [Crash/Freeze] (cinemat.cpp) qb3: Black Screen / Exception after OK (Osso)
- 07185: [Sound] (mario.cpp) mario and clones: Missing all audio outside of walking sounds (Ryan Holtz)
MAME - 0.205
Dec 25, 2018
- 07005: [Crash/Freeze] (vamphalf.cpp) worldadv, luplup, poosho (possibly more): DRC malfunction with 36 minutes of emulation (Ryan Holtz)
- 06539: [Crash/Freeze] (konamim2.cpp) All sets in konamim2.cpp: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: (entry >> m_pageshift) == (taddress >> m_pageshift) (Phil Bennett)
- 07116: [Save/Restore] Numerous Drivers: Save State Breakage (Olivier Galibert)
- 04954: [Graphics] (cps2.cpp) mvscu, xmvsf, mshvsf: Sprite priority problem on Final Stage (8) with Onslaught (large transformation) (hap)
- 07170: [Sound] xaudio2: Wrong dll loaded in module (Moe)
- 07169: [Sound] (equites.cpp) equites, equitess: When the config the dip switch and next reset, the sound system stop work (AJR)
- 05732: [Crash/Freeze] All games using MCS-48: Crash when trying to set watchpoint with wpd in mcs-48 games (AJR)
- 02774: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) grdians: Occasional 1-frame glitches (David Haywood)
- 07165: [Documentation] (bzone.cpp) bzone: bzone error/typo in source comments (zaxxon)
- 04053: [Graphics] (ssv.cpp) eaglshot, dynagear: Missing raster effect (David Haywood)
MAME - 0.204
Nov 28, 2018
- 06685: [Graphics] (namcos2.cpp) metlhawk: Level select has a layer covering the map (jkm900)
- 06985: [Graphics] (eolith.cpp) landbrk and clones: Entering service mode results black screen (Ryan Holtz)
- 07151: [Gameplay] (asteroid.cpp) astdelux and clones: [possible] On launch a series of FFFFFF display multiple times in high-score position 1. (AJR)
- 06474: [Graphics] (segas16b.cpp) goldnaxe: scroll issues (hap)
- 07046: [Gameplay] (deco32.cpp) dragngun, dragngunj: Screen goes black on 3rd stage and game stops (hap)
- 07149: [Graphics] (docastle.cpp) dowild: When level 1 completed (either by player or via attract mode), top of screen flickers (hap)
- 06607: [Sound] (xmen.cpp) xmen and clones: Instruments in the music are playing back at the wrong volume (regression) (hap)
- 05613: [Graphics] (prehisle.cpp) prehislek: Introductory Text (Korean?) not displayed properly
MAME - 0.203
Oct 31, 2018
- 01132: [Graphics] (namconb1.cpp) ptblank: There's a vertical line of garbage on the door of the "Shoot 14 criminals" stage.
- 01920: [Graphics] (taito_f3.cpp) gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: Enemy laser is too short in the 3rd stage. (hap)
- 00777: [Gameplay] (namcos22.cpp) timecris, timecrisa: The helicopter in the level 3, I've shot the bad boy over 40 times and it still goes on. (hap)
- 07126: [Color/Palette] (8080bw.cpp) yosakdon: Yosaku to donbei, original game had colours (M.A.S.H.)
- 07110: [DIP/Input] (snk.cpp) tdfever: The "Allow Continue" dipswitch is reversed. (Angelo Salese)
- 00430: [Graphics] (flkatck.cpp) mx5000: It has some priority problems. (Angelo Salese)
- 07115: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) spf2t (qsound): Distortion of sound effects mainly in left sound channel of spf2t (ctr)
- 07111: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) dirtdash: Glitch with a speedometer graphics. (hap)
- 06164: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) ridgerac: Missing title screen graphics from second time onward (hap)
- 06171: [Core] Specialized ini file settings get retained on a second game launch, instead of using raster.ini or mame.ini (Ryan Holtz)
- 06157: [Graphics] (cps3.cpp) jojo, jojoba and clones: Missing 2P combo meter graphics. (David Haywood)
MAME - 0.202
Sep 26, 2018
- 05394: [Gameplay] (namcos1.cpp) rompers: popmessage appears when running set rompers
- 03797: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) finehour: Regardless of credits entered, only one is shown.
- 07029: [Core] (namcos2.cpp) finehour: Can't add credits on continue
- 06448: [Graphics] (taitogn.cpp) psyvaria, psyvarrv: Glitched stage clear graphics (smf)
- 06991: [Crash/Freeze] (model1.cpp) swa: crash with access violation after a while (AJR)
- 06258: [Graphics] (taitogn.cpp) usagi: Weird background color for score recap (smf)
- 07096: [Crash/Freeze] (micro3d.cpp) All sets in micro3d.cpp: Hang during the boot process (AJR)
- 07076: [Graphics] (psikyo.cpp) tengaij, tengai and maybe more: [possible] Bad glitch graphic on some stages (jkm900)
- 07091: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) sgunner2, sgunner2j: Player 1 and Player 2 Coin buttons missing (AJR)
- 05904: [Graphics] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghaj: Sprite priority bug with the ingame message boxes (David Haywood)
- 07074: [Graphics] (skykid.cpp) drgnbstr: The title logo is not displayed correctly. (kunikuni)
- 07092: [DIP/Input] (targeth.cpp) targeth, targeth10, targetha: Player2 controls not working. Y axis broken, X axis inverted (AJR)
- 06020: [Color/Palette] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghab, sshanghaj: Black sprites in some cutscenes (David Haywood)
- 07085: [Crash/Freeze] (mcr.cpp) Most machines in mcr.cpp, mcr3.cpp: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: m_target (cuavas)
- 07090: [Crash/Freeze] (astrocde.cpp) tenpindx: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: !fmt.format_at_end(it) (cuavas)
- 07089: [Crash/Freeze] (pacman.cpp) Assorted machines in aristmk4.cpp, bagman.cpp, gts3a.cpp, mac.cpp, pacman.cpp, others: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: fulltag[0] == ':' (cuavas)
- 06874: [Gameplay] (seattle.cpp) blitz: hangs on a black screen if the power on self test is enabled (tedgreen)
- 05059: [Documentation] Games with wrong year listed (-Misc Reporters-)
- 05881: [Documentation] (whitestar.cpp) rctycn and all clones: Description wrong (-Misc Reporters-)
MAME - 0.201
Aug 29, 2018
- 02209: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) mmatrix: [possible] Sound effects are only emitted from the left channel.
- 06433: [Crash/Freeze] (m72.cpp) mrheli: Game freezes in the first stage (AJR)
- 06579: [Sound] (konamigx.cpp) fantjour, gokuparo: Slightly distorted/scratchy sound/artifacts (ctr)
- 06990: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) Possible Super Street Fighter Series: Awful buzz sound noise
- 04540: [Gameplay] (zn.cpp) psyforcex: game resets itself (ekorz)
- 07069: [Cheat System] "On/Off" color is incorrect on "AutoFire Status" screen. (AJR)
- 07073: [DIP/Input] (neogeo.cpp) popbounc: start buttons don't work (AJR)
- 00867: [Sound] (seta.cpp) twineagl: The music chopped in MAME.
- 07068: [Sound] (exidy.cpp) targ, spectar: New Spectar samples (Robbbert)
- 07067: [Sound] (exidy.cpp) targ, spectar: Spectar explosion samples short and long are called incorrectly. (Robbbert)
- 07058: [Gameplay] (tx1.cpp) buggyboy, buggyboyjr: buggyboy artwork gearstick not working (Tafoid)
- 07059: [Sound] (tx1.cpp) All machines in tx1.cpp: Missing Engine Sounds (Osso)
- 06653: [Documentation] (tmnt.cpp) qgakumon: Gamename version mismatch
- 06192: [Documentation] (playch10.cpp) pc_rrngr: Incorrect year or manufacturer
MAME - 0.200
Jul 25, 2018
- 06025: [Graphics] (tempest.cpp) temptube: Graphics are squeezed
- 07027: [Sound] (vegas.cpp) warfa (and maybe clones): DCS2 OS Version Test Failed (tedgreen)
- 04621: [Timing] (ironhors.cpp) ironhors: 30fps framerate seems abnormal (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.199
Jun 27, 2018
- 03008: [Original Reference] (cischeat.cpp) bigrun: Reference pictures from the pcb. (Angelo Salese)
- 06992: [DIP/Input] (hornet.cpp) sscope and clones: Analog inputs do not function. (tedgreen)
- 03472: [Sound] (midvunit.cpp) wargods : The Sound D/RAM chip fails during the Post and the "Listen for Tone" fails as well during the post.
- 06502: [Graphics] (powerins.cpp) powerins, powerinsj: background sprites issues (cuavas)
- 07032: [Graphics] (ddragon.cpp) ddragon, ddragon2 and all clones: Sprites are cut too early on the right edge of the screen (hap)
- 07020: [DIP/Input] (lwings.cpp) trojan and clones: Dipswitches incorrectly numbered and info on unused dips (Tafoid)
- 07010: [DIP/Input] (missile.cpp) missile and clones: Dip switch trackball size large/mini label reversed (Tafoid)
- 07017: [Sound] (galaxian.cpp) kingball, kingballj: King's voice is not played correctly (Osso)
- 07007: [Sound] (renegade.cpp) renegade, kuniokun: BGM stops playing after a while (AJR)
- 06988: [Crash/Freeze] (kinst.cpp) kinst: Hangs during Attract Mode, noticeable when a fight loads (Osso)
- 06989: [Sound] (champbas.cpp) champbb2j: AY-3-8910 sound is completely missing (cuavas)
- 06984: [Graphics] (esd16.cpp) jumppop, jumppope: Missing graphics in first stage (AJR)
- 06983: [Sound] (mtouchxl.cpp) mtchxl6k (possibly others): All sounds play too fast (crazyc)
MAME - 0.198
May 30, 2018
- 06971: [Graphics] (1945kiii.cpp) 1945kiiio,1945kiiin,1945kiii: Enemy damage flashes missing (AJR)
- 06966: [DIP/Input] (missile.cpp) missile: dip switch "Trackball Size" label large/mini reversed and R8 dip switch graphic upside-down (Tafoid)
- 05484: [Crash/Freeze] (jpmsys5sw.cpp) Various jpmsys5sw.c sets: [debug] Assert in Debug (cuavas)
- 06962: [Crash/Freeze] (atlantis.cpp) All machines in atlantis.cpp: Fatal error: No screen specified for device ':zeus2', but multiple screens found when using terminal slot option (Osso)
- 04539: [Misc.] (stv.cpp) dnmtdeka, diehard: Illegal Sprite Mode - Contact MAMEDEV (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.197
Apr 25, 2018
- 00966: [Graphics] (tigeroad.cpp) f1dream: When crashing on horizontal guard-rails, the car "teleports" into another part of the track.
- 05530: [Crash/Freeze] (model2.cpp) daytona: Test Mode crash on TGP test.
- 06148: [Crash/Freeze] (model2.cpp) All games in model2.cpp: Segmentation Fault
- 06886: [Graphics] (stv.cpp) vfkids: Corrupt background graphic (Angelo Salese)
- 06937: [DIP/Input] (galpanic.cpp) galspanic and clones: Second button not assigned (AJR)
- 06936: [Crash/Freeze] (zn.cpp) techromn and clones: Fatal error: memory_bank::set_entry called with out-of-range entry 255 (Robbbert)
- 06929: [Sound] (suprnova.cpp) All sets in suprnova.cpp: No Audio is present (Olivier Galibert)
- 06928: [Graphics] (mpu4vid.cpp) All sets in mpu4vid.cpp: Graphic corruption (regression) (crazyc)
- 06926: [Documentation] (galaxian.cpp) amidars: Values are incorrect for "Lives" dip switch. (Tafoid)
MAME - 0.196
Mar 28, 2018
- 05863: [Crash/Freeze] (model2.cpp) daytona93: Segmentation fault (Angelo Salese)
- 03534: [Gameplay] (model2.cpp) daytona: The game is too slow even at 100% speed
- 06921: [Sound] (vigilant.cpp) All sets in vigilant.cpp: No sound (AJR)
- 00377: [Crash/Freeze] (asuka.cpp) bonzeadv: From the third level, if you die, the game hangs because the restart level is wrong. (David Haywood)
- 06908: [Speed] (iteagle.cpp) bbhcotw, bbh2sp: Game runs slow on certain levels despite being 100% in MAME (snow?) (tedgreen)
- 06917: [Sound] (artmagic.cpp) cheesech: New nvram will cause a blasted sound on Get Ready screen at the beginning of the game. (AJR)
- 06894: [Crash/Freeze] (taito_f3.cpp) ridingf, ringrage and clones: Exception after logo is displayed
- 00205: [Crash/Freeze] (asuka.cpp) bonzeadv: Go into the secret hole and die in the cave, you restart in a totally black area and you can't do anything. (David Haywood)
- 06900: [Graphics] (holeland.cpp) holeland, holeland2: Priority bug on the boss level (Angelo Salese)
- 06869: [Plugins] Lua Cheat Plugin: Some cheat commands are ignored using Lua cheat engine (crazyc)
- 06895: [Graphics] (rohga.cpp) Many sets in rohga.cpp: Graphic "strips" of corruption
MAME - 0.195
Feb 27, 2018
- 04987: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (vaportra.cpp) All sets in vaportra.c: Sprites incorrectly "sliced" when Flip Screen ON (AJR)
- 04942: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (madmotor.cpp) madmotor: Flip Screen shows "split" sprites (AJR)
- 06889: [Graphics] (darkseal.cpp) darkseal: Background missing in the first boss area and third stage.
- 06888: [Crash/Freeze] (segag80v.cpp) tacscan: Cannot play past second phase (AJR)
- 06872: [Documentation] (vegas.cpp) sf2049se: Wrong Year Listed (And Publisher?) (tedgreen)
- 06885: [Crash/Freeze] (qdrmfgp.cpp) qdrmfgp2: Hang on boot (Osso)
- 06884: [Crash/Freeze] (djmain.cpp) All sets in djmain.c: MAME exception (smf)
- 06688: [Graphics] (sandscrp.cpp) sandscrp and clones: Graphic priority issue in title screen animation
- 06867: [Misc.] (namcos12.cpp) technodr: Game refuses to boot if printer is ON (Osso)
- 06446: [Graphics] (shanghai.cpp) kothello: Display cut off at right (AJR)
- 06866: [Interface] (midxunit.cpp) revx: No crosshairs (Osso)
- 06870: [Sound] (mario.cpp) mario and clones: Missing music/sound effects (AJR)
- 03563: [Graphics] (namcos11.cpp) souledge: Li Long stage background problem. (smf)
MAME - 0.194
Jan 31, 2018
- 03725: [Graphics] (popeye.cpp) popeye: Incorrect sprite rendering in Popeye (smf)
- 02183: [Graphics] (boogwing.cpp) ragtime, boogwing, boogwinga: Missing fade effect (jkm900)
- 06857: [Cheat System] (btoads.cpp) 34010 & 34020: Cheats not working in btoads and other games. (Olivier Galibert)
- 06806: [Graphics] Bitmap overlays don't display with bgfx video output (Ryan Holtz)
- 02076: [Graphics] (playch10.cpp) playch10 ALL using single BIOS: Playchoice-10 driver needs LEDs added for "Single BIOS" (cuavas)
- 06813: [Misc.] Memory leak in options (AJR)
- 03790: [Crash/Freeze] (ms32.cpp) gratia, gratiaa: unhandled priority type f8 (Angelo Salese)
- 05632: [Crash/Freeze] (nwk-tr.c) racingj2, racingj2j: [debug] Crash shortly after OK
- 06791: [Graphics] (splash.cpp) splash and clones: Wrong sprite priority on bonus items (AJR)
- 06825: [Sound] (gng.cpp) diamond: Missing Level Start Music (AJR)
- 06816: [Interface] AddressSanitizer: alloc-dealloc-mismatch when closing dipswitch menu (Firewave)
- 06817: [Misc.] (naomi.cpp) mushi2k4: runtime error: index out of bounds (MetalliC)
- 06623: [Interface] Full Screen Brightness/Contrast/Gamma settings not working anymore (smf)
- 06799: [Crash/Freeze] (dynax.cpp) hjingi: Emulation hang (AJR)
- 06810: [Misc.] Memory leak in m6502 CPU cores (AJR)
- 06811: [Misc.] Memory leak in m6809 CPU core (AJR)
- 06548: [Crash/Freeze] (namcos21.cpp) winrun, winrun91, winrungp: [debug] Assert when starting emulation (cuavas)
- 06804: [Crash/Freeze] (midyunit.cpp) strkforc: Black screen after rom check
MAME - 0.193
Dec 27, 2017
- 06780: [Sound] (midtunit.cpp) Possible Volume balance Issue with Williams Adpcm Soundboard (hap)
- 06683: [Graphics] (surpratk.cpp) suratk: Visible area is too small (Robbbert)
- 06784: [Sound] (bagman.cpp) bagman, sbagman: bagman dying sound plays repetitively when game starts (AJR)
- 06638: [Crash/Freeze] Exception when using -debug
MAME - 0.192
Nov 29, 2017
- 01678: [Original Reference] (namcond1.cpp) ncv1j, ncv1j2, ncv2, ncv2j: ROZ effect should only work in the Galaga (enhanced) bonus stage.
- 03719: [Graphics] (meritm.cpp) megat5a, magat5, megat5nj, mega6, megat3a, megat3, megat3ca, megat3nj, megat3te, megat4a, megat4, megat4te, megat4sn, megat4st: "Run21" game is missing graphics for black-suited cards. (AJR)
- 00525: [Speed] (metro.cpp) bangball: When you finish a level, sometimes the game runs like slow-motion. (Angelo Salese)
- 06766: [Sound] (spacefb.cpp) spacefb and clones: DAC sounds not working 100% (Tafoid)
- 06518: [Graphics] (metro.cpp) blzntrnd: Sprite layer disappears entirely after completing single player game (Angelo Salese)
- 06759: [DIP/Input] (seta.cpp) calibr50: Speed difference when rotating player (AJR)
- 06694: [Sound] (midtunit.cpp) mk: Missing music (hap)
- 06742: [Graphics] (pacland.cpp) pacland and clones: Sprite priority problem in invincible state. (hap)
- 06749: [Graphics] (toaplan1.cpp) outzonecv: screen is misaligned 16 pixels to the left (hap)
- 06527: [Sound] (taitosj.cpp) elevator: Elevator Action sound (hap)
- 04651: [Misc.] (gei.cpp) geimulti: geimulti - 13 game roms are loaded, only nine are listed in-game and playable (Osso)
- 03804: [Color/Palette] (ssozumo.cpp) ssozumo: Wrong colors in the title screen. (Angelo Salese)
- 03805: [Color/Palette] (lasso.cpp) wwjgtin, photof: Wrong colors (Angelo Salese)
- 06193: [Speed] (shanghai.cpp) shanghai, shangha2 and clones: When playing, the gameplay and sound are very fast. (Angelo Salese)
- 05761: [Crash/Freeze] (dwarfd.cpp) All sets in dwarfd.c: [debug] Assert shortly after start (AJR)
- 06745: [Crash/Freeze] (marinedt.cpp) marinedt: MAME crash when starting game (Angelo Salese)
- 04366: [DIP/Input] (saturn.cpp) shanhigw: The game starts with 2 credits inserted (Angelo Salese)
- 02084: [DIP/Input] (saturn.cpp) sokyugrt: Emulation starts with 1 or more credit inserted (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.191
Oct 25, 2017
- 06550: [Misc.] (stv.cpp) batmanfr: Warning: SCU Transfer From BIOS Area, Contact MAMEDEV
- 05987: [Graphics] (stv.cpp) cottonbm: Ground layer invisible while fighting against 1st boss
- 06637: [Interface] Internal UI does not save entire configuration (AJR)
- 06724: [Gameplay] (vegas.cpp) gauntleg, gauntdl: Various Effects Cause More Damage than they probably should (64-bit Only) (tedgreen)
- 06713: [Misc.] (dbz.cpp) dbz, dbza, dbz2: Correct names for this 3 games (Fortuna)
- 06487: [Documentation] tonton, ppj, big10: Documentation found on Success website (D Go Go Fan)
- 06719: [Core] (coco12.cpp) coco12, coco3, other 6809?: SBCB instruction returns the wrong result (hap)
- 06720: [Interface] Prescale option allows invalid values (Tafoid)
- 06154: [DIP/Input] Games with a rotary positional joystick: Some positions are skipped (Angelo Salese)
- 06711: [Interface] UI: If you exit with the Exit option, the last used game is not saved (cuavas)
- 00759: [Misc.] (mystwarr.cpp) mtlchamp and clones: There is a problem with the nvram in the RAM / ROM check after you change some settings in service mode. (MetalliC)
- 06691: [Graphics] tokio and clones: Tokio - graphic glitches on the right side of the screen (Lord Nightmare)
- 06697: [Crash/Freeze] (stv.cpp) grdforce: Hangs after insert coin (Angelo Salese)
- 06656: [Interface] Configuring Machine level "Video Option" causes CRASH (Nathan Woods)
- 06690: [Color/Palette] (bottom9.cpp) bottom9n: Sprites have incorrect colors (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.190
Sep 27, 2017
- 04280: [DIP/Input] (megaplay.cpp) mp_shnb3 (possibly whole driver): INP playback fails after a short time (Angelo Salese)
- 04209: [Misc.] (kaneko16.cpp) brapboys, bloodwar: Playback lose sync (Angelo Salese)
- 03967: [Misc.] (kaneko16.cpp) shogwarr; shogwarru; fjbuster (untested): Game cannot be replayed from .inp file (Angelo Salese)
- 06682: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) qb3: Missing AY-3-8910 sound (AJR)
- 06680: [Sound] (namcos2.cpp) metlhawk: Missing sound (Angelo Salese)
- 06673: [DIP/Input] (subsino.cpp) stbsub: Missing dip-switch info. (D Go Go Fan)
- 00490: [Sound] (homedata.cpp) hourouki: It is missing voices of "Reach", "Ron" etc. (smf)
- 06658: [Plugins] (mappy.cpp) mappy, mappyj: When using cheats driven by <parameter, left arrow doesn't change displayed value (crazyc)
- 06672: [Sound] (starwars.cpp) starwars: Missing/malfunctioning sound (AJR)
MAME - 0.189
Aug 30, 2017
- 04049: [Graphics] (toaplan2.cpp) ghox: There's a small bit of garbage on the ending screen.
- 04024: [Graphics] (toaplan2.cpp) ghox: Missing background for hi-score screen
- 01005: [Sound] (shangkid.cpp) shangkid: In the later levels, sound starts to get really screwy, (AJR)
- 06657: [Interface] (c64.cpp) c64: Selecting a slot to fill for "EXP" causes Fatal Error (Nathan Woods)
- 06659: [Documentation] (model3.cpp) swtrilgy, swtrilgya: " Arcade " is necessary in the title of this game
- 04872: [Graphics] (labyrunr.cpp) tricktrp: Graphic priority issue (Angelo Salese)
- 06649: [Interface] ng_cthd_prot: Wrong name (Neo Goe instead of Neo Geo). (Robbbert)
- 06645: [Sound] (ninjakd2.cpp) ninjakd2, ninjakd2c, jt104, rdaction: Missing sound (AJR)
- 06644: [Gameplay] (segae.cpp) tetrisse: Unable to play 2 Player mode (David Haywood)
- 05608: [DIP/Input] (royalmah.cpp) mjifb, mjifb2, mjifb3: DIP Settings
- 05277: [Documentation] (cps1.cpp) sf2accp2: Installation instructions and DIP settings for SF2CE (Accelerator Pt.II) hack
- 05788: [DIP/Input] (dbz.cpp) dbz: English language is not displayed
- 05945: [DIP/Input] (pacman.cpp) pengojpm, pengopac: Info about dip switches
- 06259: [Graphics] (combatsc.cpp) combatsc, combascj, combasct, bootcamp, bootcampa: Wrong priority in the drill instructor screen (Angelo Salese)
- 00975: [DIP/Input] (seattle.cpp) calspeed: Even if you choose manual gear your car has automatic gear. (tedgreen)
- 00470: [DIP/Input] (seattle.cpp) hyprdriv: Despite of successful calibration the brake button doesn't function. (tedgreen)
- 01991: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.cpp) gauntleg: Game randomly freezes (tedgreen)
- 06636: [Graphics] (seattle.cpp) calspeed: Triangles flicker in calspeed (tedgreen)
MAME - 0.188
Jul 26, 2017
- 06552: [Gameplay] (naomi.cpp) alpiltdx, hotd2, hotd2o, airlbios, possibly others: Machines using earlier BIOS/custom BIOS version black screen (MetalliC)
- 06128: [Documentation] (snk.cpp) fitegolf, fitegolfu: The correct description is "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf" (Angelo Salese)
- 04355: [Interface] -romident performance has greatly decreased
- 06631: [Sound] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay: Attempting to play a .vgm/.vgz file containing 2 X POKEY does not play back correctly. (AJR)
- 06261: [Sound] (polepos.cpp) polepos2: Crowd Cheering sounds are messed up at the chequered flag (goal). (Robbbert)
- 06370: [Save/Restore] (vegas.cpp) sf2049se, sf2049te: Crashes on reload (-str 8) in a staggered -str 20 run (tedgreen)
- 06627: [Sound] (segas32.cpp) kokoroj2: Missing voice in game (Phil Bennett)
- 06620: [Crash/Freeze] (itech8.cpp) ninclown: During final boss Twisto the game can potentially crash (Phil Bennett)
- 06592: [DIP/Input] (nbmj8891.cpp) chinmoku: DSW B should not exist. (Robbbert)
- 05900: [Sound] (ddenlovr.cpp) funkyfig, funkyfiga: Missing music and partial sound FX (Osso)
- 06613: [Crash/Freeze] (rohga.cpp) schmeisr: Exception on exit (David Haywood)
- 00320: [Misc.] (snk6502.cpp) fantasy: In Fantasy (World), when you have lost all of your lives, a message comes on the screen in German. (Angelo Salese)
- 06588: [Interface] Regression loading softlist items from the command line with changed slot options (Nathan Woods)
- 06581: [Interface] Various problems with software loading/unloading: Various problems with software loading (Nathan Woods)
MAME - 0.187
Jun 28, 2017
- 01209: [Sound] (gstriker.cpp) gstriker: The music only plays in the first match. (AJR)
- 06599: [Sound] (zaxxon.cpp) ixion, razmataz: Missing sound (AJR)
- 06596: [DIP/Input] (exidy440.cpp) All sets in exidy440.cpp: Mouse trigger doesn't work correctly (Osso)
- 03041: [Graphics] (starshp1.cpp) starshp1, starshpp: Speed and graphics information from the real machine. (palazzol)
- 03585: [Gameplay] (norautp.cpp) norautp, norautjp: Readout Switch (AJR)
- 06617: [Graphics] (nbmj9195.cpp) imekura: Graphic corruption in many places (Osso)
- 06479: [Sound] (kchamp.cpp) kchampvs, kchampvs2, karatevs: ADPCM samples are distorted (AJR)
- 06614: [Sound] (arkanoid.cpp) arkanoid and clones, arkatour: Sound pitch is too high by 100% (Lord Nightmare)
MAME - 0.186
May 31, 2017
- 00599: [DIP/Input] (m72.cpp) poundfor: You can't move the arrows on the menu screens to choose the other boxer or game. (AJR)
- 06471: [Graphics] (m14.cpp) ptrmj: Invisible ball and paddle (Angelo Salese)
- 04762: [DIP/Input] (xmen.cpp) xmen and clones: Service menu's "Sound Volume" setting does not affect sound volume (Olivier Galibert)
- 06538: [Crash/Freeze] Many NETLIST involved drivers: [debug] Exception/Assert when starting emulation (couriersud)
- 06589: [Graphics] (namcos1.cpp) puzlclub: Title Screen corruption (Osso)
- 06575: [Debugger] DEBUGGER: MAME crashes when given the 'symlist' command in the debugger. (Nathan Woods)
- 06587: [Sound] (model1.cpp) vf: Loss of Sound (AJR)
- 06103: [Documentation] (taitopjc.cpp) optiger: The correct description is "Operation Tiger (Ver 2.14 O) "
- 06542: [Crash/Freeze] (toratora.cpp) All set in toratora.cpp: [debug] Assert when starting emulation (Robbbert)
- 06541: [Crash/Freeze] (laserbat.cpp) laserbat, lazarian: [debug] Assert when starting emulation (Robbbert)
- 06540: [Crash/Freeze] (hh_tms1k.cpp) bshipb: [debug] Assert when starting emulation (Robbbert)
MAME - 0.185
Apr 29, 2017
- 01688: [Crash/Freeze] (segaxbd.cpp) smgp, smgp5, smgp6, smgpu, smgpu1, smgpu2, smgpu3, smgpj: Memory Test causes a watchdog reset (AJR)
- 03901: [Color/Palette] (decocass.cpp) castfant: Missiles color are wrong (AJR)
- 03619: [Color/Palette] (vicdual.cpp) nsub: Missing background blue color fade effect (SailorSat)
- 06516: [DIP/Input] (coolpool.cpp) 9ballsht and clones, coolpool and clones: Can't coin up (Olivier Galibert)
- 06402: [Interface] UI:: Switch Item Ordering corrupts software list (Nathan Woods)
- 06532: [Save/Restore] (alpha68k.cpp) skysoldr skyadvnt timesold: No Sound (Osso)
- 06526: [DIP/Input] (nbmj8891.cpp) club90s: dsw b should not exist (system11)