MAME - Change Log (Page 1 of 11 : 0.226GIT - 0.197)

MAME - 0.226GIT
- 03181: [Graphics] (enigma2.cpp) enigma2: Colors are possibly incorrect
- 06675: [Interface] UI: Selection of BIOS from a device results in an exception. (cuavas)
- 07765: [Sound] (seattle.cpp) sfrush, sfrushrk and clones: Distorted sound when loading from save state (Aaron Giles)
- 02508: [Color/Palette] (bagman.cpp) bagmans: Incorrect colors on Stern/Seeburg logo
- 07769: [Sound] (gradius3.cpp) gradius3js: gradius3js sound glitch (Osso)
- 07764: [Gameplay] (galaga.cpp) galaga and clones: Strange players behaviour in attract mode. (hap)
- 07410: [Interface] verifyroms: romset may report as bad if checksums are same as parent (cuavas)
MAME - 0.225
24 days ago
- 07756: [Interface] UI: ROM sets incorrectly reported as not found. (cuavas)
- 07375: [Interface] clickable artwork: Rotating view does not rotate clickable part (cuavas)
- 07749: [Sound] (cyberbal.cpp) cyberbal, cyberbalt: Sampled audio does not play. (AJR)
- 07745: [Graphics] MAME Gameplay position is offset when Windows taskbar is moved to top of screen (cuavas)
- 07733: [Interface] (galaga.cpp) galaga (others?): Console output no longer shows for LEDs (AJR)
MAME - 0.224
Aug 26, 2020
- 07724: [Save/Restore] (seattle.cpp) sfrush, sfrushrk and clones:: No sound when loading from save state (Osso)
- 07730: [Graphics] (nmk16.cpp) hachamf and clones: Character's Colors at the Title screen are Wrong (jkm900)
- 03228: [Misc.] (midxunit.cpp) revx: Custom chip fails in POST (AJR)
- 07103: [Documentation] (segag80v.cpp) tacscan: Tac-Scan Sega Universal Sound Board Emulation (Aaron Giles)
- 07729: [DIP/Input] (meadows.cpp) bowl3d: Unable to credit (AJR)
- 07552: [Sound] (midwunit.cpp) wwfmania, wwfmaniab, wwfmaniac, wwfmaniap: Sound stops working during attract mode (MetalliC)
- 03090: [Sound] (tankbatt.cpp) tankbatt: Tank Battalion sound issues (Ryan Holtz)
MAME - 0.223
Aug 6, 2020
- 07693: [DIP/Input] (dooyong.cpp) sadari: missing 3rd button (hap)
- 02603: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) tailg: One sample plays incorrectly (Aaron Giles)
- 03307: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) ripoff: Issues with sound samples (Aaron Giles)
- 03720: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) speedfrk, wotw, wotwc: Incomplete sound samples implementation (Aaron Giles)
- 07708: [DIP/Input] (segas18.cpp) wwallyj, lghost, and clones: controls do not work (Osso)
- 07537: [Sound] (nemesis.cpp) twinbee: Speech does not play. (AJR)
- 07687: [Compiling] Unable to compile MAME 0.222 for ARM processor (Rasbian Buster) - armarchdata_p.h: No such file or directory (belegdol)
- 07690: [Crash/Freeze] (kingdrby.cpp) cowrace: [debug] Assert upon start (AJR)
- 07691: [Crash/Freeze] (eprom.cpp) eprom, eprom2: Game freezes upon end of demonstration (AJR)
- 07696: [Graphics] (taito_l.cpp) fhawk, fhawkj: Background graphics garbled (hap)
- 06033: [Gameplay] (sothello.cpp) sothello: Unable to play properly (hap)
- 07340: [DIP/Input] (vegas.cpp) nbagold, nbanfl and nbashowt: Missing digital joystick inputs, working status incorrect (tedgreen)
- 07689: [Sound] (s8a.cpp) scrzy_l1: Loss of sound (Robbbert)
- 06896: [Gameplay] (gottlieb.cpp) krull: Mysterious deaths in Krull cave scene (dink)
MAME - 0.222
Jun 26, 2020
- 07536: [Graphics] Prescale option does not work properly on D3D renderer (Ryan Holtz)
- 07656: [Known Issues/To-Do's] (atarisy1.cpp) Atari System1 bad ROM dumps: Atari System1 bad ROM dumps (TTL and LSI) (hap)
- 07667: [Crash/Freeze] (pengo.cpp) schick: [debug] Assert upon start (David Haywood)
- 07673: [Sound] All: Recorded mng and wav files are out of sync. (hap)
- 00783: [Misc.] (nycaptor.cpp) nycaptor: When you get a high score, the initials screen only pops up for a sec and disappears before you can enter anything. (GoldS_TCRF)
- 01731: [Graphics] (atarifb.cpp) atarifb, atarifb1, atarifb4, abaseb, abaseb2: LED errors in driver (hap)
- 00480: [Graphics] (galaga.cpp) bosco and clones: About the graphic of title screen. (hap)
- 07678: [DIP/Input] (btime.cpp) btime3: Description of Bonus Life DIP in MAME is incorrect. (Tafoid)
- 07675: [DIP/Input] (gaelco2.cpp) wrally2, wrally2a: analog controls don't work (Osso)
- 07676: [Sound] (gaelco2.cpp) wrally2, wrally2a: audio channels are flipped (Osso)
- 07671: [DIP/Input] (atarisy1.cpp) roadblst and clones: No autocenter on steering wheel (Tafoid)
- 07640: [Graphics] (armedf.cpp) armedf and clones: Resolution is narrower than PCB (sasuke)
- 07668: [Crash/Freeze] (seattle.cpp) sfrush, sfrushrk and clones: [debug] Assert upon start (AJR)
- 07664: [Crash/Freeze] (skylncr.cpp) All machines in skylncr.cpp: [debug] Assert upon start (AJR)
- 07620: [Gameplay] (tubep.cpp) tubep, tubepb: "GAME OVER" display is skipped (hap)
- 05766: [Documentation] (armedf.cpp) armedf, armedff: Armed Formation(armedf) need rename to "Armed F" (J.J.Boy)
- 00434: [Graphics] (gaplus.cpp) gaplus: In the reverse scrolling stage after the challenging stage, the background should scroll more quickly. (sasuke)
- 07663: [Graphics] (gaplus.cpp) gaplus and clones: Display range of background stars is different from PCB. (sasuke)
- 07269: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) penbros and clones: Wierd scrolling screen (David Haywood)
- 06456: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) mj4simai: Missing transition graphical zoom/spin effect (David Haywood)
- 07369: [Graphics] (namconb1.cpp) machbrkr: Glitched animations (jkm900)
- 07653: [Documentation] (galaxian.cpp) galaxiani: Incorrect manufacturer and game title (jkburks)
- 07648: [DIP/Input] (dkong.cpp) dkong3: Description of DIPs in MAME does not match arcade manual (xelnia)
- 07652: [Documentation] (m10.cpp) andromed: Incorrect release year, company & game title (jkburks)
- 07651: [Documentation] (warpwarp.cpp) sos: Incorrect release year, company & game title (jkburks)
- 06898: [Documentation] (8080bw.cpp) spclaser and clones: Parent / clone relationship needs fixing (GoldS_TCRF)
- 07198: [Documentation] (slapfght.cpp) tigerh, tigerhb1, tigerhb2, tigerhb3, tigerj: In the description of the games listed there is no hyphen between the words "Tiger" and "Heli". (AntoPISA)
- 07591: [DIP/Input] (pacman.cpp) crush, maketrax: Games constantly add to the coin counter in the background (dukdukgoos)
- 07629: [Documentation] (ladybug.cpp) snapjack: Incorrect release year (jkburks)
- 07634: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) mtrain: Dip switch wording reversed for "Double Up" (joepublic)
- 07635: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) mtrain: Incomplete input information for Stop2/Big and Stop3/Small keys (joepublic)
MAME - 0.221
May 19, 2020
- 06635: [Speed] (renegade.cpp) renegade and clones: [possible] Possible speed issues (Angelo Salese)
- 07616: [Sound] (segas32.cpp) radr, radrj, radru: Wrong sounds. (zozo)
- 07617: [Graphics] (rungun.cpp) rungun: Graphic/Sprite offsets
- 07615: [Documentation] (cninja.cpp) mutantf, mutantf2, mutantf3, mutantf4, deathbrd: Incorrect release year (jkburks)
- 07560: [Crash/Freeze] (cave.cpp) hotdogst: memdump command causes MAME crash (Olivier Galibert)
MAME - 0.220
Apr 6, 2020
- 07229: [DIP/Input] (taito_z.cpp) enforceja: Analog controls are not mapped (Angelo Salese)
- 02343: [Crash/Freeze] (segac2.cpp) ribbit: Game freezes on later levels (MetalliC)
- 06913: [DIP/Input] (esripsys.cpp) turbosub: Inverted input (M.A.S.H.)
- 07518: [Sound] (spiders.cpp) spiders: Web Sound and Spiders moving sound fix submission (vidpro1)
- 05331: [DIP/Input] (nemesis.cpp) konamigt, rf2: Steering controls stuck either all the way to the left or right after race countdown (mmarino4)
- 07592: [Plugins] (neogeo.cpp) viewpoin: hiscore: hiscore.dat parse error (crazyc)
- 07581: [Gameplay] (segahang.cpp) sharrier, sharrier1: Constantly increasing game difficulty due to time delayed protection
- 07038: [Sound] (segahang.cpp) sharrier: High score entry music does not stop when end of entry (cmonkey)
- 00954: [Graphics] (tecmo16.cpp) fstarfrc: In the intro, when the screen scolls very fast, some garbage will float by a few times. (Tahg)
- 03708: [Graphics] (deco32.cpp) nslasher, nslasherj, nslashers: Alpha blending for message windows is missing. (jkm900)
- 05554: [DIP/Input] (nbmj8991.cpp) hyouban: DIP settings are resolved, on Mame most are undefined. (kamilz)
MAME - 0.219
Feb 29, 2020
- 07562: [Graphics] (seibuspi.cpp) rdft: Water graphics glitch regression (MetalliC)
- 07079: [Gameplay] (suna8.cpp) sparkman, sparkmana: player-2 smart bomb doesn't work properly (dink)
- 07557: [DIP/Input] (karnov.cpp) wndrplnt: Coin inputs broken (MetalliC)
- 06790: [Graphics] (surpratk.cpp) suratk: Missing star field background rotation (MetalliC)
MAME - 0.218
Feb 2, 2020
- 06871: [Gameplay] (twinkle.cpp) all games in twinkle.cpp: Offsync in all songs in beatmania IIDX
- 07368: [Graphics] (pong.cpp) pongd: Tennis net is missing (couriersud)
- 07533: [Graphics] (bnstars.cpp) bnstars1: Broken Sprites, missing graphics (jkm900)
- 07516: [Crash/Freeze] (twins.cpp) twins, twinsed2: Games lock up or reset after level 1-5 (Angelo Salese)
- 06897: [Graphics] (stfight.cpp) empcity: Red Screen During Transitions (sasuke)
- 07531: [Crash/Freeze] (pong.cpp) breakout: Crashes with exception with -video bgfx (couriersud)
- 04300: [DIP/Input] (cliffhgr.cpp) cliffhgr, cliffhnga: Dip switch reversed for "Short Scenes" (italiandoh)
MAME - 0.217
Dec 25, 2019
- 07528: [Crash/Freeze] (dec0.cpp) assorted drivers: Can't start emulation due to ACCESS VIOLATION when using -verbose
- 07524: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) new2001, queenbee, squeenb: Cannot change inputs (hap)
- 04344: [Graphics] (galivan.cpp) ninjemak and clones: Countdown at Game Over corrupted (sasuke)
- 07502: [Sound] (ms32.cpp) f1superb: MACHINE_NO_SOUND flag is incorrect (FMecha - aka ArtLine)
- 07510: [Cheat System] An unnecessary separator is displayed at the top of the cheat menu. (kunikuni)
- 07501: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: Snake sound missing when materializing in 2-player game (hap)
- 00232: [Graphics] (skyfox.cpp) exerizerb, skyfox: Recently I have played an Exerizer bootleg pcb and I have noticed there is a parallax effect missing in mame. (sasuke)
- 07196: [Timing] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: 2-player Slow Down (AJR)
- 05387: [Timing] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: Some animations run too fast. (AJR)
- 07494: [Graphics] (terracre.cpp) horekid, horekidb, boobhack: Coffee break doesn't show (sasuke)
- 06946: [Misc.] (galivan.cpp) dangar, dangara, dangarb, dangarbt, dangarj: missing black screen between areas (black hole warp) (sasuke)
- 07493: [Graphics] (galivan.cpp) dangar, dangara, dangarb, dangarj, galivan, galivan2, galivan3: Some text displays red, but actial is white (sasuke)
MAME - 0.216
Nov 27, 2019
- 07492: [DIP/Input] (ssrj.cpp) ssrj: Difficulty setting inputs is incorrect (sasuke)
- 05600: [Graphics] (popeye.cpp) popeye and clones: Final game resolution output is different at original game (couriersud)
- 07489: [Documentation] tekken4 and clones: Incorrect release year (PepsiBoy428)
- 07479: [Graphics] (cave.cpp) ddonpach, ddonpachj, donpacha: Graphical bug in attract mode (jkm900)
- 07495: [Crash/Freeze] (segas32.cpp) spidmanj: crash in few seconds (Ryan Holtz)
- 07386: [DIP/Input] (qix.cpp) zookeep, kram and clones: Unable to start game or use first coin slot (Olivier Galibert)
- 07487: [Core] (30test.cpp) 30test: Input, sound and gameplay issues (AJR)
- 07473: [Graphics] (snesb.cpp) All machines in snesb.cpp: Black screen (Osso)
MAME - 0.215
Oct 30, 2019
- 07026: [Gameplay] (model1.cpp) vr: vr gameplay calculations and physics issues (Olivier Galibert)
- 07463: [DIP/Input] (mystwarr.cpp) metamrph and clones, viostorm and clones: Coins 3 and 4 are not defined. (Zach S.)
- 07457: [DIP/Input] (m107.cpp) dsoccr94: Coin3 and Coin4 keys are wrong (MetalGod)
- 07456: [Crash/Freeze] (segas16b.cpp) eswat: Segmentation fault (smf)
- 07452: [Crash/Freeze] (eprom.cpp) eprom, eprom2: The control test will not load (AJR)
- 07372: [Crash/Freeze] X11 Lightgun routine does not check for valid X11 display, resulting in crash (segmentation fault) (GeorgeMcMullen)
- 07454: [Plugins] (dooyong.cpp) flytiger: Some peculiar properties of hi-score support in this game causes a strange behaviour of demo play. (crazyc)
- 04531: [Sound] (segas32.cpp) f1en: Engine noise loops/resets (Tafoid)
- 07442: [DIP/Input] (gaelco.cpp) biomtoy, biomtoya, biomtoyb, biomtoyc, bioplayc: "Lives" DIP Switch shows badly the amount of lives (girosintornillos)
- 07444: [DIP/Input] (seta.cpp) blandia, blandiap: "Lives" DIP Switch shows badly the amount of lives of Test Mode (girosintornillos)
- 07445: [DIP/Input] (model2.cpp) sgt24h, overrevb: Gas and brake pedals are mixed up. (VasiliyFamiliya)
- 07448: [Gameplay] (taito_z.cpp) sci, scia, scij, scin, sciu: Turbo is activated when toggle speed with Shifter (girosintornillos)
- 07447: [Graphics] (cninja.cpp) cninja and clones: Wrong priority in level 4 fall (Osso)
- 07025: [Graphics] (model1.cpp) vr: Virtual Racing graphic glitches (Olivier Galibert)
- 07438: [Graphics] (m72.cpp) imgfightj, mrheli, nspiritj: Doesn't show "for use in Japan" messages on POST correctly (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.214
Sep 25, 2019
- 00389: [Sound] (cbuster.cpp) cbuster: The tempo of the music played by one of the OKI6295's (#1 I think) speeds up when the flamethrower is used (AJR)
- 07427: [Crash/Freeze] (arkanoid.cpp) arkgcbl, arkgcbla, arkangc2, arkbloc2, arkbloc3, block2, paddle2: Crashing to starting the game (Robbbert)
- 07416: [Graphics] (legionna.cpp) denjinmk: Broken backgrounds in 2 game endings (Angelo Salese)
- 07412: [Crash/Freeze] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay [chaotixju_md]: Crash attempting to play 32x audio pack (jkm900)
- 03635: [Gameplay] (igspoker.cpp) cpoker, cpokert: Games freezing during play (Roberto Fresca)
- 07413: [Crash/Freeze] (exidy440.cpp) yukon, yukon1: The games crash or get stuck during the initial checks (AJR)
- 00130: [Sound] (darkseal.cpp) darkseal: When using your weapon the music playback would ever so slightly increase. (AJR)
- 02108: [Sound] (vaportra.cpp) vaportra, vaportrau, kuhga: Data East Vapor Trail Sound Driver messed up during game play, tempo all wrong when firing. (AJR)
- 07408: [Plugins] "autofire" plugin is not working properly. (Bletch)
MAME - 0.213
Sep 4, 2019
- 05461: [Documentation] (dec0.cpp) hbarrel, hbarrelw: wrong ROM labels
- 07401: [Graphics] (nemesis.cpp) salamand and clones: Sprite flickers randomly (hap)
- 07400: [Interface] clickable artwork: dummy input listener is ignored (hap)
- 07398: [Crash/Freeze] (goldstar.cpp) mbs2euro: Exception at emulation start (AJR)
- 07379: [Interface] artwork: group autobounds doesnt always work if origin is higher than 0 (cuavas)
- 07396: [DIP/Input] (tmnt.cpp) tmnt24pu: Start buttons do not work (Tafoid)
- 07382: [Debugger] Hang and memory leak using save (hap)
- 00148: [Sound] (mappy.cpp) todruaga: The sound of the first credit is not played. (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.212
Aug 3, 2019
- 06677: [Interface] Exception at new machine selection (AmatCoder)
- 07385: [Interface] (wrally.cpp) wrally: Coin 1+Coin 2 do not function (Olivier Galibert)
- 07331: [DIP/Input] (vsnes.cpp) pc_duckh, pc_hgaly, pc_wgnmn, duckhunt, hogalley: Lightgun games doesn't work (enik2)
- 04159: [DIP/Input] (segas24.cpp) sgmast, sgmastc, sgmastj: Controller does not emulate correctly, game unplayable (Angelo Salese)
- 00349: [Graphics] (shaolins.cpp) kicker: After you enter service mode and go through the tests, 6 coloured boxes stay on the bottom of the screen. (Angelo Salese)
- 06655: [Interface] cgenie, coco3: Unloading and big changes in interface slots can cause CRASH (AmatCoder)
- 06654: [Interface] (c64.cpp) c64: In some cases, changing slots and choosing RESET crashes MAME (AmatCoder)
- 07373: [Gameplay] (iteagle.cpp) gtfore02, gtfore03, gtfore04, gtfore05, gtfore06 and clones: Attempted booting fails and attempts offsite connection
- 07098: [Sound] (itech32.cpp) gt3d, gt97, gt98, gt99, gt2k, gtclassc: Incorrect sounds playing during gameplay (AJR)
- 02060: [Graphics] (aerofgt.cpp) spinlbrk, spinlbrku, spinlbrkj: Priorities wrong (Osso)
- 07370: [Crash/Freeze] (namconb1.cpp) sws95, sws96, sws97: Crash during attract mode (hap)
- 07188: [DIP/Input] (zr107.cpp) jetwave and clones: Analog controls do not respond in game. (Hydreigon)
- 07357: [Crash/Freeze] (taitojc.cpp) All sets in taitojc.cpp: Reset loop after startup screen (AJR)
MAME - 0.211
Jun 27, 2019
- 06264: [Interface] UI: Hitting ALT+TAB causes assert message (hap)
- 07347: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (galaxian.cpp) skybase: Inverted upright and cocktail switches (MetalGod)
- 07354: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (taitosj.cpp) spacecr: Upright mode dipswitch does exactly the same as cocktail mode (MetalGod)
- 07351: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) ptrain: pay button does not work (Duke)
- 07345: [Graphics] (dec0.cpp) birdtry: sprite problems on the title screen and during gameplay (jkm900)
- 07343: [Gameplay] (carpolo.cpp) carpolo: Unable to Move + Issues with collision detection (hap)
- 07333: [Gameplay] (bbusters.cpp) bbusters and clones: Strange players AI behaviour in attract mode of Beast Busters world version. (Duke)
MAME - 0.210
May 30, 2019
- 07332: [Gameplay] (galaxian.cpp) zigzagb, zigzagb2: Game will hang when you play a 2 player game (AJR)
- 07325: [Graphics] (sbowling.cpp) sbowling: Player 2 screen graphics are bugged (Osso)
- 07315: [Misc.] (model2.cpp) rchase2, gunblade, topskatr, srallyc, manxtt: Some model 2 games can't keep any change in test menu options after power down and restart (Duke)
- 05553: [DIP/Input] (royalmah.cpp) mjdiplob: DIP settings are resolved, on Mame some are unknown or '?' (kamilz)
- 02932: [Graphics] (tutankhm.cpp) tutankhm, tutankhms: Background stars missing in attract mode (couriersud)
- 07316: [Crash/Freeze] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay: crashes when sliders selected (jkm900)
- 07323: [Graphics] (alpha68k.cpp) timesold and clones: Title screen corrupted (Olivier Galibert)
- 07314: [Crash/Freeze] (homedata.cpp) mjikaga: Game boots and immediately gets stuck at a white screen (Osso)
- 07310: [Graphics] (route16.cpp) route16, route16a, route16c: Missing or shifted map graphics (Robbbert)
- 07309: [Crash/Freeze] (8080bw.cpp) invrvnge, invrvngegw: watchdog bites a few seconds after starting a game (AJR)
- 07297: [DIP/Input] (namcos22.cpp) aquajet, dirtdash, tokyowar: Namco SS22 analog controls unresponsive (AJR)
MAME - 0.209
Apr 24, 2019
- 07242: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.cpp) sf2049: Strange freeze in attract mode
- 07275: [Core] Weird pacing issue on Windows (hap)
- 07075: [Sound] (m72.cpp) hharry: Victory scream is too low compared to previous mame releases and arcade pcb (jkm900)
- 03130: [Graphics] (ccastles.cpp) ccastles: Visible resolution is incorrect (Duke)
- 07270: [Crash/Freeze] (cps1.cpp) sf2ceea: Debugger crashes when accessing memory under certain conditions (hap)
- 07265: [DIP/Input] (tsamurai.cpp) tsamuraih: Lives DIP selection amount is incorrect. (chaneman)
- 07266: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) sasuke: Initial game music plays partially or not at all after hitting Start (Osso)
- 03122: [DIP/Input] (ltcasino.cpp) mv4in1, ltcasino, ltcasinn: Service Mode DIP does not work (Duke)
MAME - 0.208
Mar 27, 2019
- 07263: [Gameplay] (galaxian.cpp) tenspot: Only half of the games are accessible. (Robbbert)
- 07260: [Sound] (topspeed.cpp) topspeed: Top Speed engine sounds are again missing. (Osso)
- 07258: [Original Reference] (micro3d.cpp) f15se21: Rom names for F-15 Strike Eagle (chaneman)
- 07254: [Multisession] NETLIST: Running any machine using netlist components back to back from UI will cause Fatal error (couriersud)
- 07250: [DIP/Input] (segas16b.cpp) dunkshot, dunkshota: Unused DIP 1 & DIP 8 are used in this game. (chaneman)
- 07251: [Documentation] (brkthru.cpp) brkthru: Undocumented Test Mode (chaneman)
- 07240: [DIP/Input] (cps1.cpp) sf2rules: Kick buttons do not seem to be hooked up (Osso)
MAME - 0.207
Feb 27, 2019
- 07230: [DIP/Input] (taito_l.cpp) horshoes: Broken controls (Osso)
- 07225: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) Most machines in snk6502.cpp: Music playing incorrectly (Osso)
MAME - 0.206
Jan 30, 2019
- 07104: [DIP/Input] (iteagle.cpp) bbh, bbhsc, bbhsca, bbh2sp, bbh2spa, bbh2spb: Targeting is off (Osso)
- 07214: [Crash/Freeze] (snes.cpp) SNES emulation crashes on initialization if no cartridge is selected. (AJR)
- 06300: [Color/Palette] (galaxian.cpp) eagle, eagle2: Incorrect color palette (cuavas)
- 07205: [Sound] (neopcb.cpp) svcpcb: Cracking/distortion/buzzing sound (Osso)
- 07015: [Gameplay] (model1.cpp) vr, vformula: Undetected communication board. (Hydreigon)
- 07189: [Crash/Freeze] (cinemat.cpp) qb3: Black Screen / Exception after OK (Osso)
- 07185: [Sound] (mario.cpp) mario and clones: Missing all audio outside of walking sounds (Ryan Holtz)
MAME - 0.205
Dec 25, 2018
- 07005: [Crash/Freeze] (vamphalf.cpp) worldadv, luplup, poosho (possibly more): DRC malfunction with 36 minutes of emulation (Ryan Holtz)
- 06539: [Crash/Freeze] (konamim2.cpp) All sets in konamim2.cpp: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: (entry >> m_pageshift) == (taddress >> m_pageshift) (Phil Bennett)
- 07116: [Save/Restore] Numerous Drivers: Save State Breakage (Olivier Galibert)
- 04954: [Graphics] (cps2.cpp) mvscu, xmvsf, mshvsf: Sprite priority problem on Final Stage (8) with Onslaught (large transformation) (hap)
- 07170: [Sound] xaudio2: Wrong dll loaded in module (Moe)
- 07169: [Sound] (equites.cpp) equites, equitess: When the config the dip switch and next reset, the sound system stop work (AJR)
- 05732: [Crash/Freeze] All games using MCS-48: Crash when trying to set watchpoint with wpd in mcs-48 games (AJR)
- 02774: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) grdians: Occasional 1-frame glitches (David Haywood)
- 07165: [Documentation] (bzone.cpp) bzone: bzone error/typo in source comments (zaxxon)
- 04053: [Graphics] (ssv.cpp) eaglshot, dynagear: Missing raster effect (David Haywood)
MAME - 0.204
Nov 28, 2018
- 06685: [Graphics] (namcos2.cpp) metlhawk: Level select has a layer covering the map (jkm900)
- 06985: [Graphics] (eolith.cpp) landbrk and clones: Entering service mode results black screen (Ryan Holtz)
- 07151: [Gameplay] (asteroid.cpp) astdelux and clones: [possible] On launch a series of FFFFFF display multiple times in high-score position 1. (AJR)
- 06474: [Graphics] (segas16b.cpp) goldnaxe: scroll issues (hap)
- 07046: [Gameplay] (deco32.cpp) dragngun, dragngunj: Screen goes black on 3rd stage and game stops (hap)
- 07149: [Graphics] (docastle.cpp) dowild: When level 1 completed (either by player or via attract mode), top of screen flickers (hap)
- 06607: [Sound] (xmen.cpp) xmen and clones: Instruments in the music are playing back at the wrong volume (regression) (hap)
- 05613: [Graphics] (prehisle.cpp) prehislek: Introductory Text (Korean?) not displayed properly
MAME - 0.203
Oct 31, 2018
- 01132: [Graphics] (namconb1.cpp) ptblank: There's a vertical line of garbage on the door of the "Shoot 14 criminals" stage.
- 01920: [Graphics] (taito_f3.cpp) gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: Enemy laser is too short in the 3rd stage. (hap)
- 00777: [Gameplay] (namcos22.cpp) timecris, timecrisa: The helicopter in the level 3, I've shot the bad boy over 40 times and it still goes on. (hap)
- 07126: [Color/Palette] (8080bw.cpp) yosakdon: Yosaku to donbei, original game had colours (M.A.S.H.)
- 07110: [DIP/Input] (snk.cpp) tdfever: The "Allow Continue" dipswitch is reversed. (Angelo Salese)
- 00430: [Graphics] (flkatck.cpp) mx5000: It has some priority problems. (Angelo Salese)
- 07115: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) spf2t (qsound): Distortion of sound effects mainly in left sound channel of spf2t (ctr)
- 07111: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) dirtdash: Glitch with a speedometer graphics. (hap)
- 06164: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) ridgerac: Missing title screen graphics from second time onward (hap)
- 06171: [Core] Specialized ini file settings get retained on a second game launch, instead of using raster.ini or mame.ini (Ryan Holtz)
- 06157: [Graphics] (cps3.cpp) jojo, jojoba and clones: Missing 2P combo meter graphics. (David Haywood)
- 04938: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (m52.cpp) mpatrol: Screen right offset and sprites with Flip Screen on (kunikuni)
MAME - 0.202
Sep 26, 2018
- 05394: [Gameplay] (namcos1.cpp) rompers: popmessage appears when running set rompers
- 03797: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) finehour: Regardless of credits entered, only one is shown.
- 07029: [Core] (namcos2.cpp) finehour: Can't add credits on continue
- 06448: [Graphics] (taitogn.cpp) psyvaria, psyvarrv: Glitched stage clear graphics (smf)
- 06991: [Crash/Freeze] (model1.cpp) swa: crash with access violation after a while (AJR)
- 06258: [Graphics] (taitogn.cpp) usagi: Weird background color for score recap (smf)
- 07096: [Crash/Freeze] (micro3d.cpp) All sets in micro3d.cpp: Hang during the boot process (AJR)
- 07076: [Graphics] (psikyo.cpp) tengaij, tengai and maybe more: [possible] Bad glitch graphic on some stages (jkm900)
- 07091: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) sgunner2, sgunner2j: Player 1 and Player 2 Coin buttons missing (AJR)
- 05904: [Graphics] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghaj: Sprite priority bug with the ingame message boxes (David Haywood)
- 07074: [Graphics] (skykid.cpp) drgnbstr: The title logo is not displayed correctly. (kunikuni)
- 07092: [DIP/Input] (targeth.cpp) targeth, targeth10, targetha: Player2 controls not working. Y axis broken, X axis inverted (AJR)
- 06020: [Color/Palette] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghab, sshanghaj: Black sprites in some cutscenes (David Haywood)
- 07085: [Crash/Freeze] (mcr.cpp) Most machines in mcr.cpp, mcr3.cpp: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: m_target (cuavas)
- 07090: [Crash/Freeze] (astrocde.cpp) tenpindx: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: !fmt.format_at_end(it) (cuavas)
- 07089: [Crash/Freeze] (pacman.cpp) Assorted machines in aristmk4.cpp, bagman.cpp, gts3a.cpp, mac.cpp, pacman.cpp, others: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: fulltag[0] == ':' (cuavas)
- 06874: [Gameplay] (seattle.cpp) blitz: hangs on a black screen if the power on self test is enabled (tedgreen)
- 05059: [Documentation] Games with wrong year listed (-Misc Reporters-)
- 05881: [Documentation] (whitestar.cpp) rctycn and all clones: Description wrong (-Misc Reporters-)
MAME - 0.201
Aug 29, 2018
- 02209: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) mmatrix: [possible] Sound effects are only emitted from the left channel.
- 06433: [Crash/Freeze] (m72.cpp) mrheli: Game freezes in the first stage (AJR)
- 06579: [Sound] (konamigx.cpp) fantjour, gokuparo: Slightly distorted/scratchy sound/artifacts (ctr)
- 06990: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) Possible Super Street Fighter Series: Awful buzz sound noise
- 04540: [Gameplay] (zn.cpp) psyforcex: game resets itself (ekorz)
- 07069: [Cheat System] "On/Off" color is incorrect on "AutoFire Status" screen. (AJR)
- 07073: [DIP/Input] (neogeo.cpp) popbounc: start buttons don't work (AJR)
- 00867: [Sound] (seta.cpp) twineagl: The music chopped in MAME.
- 07068: [Sound] (exidy.cpp) targ, spectar: New Spectar samples (Robbbert)
- 07067: [Sound] (exidy.cpp) targ, spectar: Spectar explosion samples short and long are called incorrectly. (Robbbert)
- 07058: [Gameplay] (tx1.cpp) buggyboy, buggyboyjr: buggyboy artwork gearstick not working (Tafoid)
- 07059: [Sound] (tx1.cpp) All machines in tx1.cpp: Missing Engine Sounds (Osso)
- 06653: [Documentation] (tmnt.cpp) qgakumon: Gamename version mismatch
- 06192: [Documentation] (playch10.cpp) pc_rrngr: Incorrect year or manufacturer
MAME - 0.200
Jul 25, 2018
- 06025: [Graphics] (tempest.cpp) temptube: Graphics are squeezed
- 07027: [Sound] (vegas.cpp) warfa (and maybe clones): DCS2 OS Version Test Failed (tedgreen)
- 04621: [Timing] (ironhors.cpp) ironhors: 30fps framerate seems abnormal (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.199
Jun 27, 2018
- 00392: [Sound] (cischeat.cpp) f1gpstar: During attract mode, the "orchestral hits" are played off-key. (Angelo Salese)
- 03008: [Original Reference] (cischeat.cpp) bigrun: Reference pictures from the pcb. (Angelo Salese)
- 06992: [DIP/Input] (hornet.cpp) sscope and clones: Analog inputs do not function. (tedgreen)
- 03472: [Sound] (midvunit.cpp) wargods : The Sound D/RAM chip fails during the Post and the "Listen for Tone" fails as well during the post.
- 06502: [Graphics] (powerins.cpp) powerins, powerinsj: background sprites issues (cuavas)
- 07032: [Graphics] (ddragon.cpp) ddragon, ddragon2 and all clones: Sprites are cut too early on the right edge of the screen (hap)
- 07020: [DIP/Input] (lwings.cpp) trojan and clones: Dipswitches incorrectly numbered and info on unused dips (Tafoid)
- 07010: [DIP/Input] (missile.cpp) missile and clones: Dip switch trackball size large/mini label reversed (Tafoid)
- 07017: [Sound] (galaxian.cpp) kingball, kingballj: King's voice is not played correctly (Osso)
- 07007: [Sound] (renegade.cpp) renegade, kuniokun: BGM stops playing after a while (AJR)
- 06988: [Crash/Freeze] (kinst.cpp) kinst: Hangs during Attract Mode, noticeable when a fight loads (Osso)
- 06989: [Sound] (champbas.cpp) champbb2j: AY-3-8910 sound is completely missing (cuavas)
- 06984: [Graphics] (esd16.cpp) jumppop, jumppope: Missing graphics in first stage (AJR)
- 06983: [Sound] (mtouchxl.cpp) mtchxl6k (possibly others): All sounds play too fast (crazyc)
MAME - 0.198
May 30, 2018
- 06971: [Graphics] (1945kiii.cpp) 1945kiiio,1945kiiin,1945kiii: Enemy damage flashes missing (AJR)
- 06966: [DIP/Input] (missile.cpp) missile: dip switch "Trackball Size" label large/mini reversed and R8 dip switch graphic upside-down (Tafoid)
- 05484: [Crash/Freeze] (jpmsys5sw.cpp) Various jpmsys5sw.c sets: [debug] Assert in Debug (cuavas)
- 06962: [Crash/Freeze] (atlantis.cpp) All machines in atlantis.cpp: Fatal error: No screen specified for device ':zeus2', but multiple screens found when using terminal slot option (Osso)
- 04539: [Misc.] (stv.cpp) dnmtdeka, diehard: Illegal Sprite Mode - Contact MAMEDEV (Angelo Salese)
MAME - 0.197
Apr 25, 2018
- 01022: [Side-by-side] (docastle.cpp) dowild: "Mr Do's Wild Ride" side-by-side test. (AJR)
- 05874: [Misc.] (model2.cpp) stcc, stcca, stccb: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow (Angelo Salese)
- 00966: [Graphics] (tigeroad.cpp) f1dream: When crashing on horizontal guard-rails, the car "teleports" into another part of the track.
- 05530: [Crash/Freeze] (model2.cpp) daytona: Test Mode crash on TGP test.
- 06148: [Crash/Freeze] (model2.cpp) All games in model2.cpp: Segmentation Fault
- 06886: [Graphics] (stv.cpp) vfkids: Corrupt background graphic (Angelo Salese)
- 06937: [DIP/Input] (galpanic.cpp) galspanic and clones: Second button not assigned (AJR)
- 06936: [Crash/Freeze] (zn.cpp) techromn and clones: Fatal error: memory_bank::set_entry called with out-of-range entry 255 (Robbbert)
- 06929: [Sound] (suprnova.cpp) All sets in suprnova.cpp: No Audio is present (Olivier Galibert)
- 06928: [Graphics] (mpu4vid.cpp) All sets in mpu4vid.cpp: Graphic corruption (regression) (crazyc)
- 06926: [Documentation] (galaxian.cpp) amidars: Values are incorrect for "Lives" dip switch. (Tafoid)