Legend and Attributes

September 18, 2014


NewComprehensive testing/validiation has not been done yet.
Direction NeededRequires official position of Dev Team to be handled.
AcknowledgedHas been processed and some testing has been done, but there has been no final determination made as to it's status.
ConfirmedAnother tester or moderator has determined the bug to be valid.
AssignedHas been assigned to a Developer who is willing to research/correct the bug.
ResolvedA Bug which has been either Fixed, Won't be fixed or is a BTANB.
ClosedAn invalid post. In general, it is "not a MAME bug", "a duplication of other reports", "unable to be reproduced" etc.
Note: Some of them have different meaning in MAME Testers from the original Mantis system.


Cheat SystemAny bug related to the cheat system.
Color/PaletteBug related to color and/or palette.
CompilingBug occurs when compiling MAME.
CoreBug related to the emulation core.
Crash/FreezeBug causes crash or freeze.
DIP/InputBug related to DIP switches and/or input.
DocumentationBug or issue related to source documentation.
GameplayBug related to general gameplay.
GraphicsGeneral graphic bug.
InterfaceBug related to MAME's interface (File I/O, UI, cfg, menu etc.)
Known Issues/To-Do'sIssues/To-Do's mentioned in a source file.
Misc.Miscellaneous bug.
MultisessionBug related to Multisession.
Original ReferenceReference to the original material (PCB, spec, datasheet etc.)
Save/RestoreSave/restore related bug.
Side-by-sideSide-by-side test result (only for old reports)
SoundGeneral sound bug.
SpeedProblem of speed and performance.
Note: "Bugs That Aren't Bugs" is no more a Category. It has been moved to Resolution. (Aug 9, 2008)


FeatureFeature extension. This is only for some special occasions and don't use this usually. If you have something to suggest, please send it Devs directly.
TrivialIssue which doesn't affect work of emulation directly.
  • Wrong Input definition (duplicated, missing)
  • DIP switch info
  • In-game ROM/RAM check error
  • MAME's in-game message
TypoTypographical error in source code or other texts.
  • Typo in source code
  • Wrong ROM name
MinorGeneral cosmetic issue or minor malfunction. Default value.
Major Problem which disturbs the gameplay in a significant manner.
  • Corrupt graphics
  • Sound not working
  • Totally broken input
  • Widespread malfunction
Critical (emulation) Bug causes the game or program to crash or freeze (stop working) but MAME/MESS still runs.
Critical (emulator)Bug crashes MAME/MESS (either hang or outright crash)
* If you don't find good one, please leave this field "Minor".


PlatformDescribes what platform the MAME binary was used for testing. MAMEUI (or any UI build) is not recommended for testing but we do offer a field for it so we can allow then to be logged and easily filter them from the results.
OSDescribes what kind of OS was used for testing.
BuildDescribes what kind of MAME build was used for testing.
DriverGame driver name. If the bug is not for a specific game, please leave this field blank.
Affected Sets / SystemsGame ZIP names with the problem in MAME, hardware systems in MESS. This will appear in the head of the summary text. Examples:
  • pacman
    If pacman and clones share the same issue, just write down the master set name.
  • mappy and clones
    You can write like this.
  • rtype, rtypej, rtypejp, rtypeu
    The set family is not so big, this is ok.
  • All games in bublbobl.c
    You can write in this form but you should remember this will not appear in the result of the search by a set name.
  • The King of Fighters 2018 (Asia)
    Please lookup the set name in ProgettoEMMA.
SummaryBrief description of the bug. This text will be used in various places to refer to the bug.


64-bit specificBug elicited only in a 64-bit build.
Debug build specificBug elicited in a debug build.
PossibleSuspected phenomenon to be a bug. Needs confirmation with the original.
Verified with OriginalBug validated with PCB, technical note, schematics and other original reference.
Noted in SourceBug/issue is known by the driver author and noted in the source file.
Verified with CodeIf you confirmed the bug against the original game code (NOT MAME CODE!), check this.

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