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01054 DIP/Input Minor Have not tried Feb 9, 2008, 04:13 Nov 22, 2016, 04:20
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Version 0.74u2 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 01054: Off screen reload with actlab guns doesn't work.
Description The hack that was added in 0.74u1 to help reload actlab lightguns with off screen shots does not work.

Update: It looks like it's trying to do something now especially when you use the 2nd button on the gun but it's just not working right at all. Every few shots it will reload but it isn't consistent. You can tell it's hacking the crosshairs to the top right corner but a red shot graphic appears an inch closer to the middle of the screen before it gets a chance to get there. It's as if the instructions are sent to give a fire before the instructions are sent to point it there, if that makes sense. Should be the other way around.
IIRC the info actlabs said about how the two players would work, the guns work by sending which button pressed, then the location separately. Mame might be seeing the button before the gun sends the location change, mame changes the location to (0,0), then the gun changes the location back to the old spot.
This does not, however, explain the 1" from the top that I also see. OTOH, my symptoms differ a little. The mame crosshair shows at the 1" position, not any game shot graphic. I never reload if I shoot off screen. But, the next time I shoot on screen, sometimes I reload.
Nor would it explain why I do not see any problems with the shoots lagging one location I last shoot behind.

Reconfirmed by johninc in 0.120u3: I have two of the original ActLabs guns, and I can confirm that the offscreen reload no longer works.
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Nov 22, 2016, 04:20
ActLabs no longer release their light gun products.
If someone still confirm this issue, please let us know to reopen the report.