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    ID # VersionDriverCategory [?]Severity [?]Status [?]UpdatedSummaryTester
     05805 0.156cps1.cSoundMinorNew2014-12-21dinohunt: [possible] Unused YM2151 chip?darq
     05804 0.156cps1.cDIP/InputMinorNew2014-12-21dinohunt: Wrong P3 controls mappingdarq
   A 0580310.156nemesis.cColor/PaletteMinorClosed2014-12-20nemesis, nemesisuk, gradius, twinbee, konamigt, rf2, gwarrior: Nemesis/Bubble System games too darkNRS
   A 0159120.123u6atarisy2.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-12-20paperboy, paperboyr1, paperboyr2: Flashing text in service modeLuigi30
2014-12-20720: The sprites in 720 flicker/disappear sometimes in recent MAME versions.Machone
     0201420.126aliens.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-12-19All sets in aliens.c: Sprite lagKold666
     00225 0.105u2nmk16.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-12-19mangchi: The background of the title screen should be black.Kold666
2014-12-193wondersb: Status change from GAME_NOT_WORKING to GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS suggestiondarq
     05802 0.156pk8020.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-12-19MESS-specific korvet, neiva, kontur: Keyboard does not work!demotester
   A 04205110.141megaplay.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-12-17mp_sor2: Some SFX (punch whiff, jump and "GO" arrow) are broken.LastNinja2
     0580010.156megadriv.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-12-17MESS-specific genesis / megadriv / megadrij [microm96] [microm96a] [micromm]: Incorrect horn sound in Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96enik
   A 0579720.156fuukifg3.cGraphicsMinorAcknowledged2014-12-16asurabld: [possible] Possible background scrolling bug in Asura Blade.Samurai Fox
     0579920.156system1.cGraphicsMinorClosed2014-12-16starjack, starjacks, mrviking, mrvikingi, spatter, ssanchan, wmatch : These Sega System 1 games and it's clone sets have the wrong resolution: Star Jacker, Mr Viking, and Spatter.georgc3
     0579810.156rabbit.cSoundMajorClosed2014-12-16rabbit: Sound is completely wrong.Samurai Fox
   A 0578810.156dbz.cDIP/InputMinorAcknowledged2014-12-16dbz: English language is not displayedryuhabayusa
2014-12-15MESS-specific ampro: Does not want to start!demotester
     05796 0.156phoenix.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-12-13pleiads and clones: Bottom of Screen (8 lines) should not be shownzaxxon
   A 0579450.156pyl601.cMisc.MajorConfirmed2014-12-13MESS-specific pyl601, pyl601a: Disk reading failed!demotester
   A 0573730.155system1.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-12-11choplift and clones: digitized speech is pitched too highzaxxon
2014-12-11Wrong vblank IP_ACTIVE_HIGH value.darq
     0579210.156osborne1.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-12-11MESS-specific osborne1: Use some of floppy from software causes crashdemotester
     0579310.156super6.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Closed2014-12-10MESS-specific super6: Use of any floppy from software causes crashdemotester
     0578730.156InterfaceMajorAcknowledged2014-12-09All: SDLMAME with SDL 2.0 loses focus on start when pressing inputssamsho2
     05790 0.156senjyo.cKnown Issues/To-Do'sMinor2014-12-08All sets in senjyo.c: m_int_delay_kludge removal.darq
     05791 0.156xerox820.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-12-08MESS-specific bigboard: Use of any floppy from software causes crashdemotester
   A 0024410.36b16aliens.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-12-07aliens: In two player mode, there are some problems with the player sprites.Frotz
   A 0578420.156vectrex.cGraphicsMajorConfirmed2014-12-06MESS-specific vectrex: Some games experience moderate to heavy in-game corruption when there is a lot of 'activity' present.trebor
   A 0464810.156btime.cFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved
2014-12-05All sets in btime.c: Misplaced graphics for player 2 in cocktail mode-Misc Reporters-
     057862N/AMisc.FeatureClosed2014-12-03mame.lst: Tool to Create mame.lst from the Driverspjo6245
   A 0472330.145neodrvr.cSoundMajorConfirmed2014-12-02sonicwi2: [possible] Music freezing up occasionally.Samurai Fox
     0578510.156cabal.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-12-01cabal and clones (except cabalbl): Coins don't work when Demo Sound dipswitch is offAWJ
     0155010.123u6cabal.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-11-30cabal cabala cabalus cabalus2: Cabal uses msm5205 chips instead of the custom adpcmKold666
   A 0450650.143u7nemesis.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-11-29nemesis & clones: Misaligned sprite and background in the 2nd stage.moa
   A 0578320.156ptcsol.cMisc.MinorAcknowledged2014-11-29MESS-specific sol20: SVT format differs from Solace emu!demotester
   A 0559030.153ddenlovr.cDIP/InputMinorConfirmed2014-11-29daimyojn: Game settings (soft DIP) are not preserved.kamilz
   A 0578070.155raiden2.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-11-26raiden2 and clones: Screen parameters/refresh ratekamilz
     0566830.154Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-11-25MESS-specific all sets using ES5506: [debug] Assertion with -debugFirewave
   A 0574710.155apple2.cMisc.MinorResolved
(R. Belmont)
2014-11-24MESS-specific apple2p, apple2e, apple2c (and probably others): The "Diagnostics Test" failed.demotester
   A 0385610.138Misc.MajorClosed2014-11-24mingw64 issues with wWinMainFirewave
     0515720.148u1apple2.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
(R. Belmont)
2014-11-24MESS-specific ace100: Access Violation with "-debug -flop1 4080trkd -ramsize 12288"Firewave
     0515820.148u1apple2.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
(R. Belmont)
2014-11-24MESS-specific agat7: Access Violation with "-debug -ramsize 16384"Firewave
   A 0564640.154megatech.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
2014-11-23mt_soni2: Crash shortly after startM.A.S.H.
     05704100.154Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-11-21ddcrew: Crash on certain games when creating a save state. Related to bitmaps saved in state.Testweazle
2014-11-19tetrsark: Coin inputs are on permanent lockout-MAME Source-
     05715100.154wswan.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
2014-11-19MESS-specific wswan, wscolor: It crash if executed w/o cartridge mounted.demotester
   A 0577950.155ddragon.cMisc.TrivialAcknowledged2014-11-19ddragon and clones: After of last boss in player versus the player not loseAugusto
   A 0555820.153homedata.cDIP/InputTrivialAcknowledged2014-11-18lemnangl: DIP Settings resolved, on Mame most are unknownkamilz
   A 00784 0.60offtwall.cColor/PaletteMinorResolved
2014-11-18offtwall: In "service" mode, the menu has lost its color. This makes it so you cannot see what selection is highlightedDarkk
     0035110.111u1taitosj.cDIP/InputTrivialResolved2014-11-18spacecr: The cabinet DIP switch has no effect. The flipscreen setting is for cabinet type in fact.-Misc Reporters-
     0530620.150asteroid.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2014-11-17llander, llander1: Changing the Language on the Dip Switch screen freezes/crashes the gamescoobydude51
     0535420.150konamigx.cSoundMinorAcknowledged2014-11-15tbyahhoo: Inaccurate K054539 audio emulationTempora
   A 0578240.155system1.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-11-14choplift: misaligned graphics on levels 3 & 4zaxxon
     00135 0.95dynax.cMisc.MinorResolved
2014-11-14quiztvqq: When you start the game it says "BACKUP ERROR" on the version screen.Firewave
     0022610.113u4pacland.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-11-14pacland: During the check you can hear a white noise sound. Since 0.89.Kold666
2014-11-13hsf2, hsf2a, hsf2j: All sets except the Phoenix Edition incorrectly use Arabic numeral in the title instead of Roman numeralsFMecha - aka ArtLine
     0520940.148u5snk.cOriginal ReferenceTrivialResolved
2014-11-13ikaria ikarinc: Correct licenseFortuna
     0577810.155circus.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-11-11circus: Audio samples retrigger when they shouldn'tZaphod
   A 0539510.151tmnt.cColor/PaletteMinorResolved
2014-11-11cuebrick: Wrong colors in service mode "color check"AWJ
   A 0572550.154contra.cGameplayMajorConfirmed2014-11-09contra and clones: [possible] Rolling mines behavior might be inaccurate.Arkhound
   A 0117270.55taito_f3.cColor/PaletteMinorConfirmed2014-11-07kaiserkn: [possible] The color of characters' shadows are wrong (they are green).Smitdogg
   A 0490220.146bladestl.cFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmed2014-11-07bladestl and clones: Flip Screen has no sprite flipTafoid
     0514620.148u1iq151.cDIP/InputMinorResolved2014-11-07MESS-specific iq151: Keyboard not working properlyRobbbert
   A 04901 0.146battlnts.cFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmed2014-11-07battlnts and clones: Flip Screen sprites are not flipped correctlyTafoid
   A 04990 0.146u5tumbleb.cFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved
2014-11-06fncywld, jumpkids, tumbleb, tumbleb2: Game sprites not flipped when Flip Screen is ONTafoid
   A 05460110.152namcos12.cGraphicsMajorResolved2014-11-06golgo13 g13knd: Graphics corruption when starting from the minimenuBarnacleEd
     05485 0.152bfm_sc4.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-11-06sc4milro: Crash after OKTafoid
     05497 0.153mpu4sw.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved2014-11-06m4eaw__bz: [debug] Crash after OKTafoid
   A 05777 0.154c64.cMisc.Trivial2014-11-05MESS-specific All c64 systems: C64: systemm1 cartridge wrong behaviour, inaccurate cartridge infoLordKopromaster
     0018520.102u1combatsc.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-11-05combatsc, combatscj, combatsct: the text "Player 1 (Nick)" or "CPU (Joe)" disappear.RansAckeR
2014-11-05rockrage, rockragea, rockragej: Incorrectly coloured enemy spritesMachone
     0576010.155funworld.cCheat SystemCritical (emulator)Resolved2014-11-05rcdino4: [debug] Assert during initializationTafoid
   A 0569420.154SoundMinorResolved2014-11-04MESS-specific All sets in coco12.c and coco3.c: audio output level incorrect when Cassette/Cartridge selected on SC77526 chipRichard42
     024131N/Aninjakd2.cDIP/InputMinorResolved2014-11-04ninjakd2: Actual behavior of the "Credit Service" DIP switch is unknown.-MAME Source-
   A 0299230.129u5neogeo.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-11-04Mame emulates 6-Slot hardware. All slots are set to "cartridge inserted".Reyn
   A 0577570.155nes.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-11-04MESS-specific nes [spelunkr]: Spelunker - Regular distortion of sounds bat makestrebor
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