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    ID # VersionDriverCategory [?]Severity [?]Status [?]UpdatedSummaryTester
   A 0575430.155vectrex.cMisc.MajorNew2014-10-22MESS-specific vectrex: The vetrex emulation is broken.demotester
   A 05753 0.155pentagon.cMisc.MinorNew2014-10-21MESS-specific pentagon: The demo "recycler by thesuper" does not boot.demotester
     0575220.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific c64 c64p Bubble Bobble - All versions: c64 c64p No joy response for Player 1 controls under a two player game.trebor
     0574220.155apple2.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Closed2014-10-21MESS-specific apple2cp: The system does not booting.demotester
   A 0516160.148u1jpmimpct.cDIP/InputCritical (emulator)Resolved2014-10-21snlad: Exception after exitTafoid
   A 0574710.155apple2.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific apple2p, apple2e, apple2c (and probably others): The "Diagnostics Test" failed.demotester
   A 05748 0.155apple2gs.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific apple2gs (and probably others): The "Diagnostics Test" failed.demotester
   A 0574610.155apple3.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific apple3: Fault at "Confidence Test".demotester
     05251 0.149u1snes.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific snes [sailormn]: A number of games do not respond to gamepad input-Misc Reporters-
     0575130.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific c64, c64p - Grog's Revenge - All game versions: c64 & c64p Grog's Revenge - No response from joy input direction.trebor
     0575030.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific c64 - G. I. Joe - All Versions: G.I. Joe - No response from any Joy input directionstrebor
     0574950.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific c64, c64p - Friday the 13th - All versions: c64 & c64p Froday the 13th - Joy input does not respond properlytrebor
   A 0574510.155rmnimbus.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-21MESS-specific nimbus [welcome]: The mouse pointer is moving erratically.demotester
     0525230.149u1megadriv.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2014-10-20MESS-specific genesis [madden98]: Madden 98 - black screen-Misc Reporters-
   A 0555740.153shadfrce.cDIP/InputTrivialAcknowledged2014-10-19shadfrce, shadfrcejv2, shadfrcej: Mame DIP settings seems unaccurate, compared with Manualkamilz
     0572710.154shadfrce.cDIP/InputTrivialClosed2014-10-19shadfrcejv2: Dip Switches descriptions are inaccurateArkhound
     0574320.155dragon.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2014-10-19MESS-specific tanodr64: The system is not working.demotester
   A 05744 0.155oric.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-19MESS-specific oric1, orica: The demo "Oric Giga Demo by Defence Force" fail on disk load.demotester
   A 0573420.155pce.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-19MESS-specific pce, tg16: The demo "COURAGE by Chris Covell" does not work properly.demotester
2014-10-19centiped3: 2P start button missingNomax
   A 0566080.154coco12.cMisc.FeatureResolved
(R. Belmont)
2014-10-19MESS-specific Coco 1, 2, 3: Implement virtual "Becker Port" for DriveWire supportRichard42
   A 0574040.155vsnes.cDIP/InputTypoResolved2014-10-18cstlevna: Dip switches 5 and 6 are unknownArkhound
   A 05733100.155pce.cMisc.MinorAcknowledged2014-10-18MESS-specific sgx: The speed of sgx system has been reduced substantially.demotester
     0573920.155punchout.cGraphicsMinor2014-10-18punchout: Punchout sprites may be interlacedcuavas
   A 0573810.155vtech1.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2014-10-17MESS-specific vz200de: The system is not working.demotester
   A 0549810.153mpu4vid.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-10-17Many sets in mpu4vid.c: Gameplay stops at a "Serial Link Failure" screenTafoid
   A 0573710.155system1.cSoundMinorConfirmed2014-10-17choplift: digitized speech is pitched too highzaxxon
   A 05736 0.155megadriv.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-17MESS-specific megadriv: The demo "MDEM's First by MDEM" glitches on a few places.demotester
   A 05735 0.155megadriv.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-17MESS-specific megadriv: The demo "Day Trip by Planet Earth" glitches on a few places.demotester
   A 0572950.155pce.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed
2014-10-16MESS-specific pce, tg16: The demo "Split-Resolution Demo by Chris Covell" does not dispaly properly.demotester
     0572650.155mainevt.cGameplayMajorAcknowledged2014-10-15devstors and clones: Numerous emulation problemsArkhound
     0573240.155Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-10-15All games using MCS-48: Crash when trying to set watchpoint with wpd in mcs-48 gamesfurrykef
2014-10-15MESS-specific gbcolor: The demo "Demotronic by 1.000.000 boys" shows only a white screen.demotester
   A 0571740.154megadriv.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-15MESS-specific megadriv [d_titovr]: The demo "Overdrive by Titan" glitches on two places.demotester
2014-10-15All Sets in fuukifg2.c and fuukifg3.c: [possible] Noticable slowdown while performing full screen frame bufferinguser422
   A 0570820.154blktiger.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-10-15blktiger and clones: Still some sprite priority problemspakoman
   A 0571120.154msx.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-14MESS-specific cf3300, expertdp, svi738 (and possibly all MSX and MSX2): [possible] The MSX demo "Riyadh by Bandwagon" does not works properly.demotester
     0573110.154atari400.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-14MESS-specific a5200: Acid800 Test Suite results.demotester
     0572810.154pce.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
2014-10-14MESS-specific sgx: The "Axelay" Demo crashes the MESS while starting.demotester
     0571830.154a2600.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-14MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "TOM/JONES by trilobit" is not working properly.demotester
     0572540.154contra.cGameplayMajorConfirmed2014-10-14contra and clones: [possible] Rolling mines behavior might be inaccurate.Arkhound
   A 0038610.37b3battlera.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-10-14battlera, bldwolf, bldwolfj: Sprites in the same player where the black box with text that appears sometimes are printed in front of them.Lord Caos
     00385 0.37b2battlera.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2014-10-14battlera: When you are fighting against the first final boss, you can see it even if it is under the water.Lord Caos
   A 0557410.153ddragon.cDIP/InputTrivialAcknowledged2014-10-13ddragon and clones: [possible] Japanese and English manuals differs on Game Difficultykamilz
   A 00505 0.37b6mainevt.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-13devstors: There are some sprite zooming problems.YMI
     05719 0.154nes.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-13MESS-specific nes: Failed on some of known CPU tests.demotester
     0572210.154gb.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-13MESS-specific gbcolor, gameboy: Failed on some of known gb-tests.demotester
     05721 0.154sms.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-13MESS-specific sms, smspal: Failed on "SMS VDP Test"demotester
     05720 0.154snes.cMisc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-13MESS-specific snes (and clones): Failed on "snes_oam_test".demotester
   A 05724 0.154contra.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-12contra and clones: Lance's death sprites are mirroredArkhound
     0572310.154megadriv.cMisc.MinorClosed2014-10-12MESS-specific Aviwrite uses a wrong resolution for Genesis gamesxinyingho
     0564830.150Misc.MinorAcknowledged2014-10-12Games with multiple resolutions: When a game switches resolution, the screen gets cut off in -aviwrite modeScHlAuChi
     0571590.154wswan.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Closed2014-10-12MESS-specific wswan, wscolor: It crash if executed w/o cartridge mounted.demotester
     0571320.154amstrad.cMisc.MinorAcknowledged2014-10-12MESS-specific cpc464, cpc6128 (and possibly clones): What CRTC type is emulated in MESS ?demotester
     0549410.153Misc.MinorConfirmed2014-10-12All sets in kinst.c and pyson.c: Memory Leak WarningTafoid
   A 0571010.154atari400.cGraphicsMajorConfirmed2014-10-12MESS-specific a5200 [frogger, frogger2]: Graphic corruption/offset in both Frogger gamesbandit721
     05716 0.154wswan.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-11MESS-specific wscolor: The demo "*Finally* by Titan" doesnt work properly.demotester
     0571410.154a2600.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-11MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "(core) by wamma" is not working properly.demotester
2014-10-11MESS-specific ts2068, uk2086: The keyboard input does not working.demotester
   A 0110020.61tigeroad.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-10-09f1dreamb: [possible] On the "Monaco" course (the fourth) there's an invisible wall almost near to the last corner.Kale
     0395080.138u3nmk16.cDIP/InputMinorConfirmed2014-10-06hachamf: The dip switch for demo sounds doesn't work.Smitdogg
2014-10-06vandyke, vandykejal, vandykejal2: [possible] Setting service mode more than one time to exit.Kale
     0196560.125u8namcos21.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Confirmed2014-10-06driveyes: [debug] Access ViolationFirewave
     0426240.141u2toaplan2.cGameplayMinorResolved2014-10-04bbakraid and clones: "Initialize EEPROM" doesn't workAWJ
   A 0433750.142u3CompilingMinorResolved2014-10-04LDPLAYER fails to buildbelegdol
   A 025197N/Azn.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-10-03strider2, strider2a, shiryu2: Randomly crashes with fighting bosses.-MAME Source-
   A 0100750.62simpsons.cSoundMinorResolved
2014-10-01simpsons: Some in-game samples such as "maggie" and "that's my sister mister" sound bad.-Misc Reporters-
     0570910.154leland.cSoundMinorClosed2014-09-28pigout: oink sound barely audiblehalloompa
     0570170.154model2.cDocumentationTrivialConfirmed2014-09-26daytona and clones: Hacked versions are not marked bootleg, and some games have "(Japan)" in them despite the region is changeable.FMecha - aka ArtLine
     0570490.154Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2014-09-26ddcrew: Crash on certain games when creating a save state. Related to bitmaps saved in state.Testweazle
2014-09-26blktiger: Have sprite priority issues (dragon in intro should appear behind mountains/statue).-Misc Reporters-
     0567710.154megaplay.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-09-25mp_gslam: When player is selected, part of screen corruptsTafoid
   A 0208230.126u3megaplay.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2014-09-25Many sets in megaplay.c: "coin interface" from megaplay remains on-screen and credits never decreaseLastNinja2
     0570710.154megaplay.cGraphicsMajorClosed2014-09-25mp_gslam: Corrupt lineDubaiShark
     0570610.154megaplay.cGameplayMajorClosed2014-09-25mp_col3, mp_mazin, mp_shnb3 and mp_soni2: push 1up button to start ?DubaiShark
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