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    ID # VersionDriverCategory [?]Severity [?]Status [?]UpdatedSummaryTester
2015-07-05jumping, jumpinga: Sound is slightly wrong in jumping due to incorrect clock dividers / clockssystem11
   A 0597370.163crimfght.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2015-07-05crimfght and clones: Display area/resolution is too smallhaynor666
   A 05593110.153thunderx.cGraphicsMinorAssigned
2015-07-05scontra scontraj: in mame screen is cut 8 pixels too much on the lower part of screenhaynor666
   A 0559430.153tmnt.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-07-05blswhstl, detatwin: Visible area is too smallhaynor666
     0598010.163midzeus.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2015-07-05thegrid: MAME crashes with "FATALERROR: Extreme count" after the initial system test.F1ReB4LL
     05978 0.163namcofl.cGraphicsMinorNew2015-07-04finalapr: AI cars are never reflected in the rear mirrors.F1ReB4LL
     0597730.163model1.cGraphicsFeatureNew2015-07-04vr: Video aspect is set to 16:9haynor666
     0597610.163a2600.cGameplayMinorConfirmed2015-07-04MESS-specific a2600 [dkongjr]: 2nd stage of Donkey Kong Jr not displaying snap jawsenvisaged0ne
     0597440.153neogeo.cInterfaceMinorNew2015-07-04Neo Geo games work from command line but not menuZoeB
   A 0596840.163hornet.cGraphicsMajorResolved
2015-07-04gradius4, nbapbp: Most of colours are completly wronghaynor666
     01377 N/Arainbow.cOriginal ReferenceMinorResolved2015-07-04jumping: This bootleg suffers from a number of bugs caused by the c-chip protection. Not emulation bug.Frotz
   A 0597130.163suna8.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-07-04sranger and others clones: [possible] graphics issuesAugusto
     0597230.163suna8.cSoundMinorNew2015-07-04sranger and clones: music errorsAugusto
   A 05975 0.163vendetta.cGraphicsMinorNew2015-07-03vendetta: graphics issuesAugusto
     0597020.163ssv.cGraphicsMajorAcknowledged2015-07-03cairblad: Incorrect game speed - lack of slowdownsystem11
     0568410.154coco12.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved
2015-07-03MESS-specific All sets in coco12.c, coco3.c: It is impossible to Format a floppy disk CRASHRobert Gault
     0519120.148u4megadriv.cSave/RestoreMajorConfirmed2015-07-03MESS-specific megadriv [evander]: EEPROM values not written for saved gamesbeasley2808
   A 0279830.128u7suna8.cGraphicsMinorResolved2015-07-03hardhead, hardheadb: As you can see the colors may not be correctcibomatto2002
   A 05901120.160ddragon.cGameplayTrivialAcknowledged2015-06-30ddragon2 ddragon2u: Double Dragon 2 Finishing without continues not high score name input. new input fileAugusto
   A 0421730.141u1seta.cSoundMinorResolved2015-06-30X1-010 Sound playback is wrong, garbage or wrong pitch in some instances..vidpro1
   A 0531830.150djmain.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2015-06-29bm1stmix and other: Error on loading CHD / disk errors_bastian
   A 0340720.133u3galpanic.cColor/PaletteMinorResolved2015-06-29wownfant: Choosing Easy or Hard causes odd palette problem.Scuore
     0596920.163galaxian.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-29jumpbug and clones: Missing scrolling starfieldMachone
   A 0491810.146u1dooyong.cFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved
2015-06-28gulfstrm, lastday and clones: Screen slightly offset left when flippedTafoid
   A 0587720.159segaorun.cGraphicsMinorAcknowledged2015-06-28outrun and clones: Minor graphics errorMachone
   A 0553840.153bfcobra.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Confirmed
2015-06-27all sets in bfcobra.c: Game stops on 1st screen, just keeps beeping like some kinda alert.kamilz
   A 0514850.148ht68k.cMisc.MinorAssigned
2015-06-26MESS-specific ht68k: Hangs at startRobbbert
2015-06-26lastday, lastdaya: Pressing Service 1 causes credit count to show in service modeLuigi30
2015-06-26Games using at least "Exidy SFX+PSG" device: Most of the games in the driver the sound is corrupt.joe35car
   A 0591580.160a7800.cGraphicsMajorAssigned
2015-06-26MESS-specific a7800 [ddragon], [ikari], [kungfum], [bonq], clones and Frogger : Major graphic corruption in several gamestrebor
   A 0320790.131namcos12.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2015-06-25tekken3: Tekken 3 (and mame) emulation speed crawls after beating the final enemy.Kin
   A 0023240.102u1skyfox.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-23exerizerb, skyfox: Recently I have played an Exerizer bootleg pcb and I have noticed there is a parallax effect missing in mame.Kold666
2015-06-23skyfox: Player 2's controls are player 1's control in Cocktail mode/Flip screen.Karasu
   A 0145020.123u3sauro.cGraphicsMinorResolved
2015-06-23sauro: There is a priority problem - the line between the skyline and the water surface is in front of some objects.Hebus
     02612 N/Abwing.cDIP/InputTrivialConfirmed2015-06-22zaviga: DIPs are incomplete (manual missing).-MAME Source-
   A 0310850.130u3finalizr.cColor/PaletteMinorConfirmed2015-06-22finalizr: White colour appear purple / sound incorrectStefan Lindberg
   A 0596620.162megadriv.cCrash/FreezeMajorClosed2015-06-22MESS-specific genesis [frogger]: Game hangs after losing all livesAndrew
     03941110.138u3rohga.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-22darkseal2: Cutscenes suffer from glitched-up voice samplesSamurai Fox
2015-06-22darkmist: No sound FX and partial musicizius
     024902N/Am62.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-21kidniki, horizon: Missing the drums. There is an analog section in the sound board.-MAME Source-
   A 0442710.143stfight.cGraphicsTrivialResolved
(Phil Bennett)
2015-06-20empcity: Graphics ErrorNightvoice
     02609 N/Abwing.cGraphicsMinorAssigned
2015-06-19The main program is responsible for sprite clipping but occasional glitches can be seen.-MAME Source-
     0204840.126namcos2.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-19marvland: [possible] Compared to the Japan Version of the game the music sounds wrong.cibomatto2002
   A 0395330.138u4snowbros.cColor/PaletteMinorResolved2015-06-19pzlbreak: background palette corruption when freeplay enabledmoa
   A 0115220.104u3blueprnt.cGraphicsMinorResolved2015-06-19saturn: GFX glitch appears on the left bottom corner after you press the P1 start button.etabeta
     0043930.122u4segas16b.cDIP/InputTrivialResolved2015-06-19aurail: P2 control is not hooked up.-Misc Reporters-
     0501070.147namcos2.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved2015-06-19luckywld, luckywldj, metlhawk, metlhawkj: [debug] Crash after OKTafoid
   A 0018390.116u3m62.cSoundMinorAssigned
2015-06-19splunkr, spleunk2: use analog drums in the music just like Kid-Niki.Stefan Lindberg
     05965 0.162cps1.cDIP/InputMajorAssigned
2015-06-18sfzch, sfach, szbch, wofch: Broken player 2 buttons (sfzch and clones) and missing option switch (sfz and clones and wofch)Fortuna
   A 04095180.139u2namcos1.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-17splatter, splattero, splatterj: [possible] "Incomplete" music track is played at the 2nd stage boss scene.Jardim
2015-06-17jjsquawk: Go to Sound Test next BGM play Sound F It will freeze the game (watchdog missing)cibomatto2002
     0106110.61megasys1.cOriginal ReferenceTypoResolved
2015-06-16rodland: Report from a PCB owner about ROM names.-Misc Reporters-
2015-06-16sparkman, sparkmana: YM3812 has incorrect frequencyMachone
2015-06-16airattck: Air Attack Dip-Switch infoD Go Go Fan
   A 00878 0.57suna8.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-14rranger: A piece of the yellow box on the map screen after the game start is over the CREDIT text.M.A.S.H.
   A 0279630.128u7suna8.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-14hardhead, hardheadb: Possible Graphics bugcibomatto2002
     0596230.162gotcha.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-11gotcha: Music suddenly stopsdarq
   A 0596110.162gotcha.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-10gotcha: [possible] Layer offsets.darq
     0596410.162suna8.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-10starfigh: Missing background starfield effect-MAME Source-
     0596310.162megasys1.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-10tshingen, tshingna: Missing graphical mosaic/resolution effect-MAME Source-
   A 0031760.105u3seta.cGraphicsMinorConfirmed2015-06-10daioh: On the attract mode screen with the earth down, there is a glitchy line at the bottom and the explosion is glitched.-Misc Reporters-
   A 0596060.162vicdual.cColor/PaletteMinorClosed2015-06-10carnival: possible colour issuezaxxon
     0595930.162alpha68k.cSoundMinorConfirmed2015-06-10kyros, kyrosj: A few sound FX are missingizius
     0553310.153rastersp.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2015-06-10fbcrazy: Crash about 8 seconds into startupTafoid
     0547510.152bingo.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2015-06-10goldgkitb, michkitb: Hangs after a couple of secondsTafoid
     0588410.159intv.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed2015-06-09MESS-specific intv2 [voice]: [debug] Hard freeze with -str 20 -cart voiceFirewave
   A 0595810.162cclimber.cGraphicsMajorConfirmed2015-06-08toprollr: Some sprites are invisibleizius
   A 04206130.141u1vamphalf.cCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Confirmed
2015-06-08mrkicker: Game hangsScagazza
     0595050.162vamphalf.cDIP/InputMinorClosed2015-06-08mrkicker: The game doesn't restart when exit the service modeScagazza
2015-06-08gundhara, madshark: Music only comes out of the left speaker. Sound comes out of both.Karasu
2015-06-08msgundam: the sound effects are only emitted from the left channel.LastNinja2
     0595330.162Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved
2015-06-06All n64.c and aleck64.c sets: Crash/Segmentation Fault when running DRC (Linux only)shoegazer
     0574980.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorResolved2015-06-06MESS-specific c64, c64p - Friday the 13th - All versions: c64 & c64p Froday the 13th - Joy input does not respond properlytrebor
     0575050.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorResolved2015-06-06MESS-specific c64 - G. I. Joe - All Versions: G.I. Joe - No response from any Joy input directionstrebor
     0575150.155c64.cDIP/InputMajorResolved2015-06-06MESS-specific c64, c64p - Grog's Revenge - All game versions: c64 & c64p Grog's Revenge - No response from joy input direction.trebor
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