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 04825150.145u8vendetta.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 9, 2016vendetta: In MAME the music tempo is slower than real PCBMamesick
 05775180.155nes.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 9, 2016MESS-specific nes [spelunkr]: Spelunker - Regular distortion of sounds bat makestrebor
 060112130.164tmnt.cppSoundTrivialClosedNov 9, 2016tmnt, tmnt2: [possible] The sound volume is low after of stage 6Augusto
 0489180.146bankp.cppColor/PaletteMinorConfirmedNov 9, 2016bankp: Palette problemsKold666
 0641360.179InterfaceMajorResolved (crazyc)Nov 7, 2016CONSOLE: Does nothing but allow "EXIT"Scagazza
 06423230.179amstrad.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedNov 6, 2016MESS-specific cpc6128 [terminat]: Graphic corruption at level 3StHiryu
 06424210.179midtunit.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 6, 2016mk and clones: [possible] graphic corruption on character ending screendiplo
 0592830.161zn.cppCrash/FreezeMinorResolved (Phil Bennett)Nov 6, 2016nbajamex: game crashes / nvram gets corruptedHammy
 06419120.179snk68.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedNov 4, 2016pow: [possible] Enemies fall in front of the screen instead of behind the platformrcoltrane
 06415120.179oric.cppCoreMajorConfirmedNov 3, 2016MESS-specific oric1, orica, telstrat, prav8d, prav8dd: Microdisc floppy images are not loaded at all.Hirudov
 0641830.1798080bw.cppFlip Screen/CocktailCritical (emulation)Resolved (Robbbert)Nov 3, 2016Color sets in 8080bw: No picture for second player in cocktail mode.jeff p
 06416120.179megadriv.cppGraphicsMinorClosedNov 3, 2016MESS-specific 32x, 32xe, 32xj: Output avi file with option -aviwrite saves cropped videoHirudov
 0120520.97cischeat.cppSoundMajorResolved (Kale)Nov 2, 2016f1gpstr2: There is no music in attract mode.SportsDude
 0640850.178segas32.cppDIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedOct 31, 2016radm, radmu: Steering wheel sticks when using Logitech gamepad.Yonah
 0641770.179Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Jezze)Oct 30, 2016MAME crashed with UI and HLSLM.A.S.H.
 047901190.145u7tmnt.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 28, 2016tmnt and clones: vertical bar sometimes displayed on left side of screenpri88
 0453230.144naomi.cppDocumentationTrivialClosedOct 25, 201618wheels: is it (Rev A) or not?f205v
 0641110.178equites.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Osso)Oct 24, 2016splndrbt and clones, hvoltage: Cocktail mode video isn't working correctlyTafoid
 0640930.178nightgal.cppGameplayMajorResolved (Kale)Oct 24, 2016ngtbunny: Night Bunny stalls when winning a hand.system11
 06245340.174galivan.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 23, 2016youmab youmab2: Graphics corruption on the bootleg. also on the original hardware - BTABHammy
 0641010.178amstrad.cppGraphicsMajorAcknowledgedOct 23, 2016MESS-specific cpc6128: Failed to show correctly new graphic modes!demotester
 06338130.176mz2000.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (AJR)Oct 23, 2016MESS-specific mz2000, mz2200: Mistakes in current keyboard matrix emulation and missing keys !demotester
 0439730.143Misc.Critical (emulator)Resolved (Ryan Holtz)Oct 22, 2016MAME freezes with a hlsl .ini file.Roman
 064120.178igspoker.cppDIP/InputMajorAcknowledgedOct 22, 2016pktet346: The amusement game has no inputs.D Go Go Fan
 0615620.171InterfaceMinorResolvedOct 22, 2016MESS-specific a5200, a7800, smspal, sms1, sms1pal, aes, vectrex, a400, a800, c64, c128: GUI software list cartridge picker fails to select cartridgeZaghadka
 0053420.111u2royalmah.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedOct 19, 2016mjifb: "43a6: unimplemented Read2_16 modes = 7" in the auto mode-Misc Reporters-
 0304510.130InterfaceMinorResolved (Robbbert)Oct 19, 2016Cannot create INI for individual game when the game and the driver share the same nameDMala
 0586420.159naomi.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedOct 19, 2016ggisuka, salmankt: Segmentation faultFirewave
 0168710.124u1InterfaceMinorResolvedOct 18, 2016syncrefresh option is ignored when multithreading is enabledMaccy
 0417670.141SpeedMinorResolvedOct 18, 2016Speed throttle doesn't work properly in some games with artwork, -mt and -video ddraw.haynor666
 0635710.176seta.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedOct 16, 2016blandia: Magic effect in Jurane stage is incorrect.alexhiro
 064032100.178lwings.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedOct 14, 2016fball: [possible] Fire Ball freezes and resetsD Go Go Fan
 05024490.147ninjakd2.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedOct 11, 2016robokidj, robokidj2: [possible] Game crashes with a "5268 Motion Error"Kale
 06404210.178namcona1.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Kale)Oct 11, 2016emeralda: Visible area too smallhaynor666
 0640620.130u1chihiro.cppSoundMajorClosedOct 11, 2016Problem sound on Chihiro BIOSZelda189
 06405120.172CoreFeatureClosedOct 11, 2016Multithreading or Hyper Threading is Missing Command-LineZelda189
 0640110.178Misc.MinorAcknowledgedOct 7, 2016Cannot extract mame.zipfturco
 0639940.177sms.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 7, 2016MESS-specific smspal, sms [secret]: Possible bad sprite priorityStHiryu
 06400160.178neodriv.hxxGraphicsMajorClosedOct 7, 2016bstars2: Graphic issue on right edge of screen while scrollingozfalcon
 06398150.178mitchell.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedOct 5, 2016spang, spangj, sbbros: The game crashes after the RAM/ROM test/Missing graphics.Zach S.
 0637440.177aristmk5.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedOct 5, 2016adonis: Changing System Configuration to anything but game_prg causes a crashKale
 06395220.178megaplay.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)ClosedOct 3, 2016mp_soni2: Blank screen at end of game and game credits not working correctlyozfalcon
 06394120.178megaplay.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)ClosedOct 3, 2016mp_sonic: Game may be continued without adding creditsozfalcon
 0639310.178vendetta.cppGameplayMinorAcknowledgedOct 3, 2016vendetta (all versions): Hit boxes for some grounded enemies are incorrectsystem11
 05975220.163vendetta.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 1, 2016vendetta: graphics issuesAugusto
 06392N/Acoolridr.cppOriginal ReferenceTrivialAcknowledgedOct 1, 2016aquastge: Aqua stage - sega system h1 - pcb videoHammy
 0572220.154gb.cppMisc.MinorConfirmedOct 1, 2016MESS-specific gbcolor, gameboy: Failed on some of known gb-tests.demotester
 0500610.147gb.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (wilbert)Oct 1, 2016MESS-specific gameboy [f1race]: Corrupted graphics (racetrack not lined up)B2K24
 0639110.178bnstars.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Osso)Sep 30, 2016bnstars1: Emulator hang & crashsystem11
 0031910.105u3sidearms.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 29, 2016dyger: When you insert the first credit the sound gets cut off.-Misc Reporters-
 0045420.37b7galpanic.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 29, 2016missw96: The in-game music is looped wrong.Jonemaan
 0611030.168nbmj8688.cppDocumentationTypoResolved (system11)Sep 29, 2016kaguya2f: wrong year is listedD Go Go Fan
 0167510.124acninja.cppSoundMinorConfirmedSep 28, 2016robocop2, robocop2j, robocop2u: [possible] Music looping incorrectlyKitsune Sniper
 00969120.37b15taito_l.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 28, 2016tubeit: [possible] The guy dancing on the left side of the screen after the 10th level is totally messed up.-Misc Reporters-
 063900.178homedata.cppSpeedMajorAcknowledgedSep 28, 2016battlcry: Erratic gameplay speedKale
 0189010.111u5rohga.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 23, 2016schmeisr: Flip screen DIP switch doesn't work.-Misc Reporters-
 0638530.177mitchell.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedSep 23, 2016pang: After pausing the game with the 'p' key, the fire buttons (1p button 1 and 2) are disabledStHiryu
 0638630.177contra.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 23, 2016gryzor: [possible] The fx effect of inserting a credit sometimes doesn't workStHiryu
 0117020.97u1taitosj.cppSoundMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 22, 2016piratpet, junglek, jungleh: First time you load the game, no attract mode sound.Thenasty
 06384330.177phoenix.cppDocumentationTypoAcknowledgedSep 22, 2016pleiadce: Wrong game name.AntoPISA
 00144240.122u5kaneko16.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 20, 2016bonkadv: There's a black bar on top of the in-game screen.Iaspis
 0637210.177InterfaceMajorResolved (Nathan Woods)Sep 20, 2016MESS-specific Bitbanger device can no longer accept streams/sockets/pipesEdstrom
 0613820.170zn.cppCrash/FreezeMinorResolved (smf)Sep 19, 2016jdredd: Game doesn't startM.A.S.H.
 06258130.174taitogn.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 19, 2016usagi: Weird background color for score recapKale
 0520660.148u5cave.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedSep 18, 2016agallet and clones: Turning screenflip ON in test menu results in a black screenIaspis
 0638120.177zr107.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedSep 17, 2016windheat, windheatj, windheatu, windheata: The AI cars are always Toyota Truenos in standard modealphabeta2
 00952240.36b4tmnt.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 17, 2016ssriders and clones: Characters judder when walking diagonally (possibly priority related).-Misc Reporters-
 01510110.123u58080bw.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedSep 16, 2016yosakdon: screen is not entirely refreshed after playing a gameRansAckeR
 024461N/Alethal.cppKnown Issues/To-Do'sMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 16, 2016lethalenj: Japanese version-specific known issues.-MAME Source-
 024731N/Alvcards.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 16, 2016lvcards: Correct CPU speed/ YM2149 frequencies are unknown.-MAME Source-
 02434N/Alegionna.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedSep 16, 2016legionna: [possible] Need 16 px off top of vis area?-MAME Source-
 0047120.58fuukifg2.cppSoundMinorConfirmedSep 16, 2016pbancho: Problems of the music and sounds.Ashuime
 0610520.168x1.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedSep 16, 2016MESS-specific x1 [supermar]: Cassette fast-forward is too fasteinstein95
 0638010.177apc.cppInterfaceCritical (emulator)ResolvedSep 16, 2016MESS-specific apc [apctd17]: Crash at InitTafoid
 0637110.1778080bw.cppSave/RestoreCritical (emulator)Resolved (Osso)Sep 16, 2016schasercv: Crashes on reload (-str 8) in a staggered -str 20 runTafoid
 007920.121u2segas24.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 15, 2016dcclub: Shot power is uncontrollable.sjyune
 00953110.37b1tigeroad.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 15, 2016toramich: After beating the last boss in the first round, messages appears telling "the boss was false".Fujix
 0043520.37b6hanaawas.cppGameplayMinorResolvedSep 14, 2016hanaawas: Dealt cards are not random.Fujix
 0089910.60taito_f3.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 14, 2016kaiserkn: When the "Best Players" list is displayed in attract mode, there is nothing listed.-Misc Reporters-
 00146110.122u5warriorb.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 14, 2016warriorb, darius2d: In "Dual Side by side-Gapless" mode, resize the window to reappear the gap.Iaspis
 0088010.106u1playch10.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 14, 2016pc_sjetm: Suffering some occasional flickering when the screen scrolls diagonally.Kekule
 0100310.37b16shanghai.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 14, 2016shanghai: [possible] Cursor rollover problem.-Misc Reporters-
 003430.111u2seta.cppMisc.MajorResolved (Kale)Sep 14, 2016pairlove: Service mode black out.-Misc Reporters-
 0105510.117u2powerins.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 14, 2016powerins: YM2203 volume against OKI6295 is too low and almost inaudible.-Misc Reporters-
 0061110.80u1taito_b.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 14, 2016silentd: DIP switch problems.Mamesick
 0096310.37b12rollrace.cppGameplayMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 14, 2016rollrace, fightrol: When you insert your initials, the scrolling bar of initials does not work properly.-Misc Reporters-
 0088210.54vsnes.cppGameplayMinorResolvedSep 14, 2016vsslalom: In the Mt. Nasty stages, time does not either show or is not implemented.Pika163
 010440.66metro.cppSoundMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 14, 2016gakusai, gakusai2: All music played has the drum machine playing VERY loudly.MAMEjong
 02277N/Atryout.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedSep 14, 2016tryout: Incomplete graphical issues.-MAME Source-
 063790.177segas24.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedSep 14, 2016crkdown: Side by side test comparisonKale
 02555N/Ajackal.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 14, 2016jackal: Coin counters don't work correctly.-MAME Source-
 024201N/Anmk16.cppSoundMinorResolvedSep 14, 2016nouryoku: Music timing in nouryoku is a little off.-MAME Source-
 063780.177abc80.cppInterfaceCritical (emulation)ResolvedSep 14, 2016MESS-specific abc80 [dosgen]: Crash/Exception at startTafoid
 063770.177abc80x.cppInterfaceMinorConfirmedSep 14, 2016MESS-specific All sets in abc80x.c: Software List for abc800_hdd is not mounting properlyTafoid
 0548510.152bfm_sc4.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedSep 13, 2016assorted sets in bfm_sc4.c: Crash after OKTafoid
 06375170.177naomi.cppOriginal ReferenceTrivialResolved (MetalliC)Sep 13, 2016salmankt: Name is incorrectRobbbert
 0637310.177apple2gs.cppGameplayMajorAcknowledgedSep 13, 2016MESS-specific apple2gs (all sets): GS/OS freezes and corrupts data if more than one floppy is insertedLuigi30
 06368220.177shangkid.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (Kale)Sep 13, 2016shangkid, hiryuken: Buttons 1 and 2 are switchedizius
 02349N/Amexico86.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Sep 13, 2016kikikai: The coinage dip switch settings is not supported.-MAME Source-
 0105310.60othldrby.cppMisc.TrivialResolved (Kale)Sep 12, 2016othldrby: The Date Set option doesn't work in the service mode.Kale