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 0610910.168cave.cppSoundMinorResolved (system11)Dec 28, 2015metmqstr, guwange, esprade, donpachi: Lots of games in cave.cpp should not be stereosystem11
 0609220.168neodriv.hxxMisc.MinorResolved (Haze)Dec 28, 2015neogeo [diggerma]: game from softlist fails to load using file manager after launching neogeoB2K24
 0525110.149u1snes.cppDIP/InputMajorConfirmedDec 28, 2015MESS-specific snes [sailormn]: A number of games do not respond to gamepad input-Misc Reporters-
 06101520.168namcos21.cppGraphicsMinorClosedDec 20, 2015aircomb, aircombj: Prority and Polygon are wrongsjy96525
 04949340.146u3gb.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 17, 2015MESS-specific gameboy, gbcolor: [zeldalnk] Music off-keyJustin Kerk
 06102810.168namcos21.cppDocumentationTypoAcknowledgedDec 17, 2015cybsledj: [possible] Cyber Sled (Japan) does not show japanese textsjy96525
 031645200.131u1taito_l.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 15, 2015fhawk, fhawkj: Rare sprites'bugKekule
 0036330.70u5vsnes.cppGameplayMajorResolved (Haze)Dec 15, 2015balonfgt: When you try to play balonfgt using both screens, the 2 screens get out of sync almost immediately.YMI
 03860160.138vsnes.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (Haze)Dec 15, 2015hogalley, vsfdf: Shots don't hit.AntoPISA
 06100210.168segas32.cppGraphicsMinorClosedDec 14, 2015f1lap, f1lapj: Prority is wrongsjy96525
 06099340.168namcos2.cppGraphicsMinorClosedDec 14, 2015finallapjc, finalap2j: Graphics are corruptionsjy96525
 0561820.153dooyong.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 2015pollux: Title screen is staticjoe35car
 04222110.141u1dooyong.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 2015pollux, polluxa, polluxa2: The 2 characters in the ending scene have wrong colorsReip
 02844110.129u1megasys1.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 2015soldam: Graphics corruption in high score listingTafoid
 0036510.70u5megasys1.cppMisc.MinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 201564street: characters don't move in attract modeYMI
 0036620.70u5megasys1.cppMisc.MinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 2015chimerab: no movements in attract mode / instruction screenYMI
 0596320.162megasys1.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 13, 2015tshingen, tshingna: Missing graphical mosaic/resolution effect-MAME Source-
 0609820.168segaybd.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 10, 2015gloc: Priority issue after game startTafoid
 060870.168pong.cppGameplayMinorAcknowledgedDec 9, 2015breakout: Issues regarding collision and graphicsStiletto
 0606720.167megasys1.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Kale)Dec 9, 201564street, 64streetj: 64th Street - missing background graphics interactionsystem11
 06096310.168centiped.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 8, 2015centiped and clones: incorrect firing soundkazblox
 0609510.168msx.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedDec 8, 2015MESS-specific fsa1fm and others: [possible] "Expanded memory" mode fails to free up more RAMeinstein95
 0609470.1681943.cppGraphicsCritical (emulation)ClosedDec 5, 20151943kai: [possible] Background graphics is not correctDubaiShark
 05536120.153nemesis.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 5, 2015nemesis & clones: Distorted sound effectsAce
 05428230.152scramble.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 4, 2015newsin7: sprites cut off/not displayed at top of play areazaxxon
 060860.168pong.cppGameplayMinorAcknowledgedDec 3, 2015pongd: Paddles never seem to reach top or bottom boundariesStiletto
 0605980.167amstrad.cppGraphicsMajorAcknowledgedDec 3, 2015MESS-specific cpc6128p, gx4000: Results after testing some demos and sw-list!demotester
 0609310.168stv.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (Haze)Dec 1, 2015ffreveng: should have 5 working buttonsaceshigh1
 0609110.168pc9801.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (crazyc)Dec 1, 2015MESS-specific pc9801ux: Crash 7-8 seconds into emulationTafoid
 0608420.167plus4.cppCrash/FreezeMajorConfirmedNov 30, 2015MESS-specific c264 / plus4 / c16 and clones: freeze when loading any tapekazblox
 060850.168pong.cppDocumentationTypoAssigned (couriersud)Nov 28, 2015pong, pongf: Various Pong notesStiletto
 0053520.120u2megaplay.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedNov 26, 2015mp_bio: start button doesn't work when you try to continue.LastNinja2
 0082580.60wecleman.cppSpeedMajorResolved (Kale)Nov 24, 2015hotchase: The game is too slow. You can realize this by checking the in-game chronometer.Kale
 05725170.154contra.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedNov 24, 2015contra and clones: [possible] Rolling mines behavior might be inaccurate.Arkhound
 0608150.167mcatadv.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Nov 23, 2015nost, nostj, nostk: Gfx glitches in NostradamusTourniquet
 06083210.167CoreMajorResolved (galibert)Nov 21, 2015cpu/z8000/ - wrong asmflagsoliver
 06079120.167c64.cppCrash/FreezeMajorResolvedNov 17, 2015MESS-specific c64p and clones: Crash loading tape copy of Master of The Lampskazblox
 05958410.162cclimber.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (Osso)Nov 17, 2015toprollr: Some sprites are invisibleizius
 0608030.167atari400.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedNov 17, 2015MESS-specific a800: Acid800 no longer bootskazblox
 06075320.167malzak.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Pernod)Nov 16, 2015malzak, malzak2: Graphic issue (blank line) in titleTafoid
 06076140.167toaplan2.cppGameplayMajorClosedNov 16, 2015Random enabling of Invulnerability setting in toaplan2.c games.Samurai Fox
 060602200.167a7800.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (Haze)Nov 14, 2015MESS-specific a7800 [1on1u]: Cannot start a game in One-On-One Basketball.trebor
 060711100.167shadfrce.cppDocumentationTrivialResolved (Haze)Nov 14, 2015shadfrcej: Shadow Force (Japan Version 3) might be misnamed. Version is actually in English, not Japanese.Arkhound
 0607050.167psikyosh.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Haze)Nov 11, 2015mjgtaste: Joystick mode does not fully worksystem11
 06072110.1671942.cppGraphicsTrivialConfirmedNov 11, 20151942p: [possible] "trash" pixels on the left sidehaynor666
 060581140.167mz700.cppMisc.MajorAcknowledgedNov 11, 2015MESS-specific mz700: Results after testing some demos and current sw-list!demotester
 060660.167iteagle.cppSpeedMinorConfirmedNov 10, 2015All gtfore sets: Video playback and gameplay run too fastgeforcefly
 0606210.167sidearms.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 10, 2015sidearms and clones: music is too loud or effects are too quiethaynor666
 0606910.167flyball.cppDocumentationTypoAcknowledgedNov 10, 2015flyball, flyball1: mfg. fix for Flyball?Stiletto
 05817120.157mz700.cppMisc.MajorResolved (Robbbert)Nov 6, 2015MESS-specific mz700, mz700j: Emulation drastically slowing down after loading the basic!demotester
 060640.167konamigq.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 6, 2015cryptklr: Audio output missing reverb effectTempora
 06061100.167amstrad.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedNov 6, 2015MESS-specific cpc6128: Results after testing some demosdemotester
 0606520.167galaxold.cppDIP/InputCritical (emulator)ClosedNov 5, 2015ckongmc, ckongg, porter: coin input + wrong coining for 2upDubaiShark
 0606320.167cosmic.cppSpeedMinorClosedNov 3, 2015cosmicg: cosmic guerilla speed issue.russ h.
 0605620.166osborne1.cppGameplayMajorResolved (cuavas)Oct 29, 2015MESS-specific osborne1: osborne1 banking doesn't work properlycuavas
 0605320.166sms.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedOct 27, 2015MESS-specific sms1pal, smspal: Results after testing several demos!demotester
 0605510.166suna16.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Haze)Oct 26, 2015sunaq: The game crashes when you insert a credit.AntoPISA
 06051120.166atari400.cppDIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedOct 26, 2015MESS-specific a800: Atari 800 Ctrlr Definition Does Not WorkPhasecoreX
 060500.166samcoupe.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedOct 26, 2015MESS-specific samcoupe: Results after testing several demos!demotester
 0604930.166ibmpcjr.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (crazyc)Oct 24, 2015MESS-specific ibmpcjr [kingqst, mouser, pitfall2, scubavnt]: some softlist games are brokenkazblox
 0604710.1663do.cppGameplayMajorClosedOct 21, 2015MESS-specific Zelda's Adventure CD-i emulatorfeedbax
 060430.166msx.cppTimingMajorConfirmedOct 19, 2015MESS-specific svi738, vg8235, fsa1wx, fsa1wsx: The demo "io by Logon System" does not work properly!demotester
 0604510.166adam.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedOct 16, 2015MESS-specific adam [superdk]: crash after 1st levelkazblox
 06044120.166megadriv.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 16, 2015MESS-specific genesis [sonic3u]: [possible] line skewing corruptionkazblox
 0566930.154megadriv.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)AcknowledgedOct 16, 2015MESS-specific megadrij [688atsub]: Crash loading save stateFirewave
 0566720.154megadriv.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)AcknowledgedOct 16, 2015MESS-specific genesis [xinqig1]: CrashFirewave
 0375820.136cps1.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 16, 2015qad: mame pop-up error messages regularly appear during gameJazzX
 0010020.54galaxian.cppSoundMajorResolved (Osso)Oct 15, 2015froggermc: After starting a game, the sound cuts off.Karasu
 04596130.144u5DebuggerMinorResolvedOct 15, 2015map command returns unexpected tagShimaPong
 0604110.166a2600.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "TIM1T by Cluster & DMA" glitches in title part!demotester
 060400.166a2600.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "Ascend by Cluster & DMA" does not work properly!demotester
 0603910.166a2600.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: It has some glitch on demo "Liquid Candy by noice"!demotester
 060380.166a2600.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "aTaRSI by Tristar & Red Sector Inc." is not working properly!demotester
 06037220.166angelkds.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 12, 2015angelkds and clones: Bugged scrollingkazblox
 0559620.153thunderj.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (hap)Oct 12, 2015thunderj & clones: palette problem in the briefingmoa
 0039210.97cischeat.cppSoundMinorConfirmedOct 9, 2015f1gpstar: During attract mode, the "orchestral hits" are played off-key.SportsDude
 0603610.166nes.cppSoundMinorConfirmedOct 9, 2015MESS-specific nes [castlenu, cobrart, guardlgn, immortal, romancia]: Buzz/Static in audioTafoid
 060351230.166konamigx.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 5, 2015sexyparo, sexyparoa: Graphic issuesabelardator2
 0603220.165bbc.cppInterfaceMinorResolvedOct 1, 2015MESS-specific bbcm: Some disks refuse to load?kazblox
 05345160.150a2600.cppCoreMajorResolvedSep 26, 2015MESS-specific a2600 [dodgeem, haunted]: Assorted issues related to 6502 CPUTafoid
 0571840.154a2600.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedSep 26, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "TOM/JONES by trilobit" is not working properly.demotester
 0571420.154a2600.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedSep 26, 2015MESS-specific a2600p: The demo "(core) by wamma" is not working properly.demotester
 0597610.163a2600.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedSep 26, 2015MESS-specific a2600 [dkongjr]: 2nd stage of Donkey Kong Jr not displaying snap jawsenvisaged0ne
 056220.153msx.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (wilbert)Sep 21, 2015MESS-specific MSX2 and MSX2+: Screen resolutions and refresh rates are wrong.Dr.Venom
 056230.153msx.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (wilbert)Sep 21, 2015MESS-specific MSX2 and MSX2+: Top and bottom screenborders are wrong for both PAL and NTSCDr.Venom
 060330.165sothello.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)ConfirmedSep 21, 2015sothello: Unable to play properlywilbert
 0596930.163galaxian.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Osso)Sep 20, 2015jumpbug and clones: Missing scrolling starfieldMachone
 04061150.139u3quasar.cppSoundMinorConfirmedSep 17, 2015quasar: Missing sound effectsM.A.S.H.
 06028340.165neodriv.hxxSoundMinorResolved (Haze)Sep 16, 2015neogeo.c: Wrong volume of SSG versus the FM & ADPCM sound generation partsDr.Venom
 05872120.159sms.cppDIP/InputMinorResolvedSep 14, 2015MESS-specific sms, sms1 [alexbmx][megumi]: Incorrect behavior of the Sports Pad (US model) emulationenik
 0603070.165Misc.FeatureClosedSep 14, 2015Add XML attribute to distinguish MAME titles from MESS systemsmbarnes
 06029210.165cclimber.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)Sep 10, 2015yamato: game is broken [2 bugs]kazblox
 06027310.165gaelco.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedSep 9, 2015bigkarnk: Game freezes under some circumstancesizius
 0602610.165model1.cppDocumentationTypoAcknowledgedSep 9, 2015swa: " Arcade " is not necessary in the title of this gameJ.J.Boy
 0369520.136seta.cppGameplayMinorResolved (Reip)Sep 8, 2015blandia, blandiap: No damage from magic in the Imageo's stage.alexhiro
 0099920.97segaxbd.cppSoundMinorResolved (Haze)Sep 7, 2015gprider: There are no demo sounds even when the dip switch is on.SportsDude
 0470130.145seta.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Mamesick)Sep 6, 2015blandia, blandiap: Graphic garbagehaynor666
 00878210.57suna8.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Luca Elia)Sep 6, 2015rranger: A piece of the yellow box on the map screen after the game start is over the CREDIT text.M.A.S.H.
 05971240.163suna8.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Luca Elia)Sep 6, 2015sranger and others clones: graphics issuesAugusto
 02796140.128u7suna8.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 6, 2015hardhead, hardheadb: Possible Graphics bugcibomatto2002