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 05558220.153homedata.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (system11)Feb 14, 2017lemnangl: DIP Settings resolved, on Mame most are unknownkamilz
 0554620.153fromance.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (system11)Feb 14, 2017mfunclub: Resolved most of DIP settings and I wanted to share.kamilz
 0647740.182Cheat SystemCritical (emulator)Resolved (cuavas)Feb 13, 2017All systems: MAME should ignore problematic cheats (or at least exit gracefully)EoceneMiacid
 0561430.153zn.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)ConfirmedFeb 13, 2017primrag2: Game no longer boots to attact modeTafoid
 013481N/Anamcos2.cppMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 13, 2017suzuk8h2: No matter what time you will get, you'll never be prompted to enter a name for the high score table.-Misc Reporters-
 0645320.180namcos2.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2017suzuka8h, suzuka8hj: Doesn't enter into initials screen.Kale
 0646910.181mz700.cppDocumentationFeatureAcknowledgedFeb 13, 2017MESS-specific mz700, mz800, mz1500: Difference between MZ-1500 and MZ-800 !demotester
 06336120.176mz2000.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedFeb 11, 2017MESS-specific mz2000: The diff. between the actual and the emulation font !demotester
 06491160.182DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedFeb 9, 2017all gun games: Using Aimtrak light gun with 4:3 games in 16:9 screens the crosshair is not aligned in sides with the pointerEmu
 0649840.182DIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 9, 2017all: Cannot take screenshot from padhaynor666
 06496230.182vamphalf.cppGraphicsMinorClosedFeb 9, 2017All set in vamphalf.cpp (except aoh): Visible area too smallhaynor666
 05745130.155rmnimbus.cppMisc.MinorConfirmedFeb 8, 2017MESS-specific nimbus [welcome]: The mouse pointer is moving erratically.demotester
 0649720.182cps1.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedFeb 7, 2017ffight and others sets: CPS1 Final Fight ffight and others set not startAugusto
 0649540.182Misc.MinorClosedFeb 6, 2017Screenshot always captures artwork, even if not visible on screen.Yonah
 0649020.182segas18.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 6, 2017ddcrew ddcrewd: Player 1 coin does not work when common chute is sethaynor666
 06494110.182segaxbd.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 6, 2017thndrbld, thndrbld1, thndrbldd: Objects momentarily disappearYonah
 0649360.1825clown.cppGraphicsMajorAcknowledgedFeb 6, 20175clown: Entering settings (service) mode results in black screenozfalcon
 00518210.67mcr.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 3, 2017timber: Graphic wrap around issue.-Misc Reporters-
 0648810.182seta2.cppDocumentationTypoClosedFeb 1, 2017reelquak: Company appears to be Sammy USA CorporationD Go Go Fan
 0648420.182rm380z.cppOriginal ReferenceTypoConfirmedJan 31, 2017MESS-specific rm380z: The COS 4.0 does not support cassette !demotester
 0648310.182rm380z.cppOriginal ReferenceTypoConfirmedJan 30, 2017MESS-specific rm380z34d, rm380z34e: The software front panel right after starting the emu !demotester
 064850.182peyper.cppDocumentationMinorResolved (AJR)Jan 29, 2017ator: The year of publication is 1985.AntoPISA
 064800.182aristmk4.cppKnown Issues/To-Do'sMinorConfirmedJan 29, 2017cgold: Inputs wrong, Logic Door open on bootHeihachi_73
 0647630.182gyruss.cppGraphicsMajorClosedJan 27, 2017all: bgfx - metal crashes since 0.177 in every versionestefan3112
 0621630.173ptcsol.cppSoundFeatureResolved (Robbbert)Jan 25, 2017MESS-specific sol20: Audio supportdemotester
 0647470.181segas16b.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 23, 2017goldnaxe: scroll issuesabelardator2
 0647210.181sshot.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedJan 22, 2017sshot: Game runs way too fast.Badacoin
 064730.181homedata.cppDIP/InputTrivialConfirmedJan 22, 2017mjkojink (and games based on it): Incorrect dip switch readingsystem11
 06460360.180stlforce.cppSoundMinorResolved (system11)Jan 22, 2017stlforce: OKI6295 speed is too slowM.A.S.H.
 0484640.145u8CoreCritical (emulator)ClosedJan 10, 2017Access Violation when Windows changes color schemeFirewave
 06466120.181taitogn.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedJan 7, 2017raycris: Soft resets during final boss fightSSTO-31
 0646810.181gladiatr.cppDIP/InputMinorResolvedJan 6, 2017gladiatr ogonsiro gcastle: Coinage DIP switches have no effect in sets using MCU simulationcuavas
 0646520.181GraphicsMinorClosedJan 6, 2017defocus value in mame.ini or any other preset ini file not being readdadabhai
 04022190.139u1segas16b.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 30, 2016altbeast6, altbeastj: Music does not stop when the sequence of transformation begins.abelardator2
 0646330.181InterfaceMinorClosedDec 29, 2016Brightness & Contrast values in custom ini files get ignoredTatsuya79
 0614470.171Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedDec 29, 2016Running with -video d3d -numscreens 2 and above crashes MAMEB2K24
 0646210.181gottlieb.cppSoundMinorClosedDec 29, 2016qbert, qbertj, myqbert, qberta, qbertqub: Sound Incorrect in all Qbert setsevh347
 0646110.181pacman.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (Tafoid)Dec 29, 2016eeekk: 2P Start Button map is missingNomax
 0531350.150namcos21.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (Kale)Dec 28, 2016winrun, winrun91, winrungp,driveyes: Misplaced Controlsscoobydude51
 06458250.180intv.cppGameplayMajorAcknowledgedDec 28, 2016MESS-specific intv, intvoice, intvecs: unable to run some uncommon and newly released games and world series major league baseballmr_me
 06422110.179rohga.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Dec 27, 2016wolffang: (Japanese Wolf Fang Only) Text at attract mode is croppedjkm900
 0540010.152midyunit.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 26, 2016hiimpact, shimpact and clones: [possible] Sound Test dings 5 timesTafoid
 05105110.148fromance.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 26, 2016All games in fromance.c: Screen is shiftedM.A.S.H.
 054090.152CoreMajorConfirmedDec 26, 2016MESS-specific SNES: SPC-700 does not set processor status flags correctly for TCLR1/TSET1 opcodesjwdonal
 0459330.144u4aerofgt.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 26, 2016aerofgt: Sprites vs background alignment is sometimes off when scrolling.hap
 002340.101u2tail2nos.cppOriginal ReferenceMinorConfirmedDec 26, 2016sformula: Side-by-side test.Kold666
 0490710.146combatsc.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Kale)Dec 25, 2016combatsc, combatscj, combatsct, bootcamp: Score line is not flipped with screenTafoid
 053920.147u1royalmah.cppDocumentationTypoResolved (Kale)Dec 25, 2016janputer: info about "New Double Bet Mahjong"J.J.Boy
 0536740.151tx1.cppDIP/InputTrivialConfirmedDec 25, 2016tx1, buggyboy, buggyboyjr: [possible] Bookkeeping says Credits A & B have a credit in it but i did not actually did soscoobydude51
 00412130.99u10cps2.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedDec 25, 2016xmvsf: A bar of graphics garbage appears across the screen. It's only visible when you do a high jump.-Misc Reporters-
 04259330.141u2namconb1.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedDec 25, 2016machbrkr: Mame crashes when you select Rapid Jump in the 4th day.Scagazza
 03566120.135seta.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedDec 25, 2016kiwame: [possible] Broken RNG?nightsoil
 02855110.129hanaawas.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Dec 25, 2016hanaawas: Credits dip switch does not worknightsoil
 0300010.129u6tetrisp2.cppCrash/FreezeMajorConfirmedDec 25, 2016tetrisp2j: Random hangs in some places.Kale
 00964110.120u3royalmah.cppMisc.MajorConfirmedDec 25, 2016mjdejavu, mjdejav2: When start the game, tiles in players hand is not sorted automatically.dyq
 0010130.56kaneko16.cppMisc.MinorResolved (Kale)Dec 25, 2016berlwallt, berlwallk: an error message "Copy Board" pops up.Karasu
 0585120.158system1.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 23, 2016flicky and clones: background items lagzaxxon
 0597030.163ssv.cppGraphicsMajorConfirmedDec 23, 2016cairblad: Incorrect game speed - lack of slowdownsystem11
 0608840.168djmain.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedDec 23, 2016popn3: three songs do not workNate123
 00186120.101u5kaneko16.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedDec 22, 2016berlwall: The upper line when a level is complete is not overdrawn like the rest of the screen.RansAckeR
 0118510.105u4tecmo.cppSoundMinorResolvedDec 22, 2016gemini: [possible] The music in Gemini Wing is transposed incorrectly.-Misc Reporters-
 05746220.155apple3.cppMisc.MinorResolved (R. Belmont)Dec 19, 2016MESS-specific apple3: Fault at "Confidence Test".demotester
 0645710.180apple3.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 19, 2016MESS-specific apple3 [diag]: Flashing text stands still in "Apple III Dealer Diagnostics"Hirudov
 050191210.147CompilingMajorClosedDec 17, 2016Error "Access denied" when compilingScagazza
 05085210.147u3videopin.cppGraphicsMajorConfirmedDec 17, 2016videopin: pinball mechanical parts not visible with artwork and GDIhaynor666
 00337120.111u5rohga.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2016nitrobal, gunball: turn on flip screen dip then watch the attract mode and the graphics are not correct.-Misc Reporters-
 0026010.36rc2segag80v.cppFlip Screen/CocktailTrivialConfirmedDec 16, 2016tacscan: The cocktail DIP has no effect and there are no separate controls for player 2.Frotz
 004510.37b16galaxian.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2016smooncrs: In cocktail mode, you can't see player 2's shots and enemies' bullets go in the wrong direction.-Misc Reporters-
 003230.106u2mcr.cppFlip Screen/CocktailTrivialConfirmedDec 16, 2016kroozr: Cocktail DIP doesn't work and whenever cocktail mode is supported player 2 keys are not mapped.-Misc Reporters-
 00253120.36 Finalsegag80v.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2016zektor: Cocktail mode doesn't work properly. Player 2 can fly over the score display.Frotz
 0492220.146u1finalizr.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 16, 2016All sets in finalizr.c: Ships and scores should both be on top when screen is FlippedTafoid
 0645620.180seta2.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2016mj4simai: Missing transition graphical zoom/spin effectsystem11
 0644720.180seta2.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedDec 15, 2016mj4simai: Test mode immediately exits when any key is pressedsystem11
 04939110.146u2m57.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedDec 15, 2016newtangl, troangel: Score moves and backdrop moves incorrectly when flippedTafoid
 064540.180metro.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 15, 2016gunmast: Jerky scrolling on title screen when coining it upKale
 0012120.105u3cps2.cppGameplayMinorResolvedDec 14, 2016nwarr: The CPU opponent order is fixed in MAME.AWJ
 00527210.99u9metro.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedDec 13, 2016gunmast: locks up in Leo level.Layne
 06440150.179segag80r.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (smf)Dec 13, 2016Most/all sets in segag80r.cpp: game resets itself during playhaynor666
 0492110.146u1fcrash.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 12, 2016fcrash: Game sprites not flipped when Flip Screen is ONTafoid
 0479610.145u7m58.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 11, 201610yard and clones: Flip Screen/Cocktail Mode offsetTafoid
 06452110.180phoenix.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 11, 2016phoenix: Cocktail Mode displays incorrectly-Misc Reporters-
 064512N/Accastles.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Tafoid)Dec 11, 2016All sets in ccastles.cpp: Map Button 2 to start a 2-player game in upright mode.jeff p
 0645010.180astinvad.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 10, 2016spcking2: Incorrect colors at certain areas of the screen.jeff p
 0644920.1808080bw.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 9, 2016sicv, sicv1, invadpt2, invadpt2br, moonbase, moonbasea: In a 2-player game, colors don't change at certain areas of the screen for each player's turn.jeff p
 0644310.180system1.cppMisc.TypoAcknowledgedDec 8, 2016wbml: "Wonder Boy in Monster Land" title should be "Wonder Boy: Monster Land"ambrose
 06445130.179midtunit.cppSoundMinorClosedDec 6, 2016mk: [possible] In attract mode at the certain point, music and fx are offStHiryu
 0644810.180taitogn.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 6, 2016psyvaria, psyvarrv: Glitched stage clear graphicsBPzeBanshee
 0491720.146u1deco32.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMajorConfirmedDec 4, 2016captaven and clones: Flip Screen causes intro profiles to be offsetTafoid
 0176790.124u5neodriv.hxxSoundMinorResolved (couriersud)Dec 2, 2016Various neodrvr.c games: Various sound effects brokenLastNinja2
 0644260.180neogeo.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedDec 2, 2016fatfursp: MAME quits without any message.Fujix
 0644110.180gb.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 30, 2016gameboy, gbcolor, gba: Music off-keyEoceneMiacid
 0640720.178cps2.cppCompilingMinorResolved (smf)Nov 30, 2016BUILD: Compiling a tinybuild with cps2 driver included crashesEoceneMiacid
 0643810.179oric.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedNov 30, 2016MESS-specific oric1, orica, telstrat, prav8d, prav8dd:: Keyboard is not properly emulated.Hirudov
 0406650.139u3goldstar.cppDocumentationMinorResolvedNov 29, 2016tonypok: Initial Setup Informationtree
 05227140.149segahang.cppGameplayMinorAcknowledgedNov 28, 2016Hangon Conversion Sets (shangonro, shangonho, shangonrb): gameplay skips or jumps some framessea7
 027511120.128CoreMajorClosedNov 28, 2016D3D full screen fails with 0x8876086C - Unable to create the Direct3D devicemfeingol
 04543360.144u1stv.cppMisc.TrivialResolvedNov 28, 2016sokyugrt: Reduction Enable 0102 - Contact MAMEDEVNekoEd
 04367120.142seta2.cppCrash/FreezeMinorResolvedNov 28, 2016gundamex: Temporary freeze before game starts, major speed hit.Samurai Fox
 0382720.137u3taito_f3.cppCrash/FreezeMajorResolvedNov 28, 2016recalh: The game remains in a black screen stateScagazza
 0643450.179nemesis.cppSoundTrivialConfirmedNov 27, 2016twinbee, nemesis, gwarrior: Better sound proportionFujix