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06302 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulator) Always Jul 17, 2016, 19:25 7 days ago
Tester -Misc Reporters- View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Status [?] Confirmed Driver namcos21.cpp
Version 0.175 Fixed in Version Build Normal
Summary 06302: cybsled: Crash after defeating Round 3 in Vs. Computer Combat
Description The game crashes directly out of MAME to command-line after defeating Round 3 in game.
I was able to build a debug version and got this backtrace on crash.

warning: assert: ../../../../../src/emu/devfind.h:333: index < m_length

Thread 1 received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
0x7668338e in KERNELBASE!DebugBreak () from C:\Windows\syswow64\KernelBase.dll
(gdb) bt
#0 0x7668338e in KERNELBASE!DebugBreak ()
   from C:\Windows\syswow64\KernelBase.dll
#1 0x0339f8e1 in osd_break_into_debugger ()
    at ../../../../../src/osd/modules/lib/osdlib_win32.cpp:232
#2 0x02f7aec8 in emu_fatalerror::emu_fatalerror ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/emucore.cpp:29
#3 0x00bfe2ab in region_ptr_finder<int, false>::operator[] ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/devfind.h:333
#4 namcos21_state::read_pointrom_data ()
    at ../../../../../src/mame/drivers/namcos21.cpp:539
#5 namcos21_state::transfer_dsp_data ()
    at ../../../../../src/mame/drivers/namcos21.cpp:675
#6 0x00bfe3b5 in namcos21_state::dspram16_w ()
    at ../../../../../src/mame/drivers/namcos21.cpp:790
#7 0x03f975ff in delegate_base<void, address_space&, unsigned int, unsigned short, unsigned short>::operator() ()
    at ../../../../../src/lib/util/delegate.h:514
#8 0x03cfd562 in handler_entry_write::write16 ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/emumem.cpp:453
#9 address_space_specific<unsigned short, (endianness_t)1, false>::write_native ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/emumem.cpp:1170
#10 address_space_specific<unsigned short, (endianness_t)1, false>::write_word ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/emumem.cpp:1455
#11 0x03c0011c in tms32025_device::M_WRTRAM ()
    at ../../../../../src/devices/cpu/tms32025/tms32025.cpp:310
#12 0x0261e4ac in tms32025_device::PUTDATA ()
    at ../../../../../src/devices/cpu/tms32025/tms32025.cpp:487
#13 tms32025_device::sacl ()
    at ../../../../../src/devices/cpu/tms32025/tms32025.cpp:1289
#14 0x0261ffc6 in tms32025_device::execute_run ()
    at ../../../../../src/devices/cpu/tms32025/tms32025.cpp:2068
#15 0x02ff75cc in device_execute_interface::run ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/diexec.h:191
#16 device_scheduler::timeslice () at ../../../../../src/emu/schedule.cpp:473
#17 0x02fc3338 in running_machine::run ()
    at ../../../../../src/emu/machine.cpp:341
#18 0x01badcb5 in mame_machine_manager::execute ()
    at ../../../../../src/frontend/mame/mame.cpp:226
#19 0x01c05585 in cli_frontend::execute ()
    at ../../../../../src/frontend/mame/clifront.cpp:282
#20 0x01bacd74 in emulator_info::start_frontend ()
    at ../../../../../src/frontend/mame/mame.cpp:325
#21 0x01b0c996 in utf8_main ()
    at ../../../../../src/osd/windows/winmain.cpp:300
#22 0x0339c9d1 in wmain ()
    at ../../../../../src/osd/windows/main.cpp:45
#23 0x004013f0 in __tmainCRTStartup ()
    at C:/repo/mingw-w64-crt-git/src/mingw-w64/mingw-w64-crt/crt/crtexe.c:329
#24 0x7641338a in KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk ()
    from C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
#25 0x77829902 in ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain ()
    from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
#26 0x778298d5 in ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain ()
    from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
#27 0x00000000 in ?? ()
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information A Save State doesn't work nor did the input file when I attempted it.

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Affected Sets / Systems cybsled
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Jul 17, 2016, 19:27
Possible relation to 02085
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7 days ago
edited on: 7 days ago
As of 0.198, Kale has demoted this and Solvalou to not working. He added notes describing the issue.

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7 days ago
I haven't played in a while but recall that this happened every time with certain vehicles but you could play through the entire game with the other vehicles.