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ID Category [?] Severity [?] Reproducibility Date Submitted Last Update
03000 Crash/Freeze Major Random Mar 5, 2009, 21:09 Dec 25, 2016, 05:15
Tester Kale View Status Public Platform MAME (Self-compiled)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
Status [?] Confirmed Driver tetrisp2.cpp
Version 0.129u6 Fixed in Version Build Debug
Summary 03000: tetrisp2j: Random hangs in some places.
Description Tetris Plus 2 (Japan version only) hangs randomly in some circustances. Happens on either at start-up (black screen) or on the attract mode.
I say "randomly" because it's caused by the code at line 208:

static READ16_HANDLER( tetrisp2_ip_1_word_r )
return ( input_port_read(space->machine, "SYSTEM") & 0xfcff ) |
( mame_rand(space->machine) & ~0xfcff ) |
( 1 << (8 + (mame_rand(space->machine)&1)) );

This is a kludge and should be fixed anyway...
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Regression Version 0.129u6 (added)
Affected Sets / Systems tetrisp2j
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related to 00055Resolved tetrisp2: When this game is started, you simply see a black screen. 
has duplicate 03341Closed tetrisp2j: doesn't work in 32bit build 
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Dec 25, 2016, 05:15
bits 8 and 9 are likely to be just h/v-blank bits