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03564 Graphics Minor Always 2009-12-04 15:17 2012-02-09 22:17
Tester Iaspis View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Fixed OS Windows Vista/7 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved   Driver cps2.c
Version 0.135u2 Fixed in Version 0.144u2 Build Normal
Summary 03564: Many sets in cps2.c: Graphical glitches in various cps2 games test menu
Description Example / Original report for 19xx: There is a small glitch when the coin option is selected and you alter it's value, that prevents the value of coins / credits being displayed. You can tell something is wrong by the occasional flickering or the partial yellow letters in that line. When you select another option in that menu the line gets fixed and it's displayed correctly.
Steps To Reproduce For 19xx glitch: F2 in-game, select Configuration, select System and alter the value of the Coin option
Additional Information There's a cps2 source change in 0.127u1 that could be causing it, but this needs confirmation:

"Derived CPS2/CPS3 video timing based on measurements. These are
educated guesses. The logic behind the derivations is shown in the
source. [Aaron Giles]"

Problems seen in:
Regression Version 0.127u1
Affected Sets / Systems Many sets in cps2.c
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png file icon 0000.png (3,548 bytes)  2009-12-05 17:25

png file icon 0001.png (3,506 bytes)  2009-12-17 19:36

png file icon cybotstest.png (3,303 bytes)  2010-01-01 23:17

png file icon batcir_snap.png (4,731 bytes)  2010-01-04 11:54

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related to 03682Confirmed gigawing and clones: Graphics error on title screen on word "CREDIT XX" 

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User avatar (05266)
Iaspis (Tester)
2009-12-13 15:59

I checked this further and found that it first appeared in 0.127u1 (it was ok before that).
In the 'Source Changes' of the whatsnew.txt for 0.127u1 it says:

"Derived CPS2/CPS3 video timing based on measurements. These are
educated guesses. The logic behind the derivations is shown in the
source. [Aaron Giles]"

I'm not sure if this is relevant though. I hope it helps.
User avatar (05287)
Iaspis (Tester)
2009-12-17 19:40

It also happens in configuration-game-extend (7-2) when you alter the extend value. Snap uploaded.
I wonder if this should be considered a graphical bug, since the glitched options still work as they should be.
User avatar (05288)
Tafoid (Administrator)
2009-12-17 19:50

Yeah, sounds completely reasonable to change it.
User avatar (05320)
Kold666 (Developer)
2009-12-27 16:03

I am quite sure I have seen this glitch on an EURO original Dungeons and dragons.
Also the glitch which happens in mame when you insert a coin happens on the pcb too...

Unfortunately I have only jap versions cps2 and the glitches are not present like on mame.
User avatar (05322)
Tafoid (Administrator)
2009-12-27 16:38

Some original (non-phoenixed) PCB tests would be great to narrow down if this is supposed to happen or not.
User avatar (05385)
Iaspis (Tester)
2010-01-04 11:54

Entry and snap for batcir added.
User avatar (06524)
Iaspis (Tester)
2010-08-10 09:56

As expected, still happens in 0.139. Just out of curiosity, has anyone by any chance tested an original PCB about this?
User avatar (08167)
Iaspis (Tester)
2012-02-09 17:03

this one seems to have been fixed now
User avatar (08171)
Tafoid (Administrator)
2012-02-09 22:17
edited on: 2012-02-10 13:29

Confirmed fixed by testing a few listed games and determined fixed version.