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04248 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulation) Always 2011-02-14 11:21 2011-07-04 20:05
Tester f205v View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To galibert Resolution Fixed OS Windows XP (32-bit)
Status [?] Resolved   Driver naomi.cpp
Version 0.141u2 Fixed in Version 0.143u1 Build Normal
Summary 04248: All sets in naomi.c: Hang/Black Screen attempting to enter Service Mode.
Description pressing F2 at "NAOMI" intro screen, instead of getting into test mode, emulation freeze with a blank screen
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Regression Version 0.141u1
Affected Sets / Systems All sets in naomi.c
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2011-02-14 14:29
Confirmed testing "puyofev"
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R. Belmont
2011-02-19 23:45
This is not related to the SH-4 or naomi.c changes in u1, incidentally. 0.141 works, 0.141 with a modified u1 patch that removes the SH-4 and naomi.c changes also doesn't work.
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2011-05-30 20:41
edited on: 2011-05-30 22:51
I can't test this on my system anymore (or any naomi.c games) as I have less than 2gb of ram. I get a simple drop out of MAME with the message: "Out of memory!" (since 0.142u3). Could someone please check to see if this is still happening?