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05712 DIP/Input Major Always Oct 10, 2014, 09:53 Oct 11, 2014, 07:26
Tester demotester View Status Public Platform MESS (Official Binary)
Assigned To etabeta Resolution Fixed OS Windows XP
Status [?] Resolved   Driver timex.cpp
Version 0.154 Fixed in Version 0.155 Build Normal
Summary MESS-specific 05712: ts2068, uk2086: The keyboard input does not working.
Description The ts2068 and uk2086 systems have problem with keyboard input, thus it is impossible to enter in spectrum basic.
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information Note: In MESS both systems have status working.
Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems ts2068, uk2086
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Oct 10, 2014, 12:31
It partially works when you load a game from (Hungry Horace as an example), but for some reason it doesn't allow typing after the initial copyright splash.
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Oct 11, 2014, 07:25
keyboard should be back to working state as of latest svn