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06073 Graphics Minor Always Nov 12, 2015, 00:53 Mar 26, 2016, 10:52
Tester demotester View Status Public Platform MESS (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows XP
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver apple2gs.cpp
Version 0.167 Fixed in Version Build Normal
Summary MESS-specific 06073: apple2gs, apple2gsr1: Results after testing several demos!
Description 1) Ninjaforce Megademo ->

   (d1 -> )
   (d2 -> )

   mame apple2gs -flop3 MEGADEMO.d1.2mg (and change to d2 when asked) -> Seems fine!

2) The Revenge Of The Bobs ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 Revenge.2mg -> Seems fine!

3) Delta demo ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 DELTA.2MG -> Seems fine!

4) Modulae ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 MODULAE.2MG -> Seems fine!

5) Nucleus ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 NUCLEUS.2MG -> Seems fine!

6) Cliché demo ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 GSIRCDemo.2MG -> Seems fine!

7) XMAS demo (GS) ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 XMASDEMO.2MG

   In main menu, after the bottom scrolling text starts to glitches becomes impossible to select from the menu! (seems fine in ActiveGS_v3.7.1019)

8) Beam demo ->

   mame apple2gsr1 -flop3 BeamDemo.2MG -> Seems fine! (in apple2gsr1)

9) DE xmas demo ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 Dexmas.2MG -> Seems fine!

10) California demo ->

   mame apple2gsr1 -flop3 CaliforniaDemo.2MG -> Seems fine! (in apple2gsr1)

11) Summer 1990 demo ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 BWSummer90.2MG -> Seems fine!

12) ECC demo ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 ECCDemo.2MG

   After unchrunching it glitches on screen top and bottom! (seems fine in ActiveGS_v3.7.1019)

13) Demo disk 2 ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 ACS_DEMO2.2mg

   It boots but never enter into demo main menu! (seems fine in ActiveGS_v3.7.1019)

14) Demo disk 1 ->

   mame apple2gs -flop3 ACS_DEMO2.2mg

       4... Synchro Cyclo Demo (First Border Cycle ever) -> it returns into monitor after starting! (same happens in ActiveGS_v3.7.1019)

   6. ESSAI MULTI_COLOR -> it returns into monitor after starting! (seems fine in ActiveGS_v3.7.1019)

So, after testing 14 demos found only 4 problematic! -> 7), 12), 13) and 14)
Steps To Reproduce  
See in description!
Additional Information Other emu used for comparison -> ActiveGS_v3.7.1019
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Affected Sets / Systems apple2gs, apple2gsr1
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Mar 26, 2016, 10:52
edited on: Mar 26, 2016, 11:56
Shout Box today
R. Belmont: also, picky little bitches like this 'demo tester' are exactly why I submit no driver before it's time. I run fucking screen-split demos and still he tasks me.

No problem! :-) ... some other emus like GSport or ActiveGS run "fucking screen-split demos" too + some of those still problematic !
So it does not matter - forget it! (only the damage is time spent on testing)

PS. And I always thought that MESS runs / strives to the accuracy! (obviously I was wrong)