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06537 Documentation Trivial Always Apr 15, 2017, 10:52 Aug 22, 2017, 20:06
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Assigned To Resolution Open OS
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Version 0.184 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 06537: Add developer "Jordan"
Description Speaking of which, there's this. A developer named "Jordan" was responsible for a number of games published by and currently listed in MAME as someone else. They have actual credits for Arbalester and Meta Fox, and are believed to have worked on Moon Cresta (!), Crazy Climber (!), and Fire Trap (!!!). The first two are confirmed by explicit mentions from the company itself:

Fire Trap comes from an individual who claims they have insider information. Some of the other games they list check out, and were part of the initial research into this company. An isometric followup by the same people, given a different name and ending up at a different publisher... where have we heard that one before? Congo Bongo even uses some of the same assets as DK, heh.

Then you have 1 on 1 Government. This was also made by "Jorudan", as they were known as by this point (apparently they renamed right after Arbalester and Meta Fox). Suffice to say, they're a really oddball company with games all over the place. See: some weird cat game for the Wii a while back. Anyway, GDRI spam:

I'm not sure I accept the Captain Silver claims, but they're part of the package. At least for Arbalester and Meta Fox, they should definitely be credited, as they have explicit mentions. I'm willing to chalk up most mentions as a Toaplan situation instead of an Ikegami one. On that note, it is generally understood that Crazy Climber was an Ikegami-like collaboration with Nichibutsu.

Help? I'm not sure how else to come at this any other way; this is how the Toaplan situation worked out? I'm not sure about having both "Jordan" and "Jorudan" (for 1 on 1), because I never liked that with Video System and ADK, and I never understood why there wasn't some kind of redirect for all the publisher combinations in MAME... having to go through a million folders for Taito or whoever is a pain, really.
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Apr 26, 2017, 19:08
Info of Fire trap is just a rumor/Uunconfirmed.
 (written in Japanese)

and should "Jorudan",not"Jordan".
 (written in Japanese)

12/1979 Jorudan Information Service Co.,Ltd.
12/1989 Jorudan Co.,Ltd.
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Aug 22, 2017, 20:06
If I recall, MAME only accepts using copyright/developer information based on the title screen, flyers, and copyright entries. What this report acknowledges with evidence from company statements counts as neither of those.