Markup Tags

Written by Fujix and Tafoid - May 12, 2009

This page details usage of HTML markups in your bug posting.

Available html tags:
You can use following tags to mark up text: b, i, strike, s, u, ul, ol, li, tt, dd, dl, pre and blockquote.
Please use pre for code with word-wrap disabled and blockquote for code with a word-wrap enabled.
You cannot use table, img and a tags. Any typed in URLs will be linked automatically.
Mantis built-in auto link: Writing "bug" and "BugID number" will be automatically linked to a bug view page. Example "bug00000".

Embedding YouTube and LiveVideo movie:
Copy and paste an embedding text provided by YouTube or LiveVideo as it is. Mantis will investigate the link thoroughly to prevent SQL injection, modified link text won't be regarded as a proper link. Check Bug #01541 and Bug #01932 for in-use examples.

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