Rules and Guidelines

Updated May 29, 2019
  1. We test primarily the latest official released Windows 32 or 64-bit versions from We also accept reports from all platforms using SDL-based builds provided again the source is the same as the released version. You can roll your own binaries and use those for reporting/testing provided that they are compiled with 100% released sources and using the official compiling toolchain, though other earlier versions of MINGW/GCC provided with some OS/platform libraries are often still supported.
  2. We DO NOT accept any bug reports tested with unofficially tweaked Windows MAME binaries such like ARCADE, GroovyMAME, HBMAME, MAMEPlus, MiSFiTMAME, MAME++, MAMEUIFX, MAMEUIXT and many others.
    Posting bugs confirmed using anything but the MAMEDEV command-line version is at this point, discouraged. If you are using MAMEUI (formerly MAME32), please attempt to confirm the bug locally using an official provided binary first!
  3. It is known that old Windows version prior to Windows 7 can cause OS-specific problems. Using any of these OS for testing is not recommended at all.
  4. Please check if your issue has already been reported (use the game's shortname [filename], minus the .zip or .7z extention). For example: Afterburner 2 would be referred to as aburner2. Use ProgettoEMMA to look up zip names and drivers. Additionally, we request that you additionally examine the game's driver (listed in game information screen) in the source code before reporting to see if your issue is already documented by the driver author(s).
  5. Make sure that you do not have any corrupted support files: .CFG, .INI, .NV files (in particular). Ensure you can reproduce the bug with a newly created NVRAM file if the game uses one.
  6. Please be specific! Don't just say 'it's wrong', state exactly WHAT is wrong, and how it should appear.
  7. Finding bugs via using "cheats" is discouraged. Sometimes cheats can affect the games in ways that aren't immediately apparent. If you can't get to the point in the game where the bug occurs without cheating, please mention this fact in your bug report.
  8. Comparisons of home console ports of arcade games to the arcade originals are NOT valid proof that a bug exists.
  9. For reports which require expert gameplay/skill to reach the problem, it is suggested you provide a SAVE STATE and/or INPUT (.INP) file to assist developers and other testers replicate and be able quickly see the cause. Please make a save state right near the point of the "problem" and attach it along with your report so that it is easily reproducible. Also be sure to place any files in a .zip compressed folder before uploading/attaching to your report.
  10. We don't accept reports for games with specific major flags. When you start MAME, if there is a problem with a particular set, you will be given a screen which lists the problems out that you must tap a button to progress. Based on the message(s), posting a new bug is not desired.
    • "THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY" - Do not submit ANY bugs except heavy regression.
    • "THE SOUND EMULATION IS NOT 100% ACCURATE" - Do not submit sound bugs except heavy regression.
    • "THE VIDEO EMULATION IS NOT 100% ACCURATE" - Do not submit video bugs except heavy regression.
    • "THIS GAME LACKS SOUND" - Do not submit sound bugs.
    Nevertheless, any useful information or a report that will help progress of the development, are welcomed.
  11. When a new release comes out, please take a moment to follow-up and check if the issue(s) you reported has(have) been resolved. Not all fixes are documented in the whatsnew.txt.
  12. We accept direct screenshots taken with the F12 key only. Please do not upload filtered images taken with the Print Screen key unless you have a special reason. If you attach these screenshots, please mention the reason on your report.

Game/driver/issue-specific notes

Please check the FAQ page for more informtation.

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