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01013 Graphics Minor Have not tried Feb 8, 2008, 11:57 Dec 3, 2018, 13:09
Tester Iaspis View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Open OS
Status [?] Confirmed Driver taito_f2.cpp
Version 0.104u3 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 01013: ssi: There is graphic garbage when you get the T bonus.
Description In some rare occasions, when you get the 'T' bonus, the butterfly flickers and you can see graphic "garbage" in the bottom line of the stage, as shown in the attached pic. I have only reproduced this one in a 2p game and it's quite rare, so please be patient.

The flicking outline seems to be the "item" box in the center which rapidly changes position.

Updated by robiza in 0.108u5: In the source you can find for ssi:

IRQ6 does nothing. IRQ5 copies bytes 0 and 8 *ONLY* of sprite data (code, color, flip, ctrl). The other bytes of sprite data (coordinates and zoom) are updated by the main program. The same sprite data caching that works for dondokod avoids major glitches, but I'm not sure it's working right when the big butterfly (time bonus) is on screen (it flickers on and off every frame).

The bug is evident with two players, butterfly and shot of the ship in the screen (not ever).
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Regression Version 0.102
Affected Sets / Systems ssi
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png file icon ssi0104u3gre.png (24,057 bytes) Feb 14, 2008, 17:52
zip file icon (144,473 bytes) Nov 27, 2018, 13:51 Uploaded by MetalGod
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Senior Tester
Nov 21, 2018, 12:47
edited on: Nov 21, 2018, 12:54
I've reproduced the issue on mame 0.102.
There's an UFO flying 2 or 3 times per level at the top of the screen. When shot, the UFO always drops a power-up represented by a Letter (very similar to arkanoid powerups). To reproduce this glitch you have to shoot the UFO and being lucky enough to obtain a T powerup. This powerup stops time while a butterfly appears on screen.
It is a very weird issue. I've taken the T powerup about 6 times in several gameplays, and only 1 time the issue has appeared. Mame 0.102 version:

Once the issue ocurrs, the graphic glitch is seen when shooting.

I guess many changes have been done in the taito_f2 driver from mame 0.102 to the current one... I'll test this hard on mame 0.203 to verify if the issue still ocurrs.
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Senior Tester
Nov 21, 2018, 14:47
edited on: Nov 27, 2018, 13:51
After some testing I can confirm this is still happening in mame 0.203
I've recorded all the attempts before getting T powerup. In all savestates from 0 to 9 the glitch doesn't appear. In savestate recorded as "q" the glitch appears. Just grab dropping T powerup, and shoot during the butterfly sequence.

I've always tested it with 2 players. It ocurrs about 10% of the times.

*Edit. Savestates added to the ticket:
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Dec 3, 2018, 10:10
The video that was embedded 11 days ago says "This video is unavailable".

Please either fix the link or remove it.
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Senior Tester
Dec 3, 2018, 13:09
edited on: Dec 3, 2018, 13:09
It should work now.