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 087730.259Original ReferenceTrivialAcknowledged23 hours agonightstr and clones: Superplay VHS for referenceCow
 08657120.255GameplayMajorConfirmed1 day agoa5200 [riveraid]: Start button doesn't start the game and corrupted graphic!Russell
 0859710.253GameplayMinorResolved (AJR)1 day agoa5200: Start game button doesn't start gameZiggy
 08772110.259GameplayMinorResolved (Nightvoice)2 days agogtsers9: Second slot rom not being readNightvoice
 0877120.259DIP/InputTrivialResolved (windyfairy)3 days agobtplay2k: Incorrect input mappingAriaOTP
 0877040.258SoundMinor6 days agosharrier, sharrier1: [possible] "You're doing great!" sample is missingCow
 087688N/ACrash/FreezeMajorResolved (AJR)7 days agosf2049 sf2049se nbagold: CHD ERROR: Decompression errorKaylee
 087580.258DocumentationTrivial8 days agoopenice and clones: Wrong titlePepsiBoy428
 0876940.258Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)10 days agoshangon: After insert coin, game crash everScuore
 08323330.243DocumentationTypoConfirmed10 days agosfx: manufacture infoJ.J.Boy
 0875710.258DocumentationTypoResolved (AntoPISA)12 days agoturfwld3: The description is wrong; the correct one is "GI-Turf Wild 3"AntoPISA
 0876080.258GameplayMinorResolved12 days agogng and clones: strangely to continue need press simultaneously player 1 start and player 1 buttonAugusto
 0876430.258SoundMinorResolved12 days agospeedatk, daifugo: Sound pitch is too highsasuke
 087670.258Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Acknowledged13 days agoct486: Emulated system locks up when attempting to boot MS-DOS 6.22 Setup DiskDavidian1024
 0554760.153Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved13 days agoMESS-specific ct486: System locks up when attempting to boot MS-DOS 6.22maclover490
 087660.258DocumentationTrivialResolved (VasiliyFamiliya)15 days agotimecrs2 and clones: Outdated comment in the Namco System 23 driver file.VasiliyFamiliya
 0876110.258GameplayMinor16 days agocarnival: Same color pipes last shootingmanokori
 08765120.258GraphicsMinorResolved16 days agoexterm: Bad masking in instructions textICEknight
 0876250.258GameplayMinorClosed17 days agorbisland: Reaching level ending bonus with 2 last digits being similarmanokori
 08310140.243GraphicsMinorConfirmed21 days agoMESS-specific cpc464 and clones [007tld]: Erratic horizon line in 007 The Living DaylightsICEknight
 08749280.257TimingMajorConfirmed21 days agorezon: Severe slowdowns when there's a lot of sprites on screenMamesick
 0876310.258GraphicsMajorResolved (Kale)23 days agomtchxl6k: The graphics don't display properly.Zach S.
 08751260.254Media SupportMajorAcknowledged24 days agox68000: If a SCSI hard disk is loaded, the floppy disk cannot be accessed.Wayder
 0875940.258DIP/InputMinorConfirmed24 days agopencil2: Multiple keypresses not recognized making the game Treasure Hunt unplayable.Hirudov
 087530.258CoreMinorConfirmed27 days agosms, smspal: Resetting some Master System games switches to the BIOS gameICEknight
 087520.258CoreMinorAcknowledged27 days agoindy_4610: MAME crashes with Exception when trying to load IRIX 6.2 at the network configuration. Commandline option -nodrc fixes the issueHirudov
 0875410.258DocumentationMinor27 days agosms1,sms1br,sms1paln,sms1pal: Wrong system namesICEknight
 0875610.258Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)28 days agoccasino: The game freezes when you start the game.Zach S.
 08747130.257GraphicsMajorAcknowledged30 days agoraiden,raidena,raidenu: boss graphics stuck on screenggmaximo
 0799930.232Media SupportMinorResolved (windyfairy)30 days agopopn4, popn5 ,popn6 ,popn7 ,popn8 ,popnanm ,popnanm2 ,popnmt: CHDs are in the wrong formatgspat
 08755110.258GraphicsMajorConfirmed30 days agoc64p[pang]: Sprites are glitched and show up as vertical columnsICEknight
 08750120.258GameplayMajorAcknowledgedSep 1, 2023macqd630: "Error 16" during the attempt of Marathon floppy version launch.VasiliyFamiliya
 0834840.244Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedAug 31, 2023MESS-specific gba [pacmancl, pacmanclu]: Game crashes after title screenICEknight
 08586190.252InterfaceMinorConfirmedAug 29, 2023All sets in capcom/cps3.cpp, konami/hornet.cpp, jaleco/ms32.cpp, neogeo/neogeo.cpp, nintendo/nes.cpp, sega/model1.cpp and more: bgfx: Some cores can't reset Screen Contrast and Gamma values to 1 while Brightness value is 1, randomly ignore screen settingsICEknight
 073132150.209InterfaceMinorConfirmedAug 29, 2023Search function got worse since mame 0.206.MetalGod
 0874820.257GraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Aug 28, 2023dodgem: Wrong graphics when cars crashICEknight
 0874620.257Crash/FreezeMajorClosedAug 27, 2023arkanoidpe: Message says "Working", but the game not start and message "Bad Hardware" appearsFortuna
 0874570.255GraphicsMinorResolved (AJR)Aug 23, 2023starcas: Invisible projectiles on OpenGL backendAJR
 015401120.123u5Save/RestoreTrivialConfirmedAug 18, 2023acombat, acombato: Score resetsGermano
 0630260.175Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedAug 18, 2023cybsled: Crash after defeating Round 3 in Vs. Computer Combat-Misc Reporters-
 08738150.257PluginsMinorResolved (hap)Aug 17, 2023Fresh plugin.ini via 'mame -cc' may create empty file.john_iv
 0874430.257Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedAug 17, 2023gx4000 [plotting]: MAME freezes before the game startsICEknight
 0874320.257DIP/InputMinorConfirmedAug 13, 2023legendsb, other games in snesb.cpp: Wrong button mappingsICEknight
 0824660.241GameplayMinorConfirmedAug 12, 2023rescue, rescueb, aponow: Attract Mode is broken. Stuck in continuous game play demo.chaneman
 0874130.257Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedAug 12, 2023tmek20: TMEK 2.0 hangs on title screen80sRay
 0874210.257GraphicsMinorClosedAug 7, 2023robby: Game uses predefined Screen Position and Stretch valuesICEknight
 0714620.203Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Kale)Aug 6, 2023tmek20: Emulator hard locks after some time on title screenKale
 0874060.257InterfaceMajorAcknowledgedAug 5, 2023apple3: bitbanger fails to connect to localhost socket when running as null_modemdschmidt
 0873610.257InterfaceMajorAcknowledgedAug 5, 2023apple2gs: Bug 08240 maybe never completely fixed. New: joystick buttons not workingdanq989
 087390.257SoundTrivialAcknowledgedAug 4, 2023monsterb, monsterb2: Sound emulation, particularly the music, is offTremiRodomi
 0873710.257SoundMinorConfirmedAug 4, 2023tkmmpzdm: [possible] No sound if you credit in on "For use in Japan" screenKale
 051016170.147u4GameplayMajorAcknowledgedJul 26, 2023sqbert: Random problems with the gamejoe35car
 0778160.226SoundMinorConfirmedJul 25, 2023wizwarz: Sounds badDullaron
 0873510.256SoundMinorClosedJul 24, 2023mariorou: Sound pitch is incorrectyoshi200213
 002930.61SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023leprechn, leprechp, piratetr, potogold: Missing background/level introduction musicM.A.S.H.
 0727610.208Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023piratetr: Freeze twice while playing.Dullaron
 087340.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023beezer: Randomly, game boots without soundhap
 0873320.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023All sets on asuka.cpp: Some graphics planes are shifted in a direction with the Flip Screen dip switchBalthier
 0873220.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023bshark, bsharku, bsharkj: Analog Y axis is not aligned, 5 extra input buttons but game only has a single fire buttonBalthier
 087310.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023bsharkjjs: Left/Right inputs are reversed except when "Mirror screen" dip switch is onBalthier
 0872830.256Misc.MinorJul 20, 2023buggychl and clones: Coins A-H lockouts activate every other second while in service modeBalthier
 0872720.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023rbisland, rbislando, rbislande: P2 Left input doesn't work, Tilt hangs the games at black screen until a reset is doneBalthier
 0872510.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023recalh: Exiting service menu auto-increments coin countersBalthier
 08724150.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023Most sets on taito_f3.cpp: Coin lockouts are always engaged while in Service Menus, impossible to test coin switches in Switch TestBalthier
 0872310.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023recalh: P1 Button 2 also activates Service3 input when pressed, actual Service 3 input does nothingBalthier
 087210.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023srmp3: A error occurs when continuing gamesadole
 087160.250GameplayMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023alpine, alpinea: Timer runs faster than arcade hardware.johnmcallister
 06629130.187Side-by-sideMajorResolved (curtcoder)Jul 19, 2023MESS-specific a7800 a7800p: Incorrect RIOT Behaviortrebor
 08726240.256DIP/InputMinorResolvedJul 19, 2023arabianm, cupfinal, intcup94, lightbr, pwrgoal, ringrage, scfinals and all their clones: Coin inputs only affect the first coin counter when game is set to Game Style G (4P 4SLOT)Balthier
 08730220.256GraphicsMinorResolved (Balthier)Jul 17, 2023invqix: Game outputs a 257x241 displayBalthier
 087290.256DIP/InputMinorResolved (Balthier)Jul 17, 2023bonzeadv and clones: P2 Left input doesn't workBalthier
 0868940.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 16, 2023hardhat, pepper2, venture: background music stops working during gameplayhap
 087220.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 14, 2023vidbrain: Music doesn't work anymorehap
 0871820.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023kicknrun, kicknrunu: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0868710.256Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (cuavas)Jul 11, 2023zooo: zooo game crashes after starting gametvare
 086970.256GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023kaiserknj: transparent (down)scaled graphics are drawn incorrectlyywy
 0865940.255InterfaceMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023opengl, bgfx: All but one screen start minimized when numscreens > 1 and windowed mode is disabledICEknight
 0866010.255DIP/InputMajorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023drgnbstr: "Allow Continue" DIP Switch doesn't workCow
 0868020.255GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023All sets in slapshot.cpp: Some graphics are vertically offset when Dip Switch is set to DISPLAY REVERSE. (possible) graphics are rotated and not flippedBalthier
 0869310.256SoundCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedJul 11, 2023neocdz [aof]: Audio corruption after reaching bonus stageFoxhack
 0869620.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023opwolf3 and clones: games are using LIGHTGUN inputs for the guns, but the real machines use X/Y variable resistors for aiming (pots)Balthier
 0870020.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023luckywld and clones: Positional guns incorrectly mapped to lightgun inputsBalthier
 08695210.256Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023opwolf3 and clones: Muzzle flash of gun in attract mode has wrong colorsBalthier
 08701110.256SoundMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023msx systems: Homebrew SCC PCM tests don't work correctlyhap
 08703110.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023zookeep, zookeep2: occasional shifted text in Service Menu Audit Totals screenBalthier
 08714230.256GameplayMajorResolved (hap)Jul 11, 2023changela: Impossible to drive fastBalthier
 087170.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023bonzeadv and clones: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0871910.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023rbisland, rbislando, rbislande: Auto-incrementing coin counters on boot, increment values are different depending on reset type (F3 or Shift+F3)Balthier
 087200.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023superman and clones: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0871540.256SpeedMinorResolved (hap)Jul 11, 2023vclock3: [possible] Clock runs slower, it needs around 78 seconds to reach a minuteBIOS-D
 00997120.36b16GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023ddcrew and clones: Vertical line glitch during intro.sjyune
 0870420.256SpeedMajorAcknowledgedJul 10, 2023All sets on dassault.cpp: Games running very slowBalthier
 08706610.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023cryptklr: Artifacts in spritesyoshi200213
 0871010.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023elim4, elim4p: Coin counter auto-incrementing every second the games are runningBalthier
 0871110.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023soniccar: 2nd coin counter increments at random times during attract modeBalthier
 087080.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023atlantis, atlantis2, bagmanm2, bagmanmc, theend, theends, theendss: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0869460.256Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (pmackinlay)Jul 10, 2023warfa and clones, sf2049 and clones: Game no longer starts.Hydreigon
 079490.230SoundMinorAcknowledgedJul 9, 2023cop01, cop01a: Voices pitch is higher and volume is lowsasuke
 08403180.246GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 9, 2023ssf2t: Graphics tearing in Cammy's stage (England)MidnightWolf
 087090.256Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jul 9, 2023sindbadm: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier