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 0785930.228jupace.cppDIP/InputMinorClosed2 hours agoMESS-specific jupace: Natural keyboard playing upRobbbert
 0496610.146u4InterfaceCritical (emulator)Acknowledged7 hours agoCannot Fast-Forward a screenless system when showing "skip 0"Tafoid
 0779510.226DebuggerMinorAssigned (cuavas)8 hours agoQt debugger: Disassembly view glitch on bottom lineAJR
 0785810.228batman.cppCrash/FreezeMinorConfirmed10 hours agobatman: Use of verbose causes a crash before startRobbbert
 0783470.227gauntlet.cppGameplayMajorResolved (galibert)12 hours agogauntlet, gaunt2 and clones: Protection issues when finishing a levelAndrew
 0155010.123u6cabal.cppSoundMinorResolved (jkm900)2 days agocabal, cabala, cabalus, cabalus2: Cabal uses msm5205 chips instead of the custom adpcmKold666
 0672140.190playch10.cppSoundMinorConfirmed2 days agopc_drmro, pc_mtoid: [possible] Audio loopwuemura
 0732020.209Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Closed3 days agoRarely occurring fatal error on startupAJR
 0771320.222ksys573.cppSoundMinorResolved4 days agoddrs2kj: Silence during Dancemania promo screenslauncherEXE
 0785410.227nes.cppGameplayMinorClosed5 days agoMESS-specific nes [lwings]: lwings get stuck in walls-Misc Reporters-
 0785620.227ksys573.cppCoreMinorAcknowledged6 days agoddr2mla, ddrbocd, any 573 Analog DDR game exccluding JP Dancing Stage series: songs run at halved framerate(?) ingametjbautista01
 0050020.59leland.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmed6 days agoalleymas: When entering initials and d.o.b. details, the cursor does not wrap around correctly.Chook
 0537930.151xybots.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)8 days agoxybots: Coin inputs are backwards.Yonah
 000014360.143u6Misc.TrivialConfirmed8 days agoTHIS IS A SANDBOX. Please use this entry for posting test!Fujix2
 07850160.227gradius3.cppOriginal ReferenceMinorResolved8 days agogradius3j: After inserting coin, the title screen should show "PRESS START" message.-Misc Reporters-
 0785320.227blockhl.cppSoundMinorAcknowledged10 days agoquarth: Sound tempo slightly slow-Misc Reporters-
 0756720.218konamigs.cppTimingMinorConfirmed11 days agoddrkids: Songs eventually goes Off-Sync with the Rhythm.danylopez123
 0784810.227popeye.cppSpeedMajorConfirmed11 days agopopeye and clones using Discrete: Emulation speed suffered noticable dropTafoid
 019892100.126cps1.cppCoreMinorConfirmed11 days agocaptcomm: m68k / m68000 core: inconsistency between real board and mameemuman
 07838110.227btoads.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (Haze)12 days agobtoads: Garbled graphicsalice1999
 07855450.227atarisy1.cppGraphicsMajorConfirmed13 days agoroadblst: Random occasional graphics corruptionMiles
 07847290.227surpratk.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmed13 days agosuratk, suratka, suratkj: Garbage bar graph on the left side of the screen.abelardator2
 07840140.227atarigx2.cppGameplayMajorAcknowledged13 days agomotofren and clones: Issues with collision detection; Missing dual board support for motofrenmdHydreigon
 07835150.227CompilingMajorClosed13 days ago[Linux] [Raspberry Pi 4] Linking errors with 0.227 (previous versions OK)bbegin
 078510.227dragon.cppDIP/InputMinorAcknowledged13 days agoMESS-specific dragon32, dragon64: Drops characters when typing quickly-Misc Reporters-
 07849220.227taitosj.cppDIP/InputMinorAcknowledged14 days agosfposeid: Function of some Unknown DIPs in DSW1terencew
 06683230.189surpratk.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Robbbert)16 days agosuratk: Visible area is too smallM.A.S.H.
 07831110.227gaelco3d.cppSoundMinorConfirmed16 days agosurfplnt, surfplnt40: Sound has repeating distortion/cracklingTafoid
 0782860.224coco12.cppCoreMinorAcknowledged17 days agoMESS-specific coco, coco2, coco2b, coco3: Printing to the 4 pin serial port not working.star2root
 07830120.227PluginsMajorResolved (crazyc)17 days agoLua Cheat Plugin: Cheats show errors attempting to activate-Misc Reporters-
 0783730.227namcos21_c67.cppGameplayMinorResolved (AJR)18 days agostarblad, starbladj: Coin counter does not workumeyar
 0784250.227namcos2.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (AJR)18 days agoluckywld, sgunner2: Credit buttons doesn't workMetalGod
 0784620.227itech32.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)18 days agowcbowl: Game resets itself during gameplayOsso
 07845310.227metro.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmed18 days agobangball, msgogo, puzzli, probably others: Wrong offsets cause bad graphics on screen marginsOsso
 0784440.227polepos.cppCrash/FreezeMajorClosed18 days agopoleposa1, poleposa2: NVRAM corruption during game exit, unable to start new game.chaneman
 0784120.227taito_f3.cppSoundMajorResolved (AJR)19 days agokaiserkn and clones: Loss of sound-Misc Reporters-
 0784310.227undrfire.cppInterfaceMinorResolved (Tafoid)19 days agocbombers: Gear Shifter HUD doesn't work but in-game works.danylopez123
 0742930.213model2.cppSoundMinorConfirmed21 days agovf2 and clones: Repeating sound in Attract mode bugs the game (USA)MetalGod
 0783960.227vendetta.cppGameplayMinorConfirmed21 days agovendetta and all clones: All demo sequence brokenFortuna
 07836120.226wrally.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)21 days agowrally: analog controls don't workPeteMc5150
 004087290.37b8cps1.cppSpeedMajorConfirmed25 days agosf2hfu: Running too fast.Sixtoe
 0778150.226gottlieb.cppSoundMinorConfirmed25 days agowizwarz: Sounds badDullaron
 0780030.226model2.cppGameplayMinorAcknowledged26 days agovf2 and clones: Activating the debug mode crashes MAMEGeekyFerret
 07833140.227tickee.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (AJR)26 days agoghoshunt, mouseatk, tickee, tutstomb: Random chance of launching with missing colorsjkburks
 01807260.125u1undrfire.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (jkm900)26 days agocbombers: missing graphics in attract modeetabeta
 0731830.209konamigx.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Confirmed26 days agoracinfrc, racinfrcu: crashes in attract mode after a whileRobbbert
 0782940.226superchs.cppCoreMinorAcknowledged27 days agosuperchs: Train with enemies appearing too soon during attract-modeMetalGod
 0783210.227snowbros.cppMisc.MinorClosed27 days agotwinklea: Twinkle (set 2) needs roms renamed.chaneman
 0774613N/ACompilingMinorResolved (micko)27 days agomacOS 11: Compiling on the Apple DTK failsDominus
 00025540.101u5superchs.cppGraphicsMinorResolved29 days agosuperchs: The screen occassionally flickers/flashes with incorrect graphics.Twisty
 00013160.105u4freekick.cppGraphicsMinorResolved29 days agogigas, gigasb, oigas, gigasm2, gigasm2b, omega: [possible] Graphical glitch.-Misc Reporters-
 04905130.146champbwl.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Osso)29 days agochampbwl: Flip Screen offset leftTafoid
 02536260.127u7champbwl.cppGraphicsMinorResolved29 days agochampbwl: The pin setup to the right shows graphic errors.cibomatto2002
 0782330.226vegas.cppDIP/InputTrivialAcknowledged29 days agonbanfl, nbagold: Watchdog reset after selecting "NFL Main Menu" or "NBA Main Menu" in their respective test menus.Hydreigon
 026821120.128u4astrocde.cppColor/PaletteMinorConfirmed30 days agogorf and clones: Colors washed out in Astro BattleMAMEBase
 07811210.226exerion.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmed31 days agoexerion: Exerion in cocktail mode: bullets last only a few pixelsmaziac
 04533560.144seibuspi.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 24, 2020viprp1: Title Screen SFX and item collection SFX are incorrectretrorepair
 0782710.226system1.cppFlip Screen/CocktailMinorClosedDec 23, 2020pitfall2: Pitfall2 background graphics of 2nd player misplacedmaziac
 07826110.226starfire.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 22, 2020fireone: Demo Sounds DIP not working?chaneman
 0782520.226spectrum.cppCrash/FreezeMajorClosedDec 21, 2020MESS-specific spectrum: File Manager freezes MAME if a cassette is already loadedICEknight
 0398220.139chqflag.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 20, 2020chqflag, chqflagj: slowdownsKold666
 00027130.109u5taito_x.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 20, 2020gigandesa: Graphic glitch in the service mode.Twisty
 0782410.226InterfaceTrivialConfirmedDec 20, 2020UI: Incorrect message when enabling/disabling UI on systems with emulated keyboardStHiryu
 03297220.132midyunit.cppSoundMinorResolvedDec 18, 2020smashtv: Music sputters/lags when doors openYonah
 07822350.226galaxian.cppColor/PaletteTrivialConfirmedDec 17, 2020turtles: Turtles has two color PROMS flipped due to a production errormgkastra
 07819120.226megadriv.cppSave/RestoreMinorConfirmedDec 17, 2020MESS-specific megadriv [quacksht]: Corrupted sound when restoring save statesStHiryu
 04128430.140u1wecleman.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2020wecleman: Graphic and color are wrong during lap 4Scagazza
 0782140.226segas18.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)ClosedDec 15, 2020mwalk, mwalku, mwalkj: Black screen in this 3 sets onlyFortuna
 071194550.200rampart.cppGameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (galibert)Dec 15, 2020rampart, maybe rampartj and rampart2p: Late-game (level 4) internal game board different from that on screen, ultimately causes hanguprodneylives
 0782010.226model1.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Dec 14, 2020wingwar360: Throttle (Pedal 1) doesn't work at all.danylopez123
 0781410.226GraphicsTrivialConfirmedDec 13, 2020All systems that do screen resolution change.: MNG recording for systems that change screen resolutionHirudov
 07816150.226taitosj.cppPluginsMajorClosedDec 13, 2020tinstar: [possible] tinstar - high score not being saved/restored properlyrcoltrane
 03806220.137u2taitosj.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolvedDec 12, 2020sfposeid: Wrong colors in title screen.Roberto Fresca
 0769910.222model1.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedDec 11, 2020swa, swaj: Radar Does Not FunctionSarn
 0781210.226quizpun2.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (AJR)Dec 11, 2020quizpun2: Test mode doesn't workOsso
 0781720.226stfight.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)Dec 11, 2020empcityfr: Game locked at startzozo
 07815120.226balsente.cppSoundMinorResolved (AJR)Dec 9, 2020sentetst: Sente Diagnostic Cartridge: Fails Sound Board Test.chaneman
 0700050.198taitosj.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedDec 9, 2020tinstar: Tinstar - Tripping over invisible barrel?rcoltrane
 078130.226ksys573.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (danylopez123)Dec 9, 2020gchgchmp: Player 2 Inputs Up and Right are swappeddanylopez123
 0780660.226taitosj.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 9, 2020tinstar: [possible] Sound plays randomly when inserting a coinrcoltrane
 0780850.226bwidow.cppSoundMinorResolved (Tafoid)Dec 6, 2020spacduel, spacduel0, spacduel1: Sounds missing (MAME not invoking second pokey?)joemagiera
 07805120.226segas24.cppDIP/InputMinorDec 6, 2020roughrac: Sluggish Dial Input Response "Deadzone"mmarino4
 078070.226dec8.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 6, 2020ghostb and clones: Coinage dips aren't hooked up / don't workOsso
 07810110.226snes.cppCoreCritical (emulator)ClosedDec 5, 2020MESS-specific snes: (Possible) hash file issueArcadeShadow
 0600070.163pong.cppSoundMinorAssigned (couriersud)Dec 5, 2020breakout: [possible] sound output pitch different from real PCBkazblox
 0780410.226amstrad.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedDec 4, 2020MESS-specific cpc6128 [goody, goodys19]: Goody freezes after loadingStHiryu
 0780140.226model2.cppGameplayMajorAcknowledgedDec 3, 2020motoraid, motoraiddx: Track collision issuesGeekyFerret
 0775960.224rampart.cppSoundMinorAcknowledgedDec 2, 2020rampart, rampart2p, rampartj: Digitized sounds are heavily favored over synthrodneylives
 0780320.226m63.cppSoundMinorResolved (Osso)Dec 1, 2020fghtbskt: AY-3-8910 sound is missingM.A.S.H.
 0644120.180gb.cppSoundMinorConfirmedDec 1, 2020MESS-specific gameboy, gbcolor, gba: Music off-keyEoceneMiacid
 07802170.226toaplan1.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedNov 30, 2020zerowing,zerowingw: [possible] Can't Shoot Stage 5 Boss Up and Down SidesAlex7
 0687590.194fcrash.cppOriginal ReferenceFeatureAcknowledgedNov 30, 2020sf2m1, sf2m9: This is only a reference about this 2 sets in this driver (and maybe other similar clones)Fortuna
 0352480.135ms32.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 29, 2020p47aces, gametngk, hayaosi3, suchie2, kirarast: MegaSystem 32 - Brightness control issuesHaze
 00991120.55segag80v.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 28, 2020elim2, elim2a: During gameplay there is a blue dot in the centre of the screen.-Misc Reporters-
 07792160.226segas16a.cppGraphicsMajorResolved (Haze)Nov 27, 2020quartet, quarteta, quartet2, quartet2a: The moving floors that appear after the 15th stage are not displayed.AexRyu
 01143110.37b15m72.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 27, 2020gallop: [possible] When you use tracking laser on large things, you occasionally get pushed about the screen.Sixtoe
 0386220.138vsnes.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (enik2)Nov 27, 2020vsgshoe: [possible] Shots hit multiple targetsAWJ
 02065140.126u3buggychl.cppDocumentationMinorAcknowledgedNov 27, 2020buggychl, buggychlt: Reference screenshot for Buggy ChallengeKold666
 077980.226jaguar.cppCrash/FreezeMinorConfirmedNov 27, 2020fishfren: Trying to access the service mode crashes MAMEGeekyFerret
 0779350.226DIP/InputMinorClosedNov 24, 2020calspeed, sf2049, vaportrx and clones: Broken analogue inputs after second launchGeekyFerret