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 06977380.197SoundMajorResolvedAug 28, 2022vgmplay: Huge slowdown while trying to play a filewuemura
 084010.246Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (hap)Aug 27, 2022galpans3: Crash soon after startRobbbert
 0836080.244SoundMinorAcknowledgedAug 27, 2022wbml and clones: On SEGA System 2 PCB, two SN76489As volume is differentsasuke
 08404120.246DIP/InputMinorResolved (Steve Coomber)Aug 25, 2022wndrmomo: Eight-way input not supportedtepidsnake
 08402220.246DIP/InputMinorResolvedAug 23, 2022sgemf: Incorrect default configuration settingsMidnightWolf
 0839840.246GameplayMajorConfirmedAug 21, 2022apple3: Softcard /// CP/M version 2.21 runs very slowlyxolson
 08400220.246GraphicsMinorResolvedAug 21, 2022blazstar: Corrupted graphics / sprite or tile scrolling glitch - Stage 1MidnightWolf
 0525030.149u1SoundMinorResolvedAug 20, 2022MESS-specific gbcolor [pokecard]: Music/Sound is slower than using other compatible systems-Misc Reporters-
 083960.246Media SupportMinorConfirmedAug 19, 2022Floppy Drive Detection Issueholub
 07553120.217Media SupportMajorConfirmedAug 18, 2022MESS-specific specpls3 [term2a]: Error when loading floppy disk with too many tracksStHiryu
 05842120.158GraphicsMinorConfirmedAug 18, 2022rchase, rchasej: Graphic gitches in various spritesFortuna
 08392250.245SoundMinorAcknowledgedAug 18, 2022rygar and clones: voice was changed in some previous versionAugusto
 08393530.245GraphicsMinorAug 17, 2022sf2hf and clones: graphics glitches in the screenAugusto
 083940.246GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedAug 17, 2022apple3: Unreliable display of loaded character setsxolson
 08342140.244SoundMinorResolved (holub)Aug 14, 2022MESS-specific spec128 [cobrasar and clones]: Voiceover missing in Cobra's Arc [spectrum and clones]ICEknight
 0839510.246Misc.MinorClosedAug 14, 2022sxeviousj: Inserting coin automatically start 2 player game with issuesAugusto
 0838610.245GraphicsMinorClosedAug 13, 2022nemo, nemor1, nemoj: Priority error during attract modeRobbbert
 05052180.147u1Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedAug 13, 2022dkong dkongo: Switching to TKG-02 (Radarscope Conversion) is no longer creating the proper color palettetrebor
 0644150.180SoundMinorResolvedAug 10, 2022MESS-specific gameboy, gbcolor, gba: Music off-keyEoceneMiacid
 08391250.246SoundMinorConfirmedAug 8, 2022battlnts: Music sounds wrongFungi66
 08275660.241GraphicsMinorConfirmedAug 6, 2022thndrx2, thndrx2a, thndrx2j: [possible] Graphical corruption during stage 2MidnightWolf
 0744940.214Media SupportMajorResolved (galibert)Aug 5, 2022MESS-specific apple3: Data corruption after write to floppyxolson
 0768920.222SoundMinorResolved (Robbbert)Aug 5, 2022scrzy_l1: Loss of soundRobbbert
 0075730.120u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedAug 5, 2022mpu4met0, mpu4tst2, mpu4utst: Unit test / meter clear etc. crash out on launch.john_iv
 007070.120u2SoundMajorResolvedAug 5, 2022mpatrol, mpatrolw: No SoundChook
 0070610.117u2GraphicsMinorResolvedAug 5, 2022mpatrol: Graphics shifted to the right.-Misc Reporters-
 000014380.143u6CoreMajorResolvedAug 5, 2022THIS IS A SANDBOX. Please use this entry for a posting test!Fujix2
 08266630.241GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedAug 4, 2022MESS-specific spectrum and clones [ys36:cass3]: High scores color effects not displayed properly in QarxICEknight
 0838350.245SoundMinorConfirmedAug 2, 2022djboy and others clones: Disc Jockey voice volume change between high and low and cut off and continue screen voice cut off in usa and world versionsAugusto
 0838720.245Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedAug 1, 2022vaportrx, calspeed, hyprdriv, sfrush, sfrushrk: Game freezes under certain circumstancesHydreigon
 0838520.245SoundMinorClosedAug 1, 2022repulse: Music not being emulatedAugusto
 0838450.245PluginsMinorAcknowledgedAug 1, 2022mdndclab: Internal artwork luascript does not workhap
 08382220.245GraphicsMinorResolvedJul 31, 2022djboy and all clones: Graphics glitches in sprites and backgroundAugusto
 07698140.222Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedJul 31, 2022kollon: Kollon doesn't Bootdanylopez123
 08377310.245GraphicsMinorResolved (crazyc)Jul 27, 2022MESS-specific keeper: Tree on title screen appears in front of Success logoHeroponRikiBestest
 0838110.245SpeedMajorConfirmedJul 26, 2022[scv] lupin3: Emulation speed too slowArcadeShadow
 0623230.174Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jul 23, 2022bshark: Missing Lamp OutputNightvoice
 08380150.245GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 23, 2022pc_chwk pc_cvnia pc_ddrgn pc_tmnt: Graphics issue.Dullaron
 0837810.245DocumentationFeatureResolved (cuavas)Jul 22, 2022Parent directory should be added to the driver name in list.xml?Fujix
 0837920.245SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jul 22, 2022asterix: Missing sound effectsFungi66
 0819190.239SoundMajorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2022puzzloop: Incorrect looping points for musicriggles
 08375120.245DIP/InputMajorConfirmedJul 17, 2022tharrier: Dip switches not working (protection related)Hammy
 0823310.241Crash/FreezeMinorConfirmedJul 16, 2022Various drivers hang at black screen with 32bit buildM.A.S.H.
 0837640.245Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 15, 2022contra, contra1, contrae, contrab: [possible] Wrong demo sequenceAugusto
 0837210.245SoundMinorConfirmedJul 15, 2022All cojag sets: Error when selecting adjust volume in the service menuGeekyFerret
 07364230.210GraphicsMajorAcknowledgedJul 14, 2022USA sets in aristmk5.cpp: Video troubles after changing System Configuration.Roberto Fresca
 081163130.236SoundMinorAcknowledgedJul 13, 2022baddudes, drgninja: Difference in music.abelardator2
 0837410.245Image EnhancementMinorClosedJul 11, 2022mcr.cpp mcr3.cpp mcr68.cpp: HLSL isn't working with any roms in mcr.cpp, mcr3.cpp, or mcr68.cpp sources.ufoDave
 08373120.175GameplayFeatureClosedJul 10, 2022dump of the SFII 'Magic Delta": Gal20v8.68kaddMRC79
 076304310.220GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 10, 2022mkyawdim, mkyawdim2, mkyawdim3, mkyawdim4: In Mortal Kombat Yawdim clones, the sky is not BLACK and the works poorly compared to the PCB in Theory must be BLACK!!!MRC79
 0837020.245Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (holub)Jul 9, 2022MESS-specific tc2048: Crash at startRobbbert
 0812830.237SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jul 9, 2022crossbow, cheyenne: Certain sounds won't playCow
 0810880.236SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Jul 8, 2022truxton: Music sounds different from PCBAlex7
 08231150.240SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Jul 8, 2022MESS-specific genesis and clones [ejim2u]: Slight differences in YM2612 emulationICEknight
 083710.245Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (hap)Jul 8, 2022luckybala, luckybalb, luckybalc: Access ViolationFirewave
 0836740.245Crash/FreezeMajorConfirmedJul 8, 2022mag_xain: After completing a planet, the game will either Freeze and Restart, Freeze and Respawn from the last checkpoint or Just Freezedanylopez123
 08369110.245Crash/FreezeMajorConfirmedJul 8, 2022MESS-specific megadriv: Loading ggenie with carts with unsupported save types crashes MAMEFoxhack
 0835940.244Crash/FreezeMajorClosedJul 2, 2022calspeed: Trying to access service menu hangs gameGeekyFerret
 08365110.244DIP/InputMinorResolved (Steve Coomber)Jul 2, 2022queenbee: Correct naming of some DIP-SWITCHESmdqgames
 083630.244CoreMajorAssigned (galibert)Jul 2, 2022MESS-specific to9: Regression in cartridge selectionbellet
 083640.244CoreMajorAssigned (galibert)Jul 2, 2022MESS-specific to9 and others: Regression in floppy controlly ROM mappingbellet
 0833330.244SoundMajorResolved (smf)Jul 1, 2022simpsons: Loss of all audio during demonstration-Misc Reporters-
 0836610.245SoundMinorResolved (AJR)Jun 30, 2022xsleena and clones: Audio it's broken unless the audiocpu it's overclockeddanylopez123
 0771840.216SoundMinorConfirmedJun 30, 2022dodghero: Title speech cuts offAJR
 0018440.101u5GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 29, 2022airduelm72: Mame seems to be missing the startup with graphics garble and blinking colours, etc.Stefan Lindberg
 0836110.244GraphicsMinorConfirmedJun 26, 2022calspeed: Flickering textures in Central Valley trackGeekyFerret
 0836210.244DocumentationTypoAcknowledgedJun 26, 2022bishi, sbishi and clones: Wrong title( not "Championship" )J.J.Boy
 08237120.241Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Robbbert)Jun 21, 2022rpatrolb, rpatrol, rpatroln, silvland: Resetting game crashes with ram error.chaneman
 08273110.241Flip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (AJR)Jun 20, 2022All games in thepit.cpp: Cocktail Mode / Screen Flip is broken.chaneman
 08265640.241GraphicsMinorResolved (holub)Jun 20, 2022MESS-specific spectrum and clones [aquaplan and clones]: Horizon line broken by the screen borderICEknight
 0835810.244Crash/FreezeMinorResolved (Robbbert)Jun 20, 2022catchp: Continually reboots/restarts - triggering watchdogM.A.S.H.
 0834630.244Crash/FreezeMinorClosedJun 19, 2022racedriv compact versions: game reboots sometimes when selecting a track.CYBERYOGI -CO-Windler
 0832450.244Color/PaletteMinorClosedJun 19, 2022rbibb: The color of the palette is differentsadole
 0834710.244Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedJun 18, 2022vf2o, overrev, sgt24h: "Fatal error: I960: 2f2f2f2e: Unhandled 00" during Self-Test of CPU working RAMNaibo
 054461210.152GameplayMajorConfirmedJun 17, 2022mschamp, mschamps: [possible] Malfunction with the game "Ms. Pacman Champion Edition / Super Zola Pac Gal" (Core/Speed/Dip switch)vertigo911
 08356110.244SoundMajorConfirmedJun 16, 2022MESS-specific apple2gs [paperboy]: Sound loop/hang on sound effectharakari
 08357210.244Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedJun 16, 2022MESS-specific gba [ssf2t]: Game crashes when pulling a Super attackICEknight
 0835120.244InterfaceMajorClosedJun 15, 2022centiped: Mouse/Trackball no longer responds in Centipede (but works in Windows and other games)chijb55
 0835410.244SoundMinorConfirmedJun 14, 2022MESS-specific gba [n_cvania]: Constant sound tickingICEknight
 083500.244DIP/InputMajorConfirmedJun 14, 2022MESS-specific gameboy [lawnmowr and clones]: Inputs don’t work on title screen.kmg
 08355110.244GraphicsMinorConfirmedJun 13, 2022MESS-specific gba [cvaniahdu and clones]: Temporary screen corruption after returning from Pause ScreenICEknight
 0833510.244SoundMinorAcknowledgedJun 11, 2022topland, toplandj: Compared to an actual PCB, the Main Theme musics aren't suposted to fade to a quiet volume.danylopez123
 0833010.244SoundMinorClosedJun 11, 2022polepos & variants: Explosion sounds sometimes truncated.CYBERYOGI -CO-Windler
 0833940.244DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJun 11, 2022salamand and clones: Credit is entered only one frame in test modesasuke
 0834520.244DIP/InputMajorClosedJun 11, 2022vortex: several controls are missing?CYBERYOGI -CO-Windler
 0525330.149DIP/InputMajorConfirmedJun 11, 2022harddrivcb, harddrivcg, harddrivc1, harddrivc: The compact version of Hard Drivn' steering is messed upscoobydude51
 08344570.244GraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Jun 8, 2022toprollr: Incorrect player life counter graphicsjkburks
 0834310.244SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jun 8, 2022toprollr: Incorrect vehicle sound effectsjkburks
 08317230.243GraphicsMajorResolved (crazyc)Jun 8, 2022MESS-specific pcega [arknoid2 and clones]: Screen flickers and doesn't refresh properlyICEknight
 0741420.212SoundMinorResolved (jkm900)Jun 6, 2022MESS-specific lynx [electroc]: Title music plays high pitch tone.Yonah
 08340220.244GraphicsMinorResolved (cuavas)Jun 6, 2022gfx view renders blurry tiles for BGFXholub
 0834120.244Crash/FreezeMajorAcknowledgedJun 2, 2022hangplt, hangpltu: Does not complete POST; hangs during DSP board checkHydreigon
 08336140.244GameplayMinorClosedJun 2, 2022cybrcycc, ridgerac ?: No highscores (entering initials) possible?CYBERYOGI -CO-Windler
 0833720.244Crash/FreezeMinorConfirmedJun 2, 2022MESS-specific aquarius: [aquarius] Fatal error: Unknown slot option 'patch' in slot 'exp'Kaylee
 0833870.244Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedJun 2, 2022vcop2: Jewel shop robbery animation causes MAME to crash.VasiliyFamiliya
 00507380.36b16GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 2, 2022vangrd2, madcrash, sgladiat: [possible] You can see the set of characters and text used to enter the initials on the high score table.Lord Caos
 01660210.124aGraphicsMinorResolvedJun 2, 2022canvas, mainsnk: [possible] You can see the character set used to enter the initials in the high score screen.Tafoid
 01758230.124u4GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 2, 2022jcross: [possible] You can see the character set used to enter the initials in the high score screen.Tafoid
 08334140.244GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 2, 2022MESS-specific a2600 [astrblst and clones]: Black lines on left side of screenkmg
 0831560.243DIP/InputMinorResolved (kmg)Jun 1, 2022salamand and clones: When press credit button sometimes gets 2 credits.sasuke