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 03386250.133taitogn.cppGraphicsMajorResolvedNov 21, 2018otenamhf: Missing some graphics leading to the unplayable status for some games.dyq
 0343160.132GameplayMinorResolvedNov 21, 2018nbajamte only: Sean Elliot on the Pistons replaced with Robert Horry from the Rocketshindered
 071540.203megadriv.cppDocumentationMinorResolvedNov 20, 2018MESS-specific megadriv [ppersia2]: Incorrect release yearArcadeShadow
 0336740.133namcos2.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 20, 2018fourtrax, suzuka8h, suzuk8h2: Distant objects judder when zooming in/scrolling.hap
 0645330.180namcos2.cppGameplayMinorResolvedNov 20, 2018suzuka8h, suzuka8hj: Doesn't enter into initials screen.Kale
 0671820.190mbc55x.cppCrash/FreezeMajorResolved (AJR)Nov 20, 2018MESS-specific mbc55x: Basic freezes after syntax errordemotester
 0281130.129bnstars.cppSpeedMinorConfirmedNov 17, 2018bnstars1: This thing runs WICKED fast.nightsoil
 0291440.129u3Save/RestoreFeatureClosedNov 16, 2018-str/-seconds_to_run does not account for runtime stored in save statesCoadey
 07099160.201namcona1.cppColor/PaletteMinorConfirmedNov 16, 2018fghtatck, fa: Big dark red lines at the top-bottom of the screen and wrongly coloured transition screens.MetalGod
 06466130.181taitogn.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedNov 16, 2018raycris: Soft resets during final boss fightSSTO-31
 0119820.71u2namcona1.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedNov 16, 2018knckhead: [possible] Problem of score.-Misc Reporters-
 0715230.200midtunit.cppSoundMinorAcknowledgedNov 16, 2018nbajam, nbajamte: NBAJAM unit sounds board DAC chip emulation acting funny, misfiring DAC 8 but samples such as snare are dropping out.vidpro1
 02129150.127taito_f3.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 16, 2018ridingf, ridingfu, ridingfj: Game has graphics errors at certain pointsuser394
 0282620.129mw8080bw.cppKnown Issues/To-Do'sMinorResolvedNov 16, 2018spcenctr: Dark bands on trench are too dark; they should be lighter than the background.chowell
 01189220.58galaxian.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 16, 2018losttomb, losttombh: One frame of your hero-sprite gets garbled when using a whip (a small box appears instead of your sprite).-Misc Reporters-
 0715010.203gluck2.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedNov 16, 2018gluck2: [possible] payment errormdqgames
 0640860.178segas32.cppDIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedNov 15, 2018radm, radmu: Steering wheel sticks when using Logitech gamepad.Yonah
 04328130.142segas32.cppMisc.TrivialConfirmedNov 15, 2018jpark and clones: ROM IC8 tests BadNekoEd
 06855340.193kaneko16.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 10, 2018gtmr2: Graphic issue in ending sequenceNekoEd
 0712010.202gamecom.cppKnown Issues/To-Do'sMinorClosed (Robbbert)Nov 9, 2018MESS-specific gamecom: List of issues and todosRobbbert
 071450.200mcr3.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 8, 2018spyhunt: Spy Hunter sound board square wave chips have clipping mixer problem.vidpro1
 02816560.129btoads.cppGraphicsTrivialConfirmedNov 8, 2018btoads: Graphics oddity on level 2 bossStefan Lindberg
 07148230.203tumbleb.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedNov 8, 2018suprtrio: [possible] Resets at 110m hurdle bonus stageKale
 0714710.203gba.cppGameplayMajorConfirmedNov 8, 2018MESS-specific gba (zeldamcpu): Transitions from one screen to the next causes 15 - 20 second delay in-game (FPS toggle shows no skipped frames)ArcadeDude
 00472270.117u1galaga.cppSoundMinorResolvedNov 6, 2018bosco: Explosion of a space mine or a base changes the pitch of the player's shooting sound.Gyrovision
 0081820.122u7harddriv.cppDIP/InputTrivialConfirmedNov 6, 2018stunrun, steeltal: Coin3 input is not used.denzilla
 071420.203mystwarr.cppSoundMinorClosedNov 5, 2018viostorm and clones: Songs got like an echo when they sing in the real pcb that mame don'tArcadeGuy
 0476520.145u6xmen.cppSoundMinorClosedNov 5, 2018xmen and clones: Echo effect missing from voice samples (and probably samples used in the music as well)Tempora
 071392100.203InterfaceTrivialConfirmedNov 5, 2018Icons (UI): White bar appears over icons in UI launcherZaghadka
 01654120.124akncljoe.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedNov 5, 2018kncljoe and clones: Knuckle Joe graphics glitchesLastNinja2
 0535430.150konamigx.cppSoundMinorResolved (galibert)Nov 5, 2018tbyahhoo: Inaccurate K054539 audio emulationTempora
 0657910.185konamigx.cppSoundMinorResolved (ctr)Nov 5, 2018fantjour, gokuparo: Slightly distorted/scratchy sound/artifactsEoceneMiacid
 01920360.125u6taito_f3.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Nov 5, 2018gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: Enemy laser is too short in the 3rd stage.tasuku
 01604110.123xexex.cppSoundMinorConfirmedNov 5, 2018xexex, xexexa, xexexj: Stage clear music overlapping boss music after finishing a levelFoxhack
 0159430.116u3galaxian.cppSoundMinorResolved (couriersud)Nov 5, 2018pisces, piscesb: [possible] When you warp after the first level, the noise completely overrides the music.Robbbert
 0660720.186xmen.cppSoundMinorResolved (hap)Nov 4, 2018xmen and clones: Instruments in the music are playing back at the wrong volume (regression)Tempora
 00448340.95u6galaxian.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 4, 2018pisces: Sometimes there is a square block on the bottom right in attract mode, or gameplay.Thenasty
 03906210.138u2zaccaria.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 4, 2018monymony: [possible] Problem with priority between Player/other spritesTafoid
 0711450.202ibmpcjr.cppMisc.MinorClosedNov 4, 2018MESS-specific ibmpcjr: The IBM PC Jr driver now appears to require the Quicksilver romstar2root
 0183830.125u2battlex.cppGameplayMinorConfirmedNov 4, 2018battlex: [possible] Game speed issueTafoid
 01548140.123u5InterfaceMinorResolvedNov 4, 2018PORT_ADJUSTER default value indicator in the UI is not set to the correct place after loading confignicolasa
 0039710.71u2jaguar.cppSpeedMinorResolvedNov 4, 2018a51mxr3k: When doing the disk check, the throughput seems locked at 3999KB/sec...which is slow compared to the real thingReznor007
 0109320.123DebuggerMinorResolvedNov 4, 2018debugger issue with minimal UIFirewave
 07135110.202subsino2.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedNov 3, 2018humlan: Payment buttons (keyout and payout) and soundmdqgames
 03555230.135u1exidy.cppGameplayMinorAssigned (Phil Bennett)Nov 3, 2018fax, fax2: Need lamps hooked up in exidy.cMr. Do
 06990150.198cps2.cppSoundMajorResolvedNov 1, 2018Possible Super Street Fighter Series: Awful buzz sound noisewuemura
 0713850.203Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedNov 1, 2018All HLSL launches: General HLSL failure to initialize DX9Zaghadka
 007772110.121u2namcos22.cppGameplayMinorResolved (hap)Nov 1, 2018timecris, timecrisa: The helicopter in the level 3, I've shot the bad boy over 40 times and it still goes on.-Misc Reporters-
 049280.146u1spacefb.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 1, 2018spacedem: Missing starfield scroll and in-game blackground changehap
 0161920.124cvs.cppSoundMinorResolved (couriersud)Oct 31, 2018darkwar: Missing player sound effects.M.A.S.H.
 07128350.202psx.cppGraphicsMinorAcknowledgedOct 31, 2018MESS-specific psu, psj, pse: three titles, video framing problemMusicLovr
 0112510.37b13gauntlet.cppSoundMinorResolvedOct 31, 2018gaunt2: The speaker doesn't say things like 'SAVE KEYS TO OPEN DOORS...'.M.A.S.H.
 06571150.185namcos22.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedOct 31, 2018raveracw, raveracj: Acceleration and gear shift controls frequently stop responding temporarilyEoceneMiacid
 0712750.202psx.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedOct 30, 2018MESS-specific various psu titles: Freezing or crashingMusicLovr
 05613420.153prehisle.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 30, 2018prehislek: Introductory Text (Korean?) not displayed properlyTafoid
 07133960.202cvs.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 29, 2018cosmos: Title logo of the game doesn't appearMetalGod
 07132230.202psx.cppGraphicsMajorClosedOct 29, 2018MESS-specific mtoongp (psu): Graphics seriously mesed upMusicLovr
 01485230.123segahang.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 28, 2018enduror, enduror1, endurob2, endurobl: Sprite artifacts appear near the right border of the road and remain for a few frames.hp
 01156210.60eprom.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 28, 2018eprom, eprom2: [possible] There seem to be a couple very minor graphical issues with this game.Darkk
 0712640.2028080bw.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolved (M.A.S.H.)Oct 27, 2018yosakdon: Yosaku to donbei, original game had coloursMetalGod
 071100.202snk.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (Kale)Oct 27, 2018tdfever: The "Allow Continue" dipswitch is reversed.Zach S.
 0095030.120u1taito_f3.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 27, 2018landmakr: Winning message is missing.-Misc Reporters-
 01510130.123u58080bw.cppGameplayMinorResolvedOct 27, 2018yosakdon: screen is not entirely refreshed after playing a gameRansAckeR
 05411160.151mac.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 26, 2018MESS-specific maclc3: Jigsaw Puzzle is glitched outJustin Kerk
 07125150.202neogeo.cppGameplayMajorClosedOct 25, 2018kof96, kof97, kof98: The timer during the meetings, now in 00 starts from 99 as if there were the "cheat" of the infinite active time.AntoPISA
 0120040.64midtunit.cppGameplayMinorClosedOct 25, 2018nbajamte, possibly other nbajam games: [possible] When playing and just selecting the Suns as is, so you are Majerle.-Misc Reporters-
 071240.202megadriv.cppDocumentationMinorResolved (Tafoid)Oct 24, 2018MESS-specific megadriv [rrash3]: Incorrect Title NameArcadeShadow
 0119920.80u1midyunit.cppSoundMinorResolvedOct 23, 2018narc: On the bridge level, you hear dog bark sounds all throughout the level, though they only appear visually for a brief moment.-Misc Reporters-
 00746120.60midtunit.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 23, 2018jdreddp: There is a priority problem with the sewer gate & and the woman walking in the background.DCisTHEbest
 0074710.37b5midtunit.cppSpeedMinorConfirmedOct 23, 2018nbajam: When you the glass shatters, the game should slow down.-Misc Reporters-
 0115820.37b5midtunit.cppSoundMinorClosedOct 23, 2018mk2: Occasionally when watching attract mode, the music speeds up and plays at a very fast tempo.-Misc Reporters-
 03037140.130alpha68k.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 23, 2018gangwars: Small graphics glitch on stage 1Smitdogg
 0712230.202xmen.cppSoundMajorClosedOct 22, 2018xmen: Audio from K054539 incredibly quiet while audio from YM2151 is too loudPlanestate
 0712310.202megadriv.cppDocumentationMinorResolved (Tafoid)Oct 20, 2018MESS-specific megadriv [dstrike]: Incomplete title nameArcadeShadow
 05939270.161prehisle.cppSpeedMinorConfirmedOct 20, 2018prehisle, gensitou, prehislek, prehisleu: Wrong speedabelardator2
 0418720.141saturn.cppSoundMinorConfirmedOct 20, 2018colmns97: Missing soundM.A.S.H.
 00430120.61flkatck.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (Kale)Oct 20, 2018mx5000: It has some priority problems.Kale
 07121210.202namcofl.cppGraphicsMinorClosedOct 20, 2018finalapr*: Missing some graphicsjkm900
 0711520.202cps2.cppSoundMinorResolved (ctr)Oct 17, 2018spf2t (qsound): Distortion of sound effects mainly in left sound channel of spf2tkujina
 07111120.202namcos22.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Oct 17, 2018dirtdash: Glitch with a speedometer graphics.VasiliyFamiliya
 06164130.171namcos22.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Oct 17, 2018ridgerac: Missing title screen graphics from second time onwardKale
 061993280.173pacman.cppSoundMinorResolved (Calamity)Oct 16, 2018mspacman: Enabling -refreshspeed causes audio distortion (using xaudio2)denzilla
 01098150.61tnzs.cppGameplayMinorResolvedOct 16, 2018plumppop: If you jump on a cloud that holds a box, points are shown but not awarded.-Misc Reporters-
 00793110.56tmnt.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolvedOct 16, 2018blswhstl: [possible] Minor input bug.-Misc Reporters-
 0661620.186coco3.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedOct 14, 2018MESS-specific coco3 [arkanoid]: 32k CoCo3 cartridges such as Arkanoid do not run under CoCo 3 emulationstar2root
 06602100.186coco12.cppInterfaceMajorResolvedOct 14, 2018MESS-specific coco, coco2, coco3: Multiple user interface issuesstar2root
 0304030.130namcos12.cppSpeedMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2018soulclbr and clones: Game speed issueLastNinja2
 0111430.118u4polepos.cppSoundMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2018polepos2: When you start with full gas in the Namco version you can hear the tyres screeching, in the Atari version not.Kold666
 00098320.72cave.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 12, 2018metmqstr, nmaster: There is a line at the bottom of some screens that needs to be clipped or is slightly off.Karasu
 06491170.182DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedOct 11, 2018all gun games: Using Aimtrak light gun with 4:3 games in 16:9 screens the crosshair is not aligned in sides with the pointerEmu
 0708810.201interpro.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (pmackinlay)Oct 11, 2018MESS-specific ip6000, ip6700, ip6800: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: delta == (target - exec->m_localtime).as_attoseconds()Tafoid
 07113210.202cinemat.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 10, 2018tailg: Shield 'animation' missing?zaxxon
 0075160.37b5midwunit.cppSoundMinorResolvedOct 9, 2018umk3: Scorpion's 'Get over here!' sample gets cut in half.MC68K
 0711210.202megadriv.cppGraphicsMajorConfirmedOct 6, 2018MESS-specific megadriv [bighurt]: Graphics error at title screenArcadeShadow
 0120920.64gstriker.cppSoundMinorResolved (AJR)Oct 5, 2018gstriker: The music only plays in the first match.-Misc Reporters-
 00203120.110u5slapfght.cppSoundMinorResolved (Mamesick)Oct 5, 2018perfrman: There are some speed problems with the music.Stefan Lindberg
 0117430.55taito_z.cppSoundMinorResolvedOct 5, 2018nightstr: [possible] It sounds like as the effects/music in e.g. nightstr plays only on one side-Misc Reporters-
 06171160.171CoreMinorResolved (Ryan Holtz)Oct 5, 2018Specialized ini file settings get retained on a second game launch, instead of using raster.ini or mame.iniZaghadka
 0120410.116u1lemmings.cppMisc.MinorResolvedOct 5, 2018lemmings: [possible] On level 4 and some others, the draw order seems to be off on the exits.-Misc Reporters-
 01105110.106u2seta.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 3, 2018drgnunit: In the 1st level, when the main character moves between the two game layers, sprite priority fails.Kekule