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 08876110.266Media SupportMinorAcknowledged12 hours agospecpls2 and clones, cpc464 and clones, others with a monaural cassette device: Stereo tapes not being mixed to monauralICEknight
 0887560.266Media SupportCritical (emulation)Acknowledged13 hours agospecpls2 and clones, cpc464 and clones, others with a cassette device: Cassette input/output signal is inverted on systems other than Commodore'sICEknight
 06494230.182GraphicsMinorConfirmed1 day agothndrbld, thndrbld1, thndrbldd: Objects momentarily disappearYonah
 06022240.164GraphicsMinorConfirmed1 day agopitfight: Pit-Fighter - Vertical gaps in the background scenesrcoltrane
 00378150.99GraphicsMinorConfirmed1 day agoall pitfight sets: During the TY intro sequence, it shows a fast 'flash' gfx glitch that seems to be a bad rom dump or something.rcoltrane
 08869170.266GraphicsMinorResolved4 days agotopaliens: Weapon and Energy LCD Segments are Reversedmmarino4
 025271110.127u7GraphicsMinorResolved (12Me21)4 days agogunlock, rayforcej, rayforce: There are small, square glitches on the title screen.user422
 0886420.265Original ReferenceMinor11 days agopuzzloopu: Real hardware produces error when using Japanese/Korean mod bios with Puzz Loop (USA) and MAME does notPr3tty F1y
 08874150.266SpeedMajorClosed11 days agothrilld and clones: Speed and Sound is not accurate to real hardwarejf213213312321
 08866140.266SoundMinorClosed11 days agoMost sets on taito_f3.cpp: taito f3 system sound has echo effectyoshi200213
 0887220.263Crash/FreezeMinorConfirmed13 days agoibm6580: Emulation Just Hangs with lights EFGH on solid no disk activity. (yes I realize it is an incomplete driver) 8-)GeoKM
 08873410.266Media SupportMinor14 days agop911j, p9112 (and, maybe all Konami Viper games): Original hard drives corrupted by windows when being turned into CHDsVasiliyFamiliya
 0869720.256GraphicsMinorResolved (12Me21)14 days agokaiserknj: transparent (down)scaled graphics are drawn incorrectlyywy
 01922430.125GraphicsMinorResolved (12Me21)14 days agodariusg and clones: The traces of objects (sprites) are not displayed during the scene changes in zone G, H, I, and J.ptolemy
 08870110.266DebuggerMinorResolved (pmackinlay)15 days agodebugger: tracesym command outputs NULL strings in case of single symboljman
 0887120.266GameplayMajorConfirmed15 days agovspinbalj: Right flipper is no response.jman
 08868130.266CoreMajorClosed15 days agomtouchxl: Games no longer bootNinja
 0886730.266Known Issues/To-Do'sMajorAcknowledged16 days agokartduel, kartduelj: The game freezes for like 0.25 seconds every 30 framesdanylopez123
 08865310.266InterfaceMinor16 days agofamicom and clones: Famicom Vaus controller mixupICEknight
 01172280.55Color/PaletteMinorConfirmed18 days agokaiserkn: [possible] The color of characters' shadows are wrong (they are green).Smitdogg
 00956140.104GraphicsMinorResolved18 days agotrstar: In the information screen of the intro secene, the words are behind character's image.king_krm
 07776340.225GraphicsMinorResolved19 days agodariusgx: Background and sprites not behaving properly in Zone D (1P side) and Zone U (2P side)giro-X
 01171120.76u2GraphicsMinorResolved19 days agodungeonm, dungeonmu, lightbr: [possible] The ground is over the player at the entrance of the door on the staircase.Luja
 08750130.258GameplayMajorAcknowledged19 days agomacqd630: "Error 16" during the attempt of Marathon floppy version launch.VasiliyFamiliya
 0881740.262GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)19 days agogunlock, gunlocko, rayforce, rayforcej: The scrolling of the background at the beginning of Area 1's framerate is off when moving the ship.jwillicvh
 0835250.244SoundMinorResolved20 days agoMESS-specific gba [sma and clones, gwatch4 and clones, sonic and clones, bombtour and clones, bublbobl and clones]: Missing audio channelICEknight
 0886060.265TimingMajorResolved (windyfairy)22 days agoAll games in konamigq.c and (probably some in) konamigv.c: The loading parts are VERY slowdanylopez123
 087933130.260CoreMinorResolved (R. Belmont)23 days agoMac II FPU Errors: Mac 68881 Emulation returning bad results.Wismi
 05411180.151GraphicsMinorResolved (R. Belmont)23 days agoMESS-specific maclc3: Jigsaw Puzzle is glitched outJustin Kerk
 01101460.62GraphicsMinorResolved (hap)25 days agoelvactr: The background seems to "skip" where it is supposed to scroll at the beginning of the 3rd stage.Nerox91
 01923430.125GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agodariusg and clones: The oval pond(?) has no transparency and the background has no gradient shadow in the boss scene of zone H and J.ptolemy
 01924320.125GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agodariusg and clones: The shadow of the boss hehind the cloud can not be seen in zone V'.ptolemy
 03741630.136u3GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agopuchicar, puchicarj: Graphic: Missing blending effectsabelardator2
 0002660.98u3GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agogseeker: Completely black continue screen.Twisty
 0273350.128u5GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agoarabianm: tile layer 4 is not visible at cutsceneshap
 0732120.209GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agobubblem, bubblemj, bubblemu: Not correct boss explosion.abelardator2
 02097120.126u4GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agospcinvdj: Game display is very dimTafoid
 01907440.125u5GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agoelvactr and clones: "Mission Name" screens have graphics issuesLastNinja2
 0589350.159GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agoelvactr: Missing floor darkening when lighting is destroyedange
 0200220.126GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)26 days agoelvactr and clones: Shooting lights doesn't make the room go darknicolasa
 0885270.264Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Acknowledged27 days agosidebs: side by side crash on the congratulations screenyoshi200213
 08863120.265Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedMay 14, 2024goldnjkra: Lock up after go black.Dullaron
 0886220.265GameplayMajorConfirmedMay 13, 2024mtchxl6k: Starting Trivia Whiz or Power Quiz causes emulated game to crashcuavas
 08638170.253DebuggerMinorMay 12, 2024MacOS debugger extremely slowholub
 08849230.264DocumentationMinorClosedMay 12, 2024maccclas: Slot devices labeled wrongKaylee
 08783140.259Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (R. Belmont)May 12, 2024pdrift and clones: Game locks up with black screenumeyar
 00418140.83Misc.MajorConfirmedMay 9, 2024shackled: It appears that the 'continue' feature doesn't work no matter which buttons are pressed.Twisty
 08861120.265Media SupportFeatureConfirmedMay 8, 2024hbf1xv [mgear2ss]: Аfter any try to save a progress the game gives a message about "disk i/o error".VasiliyFamiliya
 0885430.258Misc.MajorClosedMay 3, 2024term2: Outputs stopped workingHeadrush69
 0881170.261Media SupportMinorConfirmedMay 2, 2024mz700: MZ-700 Several games marked working don't workfamigami
 08856140.265Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (windyfairy)May 1, 2024cryptklr: Fails to boot, throws an error to "MEDIA Check"danylopez123
 08835100.262GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 30, 2024iganinju: Blackout on the Ranking Entry Screenas-0229
 0368830.136u1GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 29, 2024recalh: Sprites priorities wrong in the end of the gameAntoPISA
 0885910.265Media SupportMajorResolved (cuavas)Apr 28, 2024Mouse input in Tape Control menu doesn't workArcadeShadow
 08858140.265GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 28, 2024plegends, plegendsj: Screen glitch occurs upon transitioning to victory screenxenyou
 0885730.265Image EnhancementCritical (emulator)Resolved (cuavas)Apr 27, 2024Cycling through BGFX chain effects with tilde menu crashesjohn_iv
 08855260.264CoreCritical (emulator)ClosedApr 18, 2024segfault during device traversal in device.hholub
 08230220.240GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 15, 2024gunlock, rayforcej, rayforce: Missing transparent shadows in Area 4Fungi66
 0884120.262GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 13, 2024vectrex [darktowr]: Display issue on life 2trj
 088530.264DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedApr 13, 2024exedexes, savgbees: Difficulty dipswitches are actually bonus life dipswitches + question about language dipswitchketburai
 08851110.264Media SupportMajorResolved (pnp2084)Apr 12, 2024trs80l2 trs80m3 trs80m4 coco: DMK Disk format detection rejects single-sided DMK filespnp2084
 08848130.264DIP/InputMinorResolved (ketburai)Apr 12, 20241942, 1942a, 1942b, 1942w: Clarification on default livesketburai
 0885020.264Media SupportMajorClosedApr 10, 2024DMK Disk format detection rejects single-sided DMK filespnp2084
 06174230.172DIP/InputMinorResolvedApr 8, 2024fshark, skyshark, hishouza, tp84, tp84a, tp84b: Dipswitch infoketburai
 08847120.264GameplayMajorResolved (hap)Apr 7, 2024lottofun: Lotto Fun throws CALL OPERATOR error shortly after dispensing tickets/tokens.80sRay
 0822120.240DIP/InputMajorResolved (Yolo_Swaggins)Apr 5, 2024strtdriv: Brake is miswired =>does not workCYBERYOGI -CO-Windler
 0884530.264SoundMajorClosedApr 5, 2024some sets: games using DAC with sound problemsAugusto
 08846240.264Misc.MinorClosedApr 5, 2024All: Taking a screen snapshot of any game results in a vertically stretched snap.chaneman
 0682470.193Misc.MinorResolved (mizapf)Apr 2, 2024MESS-specific runtime error: downcast error with bus::ti99::gromport::*Firewave
 08840120.263GameplayMinorResolved (hap)Mar 30, 2024avengers, buraiken: avengers/buraiken mcu synchronicity issuedink
 0884220.263Misc.MinorConfirmedMar 27, 2024travrusa: not save selected character palette PROMAugusto
 0790630.229SpeedMinorAcknowledgedMar 26, 2024sfex, sfexp and clones: Parts of the demo sequence are fast compared with actual hardwareFortuna
 02741340.128u5GraphicsMajorResolvedMar 26, 2024flamegun, flamegunj: On the 4th or 5th stage, the graphics go bad.Smitdogg
 0454030.144u1GameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (ekorz)Mar 26, 2024psyforcex: game resets itselfhaynor666
 07100120.201SoundMinorAcknowledgedMar 26, 2024A sound like howling appears in ZSG 2 + DSP built with VS2017anemostat54539
 0693620.196Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Robbbert)Mar 26, 2024techromn and clones: Fatal error: memory_bank::set_entry called with out-of-range entry 255AriaOTP
 0611810.169DIP/InputMinorResolved (smf)Mar 26, 2024taitofx1, vspsx: "Unknown" dipswitches 3 and 4 on PlayStation-based arcade hardwareketburai
 0561430.153GameplayCritical (emulation)ConfirmedMar 26, 2024primrag2: Game no longer boots to attact modeTafoid
 0592830.161Crash/FreezeMinorResolved (Phil Bennett)Mar 26, 2024nbajamex: game crashes / nvram gets corruptedHammy
 0613820.170Crash/FreezeMinorResolved (smf)Mar 26, 2024jdredd: Game doesn't startM.A.S.H.
 0471110.145u3SoundMinorResolved (hap)Mar 26, 2024cbaj: YMZ280B 16-bit PCM contact MAMEDEVFirewave
 0373330.136u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedMar 26, 2024lpadv: Game freezes after first logo screenScagazza
 0079550.99u6GraphicsMinorResolved (smf)Mar 26, 2024sncwgltd: When you insert a credit, texts and logos disappear from the title screen.Layne
 0510650.148SoundMinorClosedMar 26, 2024All sets using ZSG-2 chip (probably only Taito games): Missing musichaynor666
 04667410.145Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedMar 26, 2024tgmj: MAME does not dither graphicsmuf
 0494510.146u2SoundMajorResolved (hap)Mar 26, 2024strider2 and clones: Missing Qsound MusicMamesick
 0466520.145Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedMar 26, 2024tgmj: Palette corruptionmuf
 04664210.145GraphicsMinorClosedMar 26, 2024tgmj: Graphics alignment regressionmuf
 04663140.145SpeedMinorAcknowledgedMar 26, 2024tgmj: Wrong framerate/refresh ratemuf
 0443830.143u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (smf)Mar 26, 2024All sets in zn.c: Crash after OKTafoid
 0440710.143Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (micko)Mar 26, 2024jdredd, jdreddb: After splash screens, the game goes to black screenpepinos
 0354010.135u1SoundMajorResolved (Phil Bennett)Mar 26, 2024glpracr3, hvnsgate, raystorm: Missing sound.M.A.S.H.
 0224960.127u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Mar 26, 2024All Sets in zn.c: Game Hangsjohn_iv
 0293510.129u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (smf)Mar 26, 2024All Sets in zn.c: Various Freeze/Hang/Reset Issuesemuman
 0176810.124u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedMar 26, 2024bldyror2: Attract mode causes freezes and it also freezes occasionally during game play with "Interlace On" (Default) in Test Mode.Terryn
 007940.83Misc.MinorConfirmedMar 26, 2024techromn: You can only enter service mode if you press F2 during the startup screen.Layne
 0213830.127Cheat SystemMinorResolved (aaron)Mar 26, 2024flamegun: Debugger/Cheat System upper case cpu tag of MAIN doesn't workPugsy
 01952250.125u8Cheat SystemMinorResolvedMar 26, 2024sfex2p: Cheat crash.user250
 007660.122u8Misc.MinorResolvedMar 26, 2024ftimpact, ftimpcta, gdarius, gdariusb, gdarius2, mgcldate, raystormj, raystorm, sncwgltd, sfchamp, sfchampj: When started, automagically jump into Test Menu.Tafoid
 008570.103Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedMar 26, 2024sfex: If you choose Dhalsim, MAME freezes after the vs screen.king_krm