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 0862820.254SoundMinorResolved (AJR)May 7, 2023vulcan and gradius2: Different voice when start the gamesadole
 0051640.108u4GraphicsMinorResolved (hap)May 5, 2023All sets in maxaflex.c: The digits don't display correctly.stephh
 08622120.254InterfaceMinorConfirmedMay 2, 2023Bgfx + opengl + hlsl shows black screen when enabling NTSCICEknight
 08618630.254InterfaceMinorAcknowledgedMay 2, 2023megatech: Display for Master System games shrinks if there's a Mega Drive game in another slotICEknight
 0861720.254GraphicsCritical (emulation)ConfirmedMay 2, 2023All games in sega/chihiro.cpp, possibly all sets in microsoft/xbox.cpp: Graphics goes blankKale
 0861050.253Crash/FreezeMinorAcknowledgedMay 2, 2023nss_ncaa, nss_lwep: After running these games one after the other, a crash may resultRobbbert
 08623220.254InterfaceMinorClosedMay 2, 2023all games in maxaflex.cpp: Second digit of timer doesn't disappear when counter < 10ICEknight
 08603420.253InterfaceMinorClosedMay 1, 2023Screen Position/Stretch options won't extend beyond system's original screen sizeICEknight
 0862110.254InterfaceMinorClosedMay 1, 2023Bgfx randomly ignores Brightness/Contrast/Gamma values when entering/exiting full screenICEknight
 07876310.228Image EnhancementMinorAcknowledgedMay 1, 2023MESS-specific genesis and clones: NTSC composite "rainbow effect" inaccuracies with HLSL (bgfx)ICEknight
 0861920.254InterfaceMinorClosedMay 1, 2023Slider Controls not are reseted if pressing enterAugusto
 0860430.253DIP/InputMinorClosedMay 1, 2023slampic2: slampic2 arcade rom doesnt save nvrammillansoft
 08612230.253InterfaceMinorResolved (hap)Apr 29, 2023megatech: Info monitor in the wrong placeICEknight
 0860820.253Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedApr 29, 2023neogeo -cart1 gpilots -cart2 zedblade: [possible] Mounting Zed Blade next to Ghost Pilots causes a reset when switching gamesCow
 058150.157Misc.MinorAcknowledgedApr 29, 2023all sega/chihiro.cpp sets: memory leakFirewave
 08614230.253Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Kale)Apr 29, 2023extdwnhl: Extreme Downhill freezes at end-credits sequenceDumple
 070541080.200GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 27, 2023MESS-specific nes and clones, and related systems: Visible area is croppedICEknight
 03741620.136u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 27, 2023puchicar, puchicarj: Graphic: Missing blending effectsabelardator2
 07981290.231SoundMinorAcknowledgedApr 26, 2023flstory: No sound in final round.sasuke
 04066150.139u3DocumentationMinorResolvedApr 26, 2023tonypok: Initial Setup Informationtree
 07403110.209Color/PaletteMinorAcknowledgedApr 26, 2023nfm: possible wrong drivermdqgames
 086060.253InterfaceFeatureApr 25, 2023Rename Bilinear Filtering to Image FilteringAugusto
 08611220.253GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 25, 2023genesis and clones [vecman2 and clones]: Graphic glitches in background with vertical parallaxICEknight
 086070.253InterfaceFeatureAcknowledgedApr 25, 2023Feature Request : New menu "debug" with overclocking settings, cpu frequency and screen refresh rateAugusto
 0861310.253DIP/InputMinorResolved (hap)Apr 25, 2023tripool, tripoola: Tripool DIPS and missing control inputs.chaneman
 07892120.229GameplayMinorResolved (hackbar)Apr 24, 2023sxeviousj: Inserting coin automatically start 2 player game with issuesAugusto
 08327230.244SoundMinorResolved (hackbar)Apr 24, 2023bosco: Explosion sound of enemy bases breaks after DIP switch changeFungi66
 0860910.253Crash/FreezeMinorResolved (hap)Apr 24, 2023mjsenka: Game randomly exits in an unstable mannerRobbbert
 00027130.109u5GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 22, 2023gigandesa: [possible] Graphic glitch in the service mode.Twisty
 05431140.152SoundMinorConfirmedApr 22, 2023hyperath, naganoj, nagano98: no sound in attract modescoobydude51
 05423160.152GameplayMinorConfirmedApr 21, 2023stdragon, stdragona: 1p start screen - texts are not moving like they shouldrcoltrane
 0860510.253InterfaceMinorClosedApr 21, 2023bubbletr, revx, sgunner, sgunner2, term2: They shouldnt show the crosshair option in TAB menu, these arent light gun gamesmillansoft
 028193120.129GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)Apr 19, 2023pbobble4 and clones: Victory screen not shown at end of matchTafoid
 0095050.120u1GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)Apr 19, 2023landmakr: Winning message is missing.-Misc Reporters-
 0859040.252SoundMinorResolved (cuavas)Apr 19, 2023h19: non-stop beepRobbbert
 08593250.253GraphicsMinorResolved (ywy)Apr 19, 2023landmakr and clones: ending slide has wrong vertical offsetywy
 01014490.37b11GraphicsMajorResolved (ywy)Apr 19, 2023quizhuhu: The question text is not displayed.J.J.Boy
 06027480.165Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Haze)Apr 16, 2023bigkarnk: Game freezes under some circumstancesizius
 08425320.247GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 16, 2023smspal, sms1pal: Wrong aspect ratioICEknight
 0727120.208GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 16, 2023genesis and clones: Missing bordersICEknight
 0689230.194GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 16, 2023MESS-specific pico and clones: Colored borders are croppedICEknight
 08595170.253GameplayMajorConfirmedApr 16, 2023pce [macrosls]: Failing to save a file to backup memory.VasiliyFamiliya
 0859430.253GameplayMinorAcknowledgedApr 16, 2023crimfght,crimfghtj,crimfghtu: [possible] The attack hits the enemy at a distance.Alex7
 0860030.253Media SupportFeatureAcknowledgedApr 15, 2023psu [khamrai]: This game's copy is definitely not from ReDump set.VasiliyFamiliya
 08602120.253GraphicsMajorResolved (Osso)Apr 15, 2023ultraman: Sprites shows shadow onlyKale
 0855310.251SoundTrivialAcknowledgedApr 12, 2023onna34ro: Missing low-pass filter on sound effectsTremiRodomi
 0860110.253Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (galibert)Apr 10, 2023oric1 [zorgons]: Game crashArcadeShadow
 08599730.251GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 9, 2023ddragon: tiles unaligned when scrolling screenAugusto
 06797260.192CoreMinorResolved (tlindner)Apr 8, 2023MC6809 incorrectly handling opcode 0x104Fdrencorxeen
 08565780.251GameplayMinorApr 8, 2023ddragon and ddragon2 clones: mamedev had done overclocking changes to avoid gameplay slowdown and delay in input buttons , but not was enoughAugusto
 06494120.182GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 7, 2023thndrbld, thndrbld1, thndrbldd: Objects momentarily disappearYonah
 07947190.230SoundMinorAcknowledgedApr 7, 2023ddragon and clones: Broken musicAlex7
 0859630.253DIP/InputMinorResolvedApr 7, 2023halleysc, halleyscjp, halleyscja, halleyscj, halleysc87: DIP Switch Non-FunctionalEllimist
 06849340.193GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 6, 2023MESS-specific pce: [bombmn94] Graphic problems in Bomber Man '94ICEknight
 0820190.240GameplayMajorResolved (hap)Apr 5, 2023mrdo, mrdoy, mrdobl, yankeedo: After the "EXTRA" demo, only the "E" turns gray and the others remain yellow.kunikuni
 08204230.240GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 5, 2023fatfury1: Screen flickeringSiggy12
 0832550.244SoundMajorResolvedApr 5, 2023All games in bfm_sc2.cpp: Sampled audio does not play.Zach S.
 0786130.228SoundMajorConfirmedApr 4, 2023gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: Sound glitches badly after the first game overKale
 0002650.98u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 4, 2023gseeker: Completely black continue screen.Twisty
 0834910.244GraphicsMinorResolved (galibert)Apr 3, 2023turfmast: Related to issue 03972, horizontal shaking lines for the Japan courseriggles
 07262110.204Crash/FreezeMajorConfirmedApr 3, 2023MESS-specific tg16 [campcali]: Graphic issue followed by freeze.trj
 06597310.186GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 2, 2023MESS-specific pce [wonderm]: Misplaced graphicsKale
 0726120.204Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Kale)Apr 2, 2023MESS-specific tg16: [addfam] Freeze just after games startstrj
 0859210.253GraphicsMinorClosedApr 1, 2023ending slide has wrong vertical offsetywy
 0273340.128u5GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 1, 2023arabianm: tile layer 4 is not visible at cutsceneshap
 01923420.125GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 1, 2023dariusg and clones: The oval pond(?) has no transparency and the background has no gradient shadow in the boss scene of zone H and J.ptolemy
 00994330.36b16GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 1, 2023tturf: [possible] There are some sprite priorities problems.Lord Caos
 0772710.223GraphicsMinorResolved (Kale)Apr 1, 2023MESS-specific pce [ppersia]: Misplaced pixel lineArcadeShadow
 07384120.211GameplayMajorResolved (Kale)Apr 1, 2023MESS-specific pce [xwiber]: Chapter 02 boss never shows upKale
 0858510.252GameplayMajorResolved (Kale)Apr 1, 2023pce [tblade]: Locks up after 3rd Person City sectionCow
 039541220.138u4GraphicsMinorResolved (galibert)Mar 31, 2023garou: Background loop sequence is broken on the Terry's 3rd round.Samurai Fox
 08511110.249CoreMajorResolved (tlindner)Mar 30, 2023trs80l2: SuperUtility 3 boot fails because of false syncpnp2084
 07583240.219GraphicsMinorResolvedMar 30, 2023toutrun: [possible] A square sometimes appears at stage 8 in the left side of the road.StHiryu
 0519320.148u4GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce, tg16 [cadash]: Graphics flicker during gameplaysbeasley2808
 05535230.153Misc.MinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific "chdman extractcd" doesn't generate proper PCE-CDROM bin filesgauel
 057331110.155Misc.MinorResolvedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific sgx: The speed of sgx system has been reduced substantially.demotester
 0728920.208SoundMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce [haniisky]: Music is missing vibrato effectsshoegazer
 0728810.208SoundMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce [fireprow]: Incorrectly emulated soundshoegazer
 00432110.103u1Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023fromancr: The 6th intro logo screen has wrong colours.king_krm
 07973120.231SoundMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce and clones [mlairj, mlair]: CD music ends before expectedICEknight
 0858820.252Crash/FreezeMinorConfirmedMar 29, 2023snes and clones [actraisr and clones, ewj and clones, ewj2 and clones, others]: Certain games require two Reset button pressesICEknight
 05777120.154Misc.TrivialResolved (curtcoder)Mar 29, 2023MESS-specific c64 all systems: C64: systemm1 cartridge wrong behaviour, inaccurate cartridge infoLordKopromaster
 0858260.251Media SupportMajorResolved (curtcoder)Mar 29, 2023c128 all variations: No Data is read from the tape drive simulation.Walker
 0797220.231Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Kale)Mar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce and clones [fzone2]: Cutscene lock and emulator crash in Final Zone 2ICEknight
 0779110.226GameplayMajorResolved (Kale)Mar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce [madstlkr]: Game freezes at the Kogado software logo screen.VasiliyFamiliya
 0599530.163GameplayMajorResolved (Kale)Mar 29, 2023MESS-specific pce [macr2036]: Game runs (but does not start)EoceneMiacid
 0858910.252GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedMar 25, 2023a7800: MAME source not have mid-line updates register codeAugusto
 08587460.252Image EnhancementMinorConfirmedMar 25, 2023bgfx: Changing the BGFX chain at runtime in the slider menu turns off -prescale if it's onICEknight
 08560580.251GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedMar 25, 2023aburner2 and clones: Glitched horizon lineICEknight
 0858330.252SoundMinorAcknowledgedMar 25, 2023spy,spyu: music volume and boss music glitchAlex7
 0858130.251TimingCritical (emulation)ConfirmedMar 24, 2023c128 All PAL versions: The PAL versions produce wrong output with the rs232 device, NTSC devices produce correct outputWalker
 0858410.252Media SupportMinorConfirmedMar 24, 2023c64 all versions: since verson 0.243 Formatting a disk takes very longWalker
 0858060.252Crash/FreezeMinorResolved (cuavas)Mar 17, 2023janyoup2: MAME crashes with ExceptionHirudov
 0857970.252Misc.TypoResolved (cuavas)Mar 17, 2023flstory, flstoryj: Rename "The Fairyland Story" and "The Fairyland Story (Japan)" to "The Fairyland Story (new and old)"TremiRodomi
 05203140.148u5GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 14, 20234in1, gmgalax, pacmanbl, ghostmun: Graphics cut offM.A.S.H.
 0857520.240Misc.MinorMar 14, 2023vis: File search does not work correctly in VIShalmako
 08561120.251GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 14, 2023ibm5150 and clones [digger]: Game Over palette bleeds into game screenICEknight
 0664360.188SoundMinorResolvedMar 13, 2023kinst, kinst2: "Fight End"/"Game Over" tone fade-in issuekirishima
 0856230.251Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (crazyc)Mar 13, 2023ibm5150 and clones [digger]: EGA card crashes MAME when loading DiggerICEknight
 08578240.252SoundMinorResolved (hap)Mar 9, 2023snowbro2: The OKI MSM6295 sound chip haves lower MHzdanylopez123