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 0630260.175Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedAug 18, 2023cybsled: Crash after defeating Round 3 in Vs. Computer Combat-Misc Reporters-
 08738150.257PluginsMinorResolved (hap)Aug 17, 2023Fresh plugin.ini via 'mame -cc' may create empty file.john_iv
 0874430.257Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedAug 17, 2023gx4000 [plotting]: MAME freezes before the game startsICEknight
 0874320.257DIP/InputMinorConfirmedAug 13, 2023legendsb, other games in snesb.cpp: Wrong button mappingsICEknight
 0824660.241GameplayMinorConfirmedAug 12, 2023rescue, rescueb, aponow: Attract Mode is broken. Stuck in continuous game play demo.chaneman
 0874210.257GraphicsMinorClosedAug 7, 2023robby: Game uses predefined Screen Position and Stretch valuesICEknight
 0714620.203Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Kale)Aug 6, 2023tmek20: Emulator hard locks after some time on title screenKale
 0874060.257InterfaceMajorAcknowledgedAug 5, 2023apple3: bitbanger fails to connect to localhost socket when running as null_modemdschmidt
 087390.257SoundTrivialAcknowledgedAug 4, 2023monsterb, monsterb2: Sound emulation, particularly the music, is offTremiRodomi
 0873710.257SoundMinorConfirmedAug 4, 2023tkmmpzdm: [possible] No sound if you credit in on "For use in Japan" screenKale
 051016170.147u4GameplayMajorAcknowledgedJul 26, 2023sqbert: Random problems with the gamejoe35car
 0778160.226SoundMinorConfirmedJul 25, 2023wizwarz: Sounds badDullaron
 0873510.256SoundMinorClosedJul 24, 2023mariorou: Sound pitch is incorrectyoshi200213
 002930.61SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023leprechn, leprechp, piratetr, potogold: Missing background/level introduction musicM.A.S.H.
 0727610.208Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023piratetr: Freeze twice while playing.Dullaron
 087340.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 22, 2023beezer: Randomly, game boots without soundhap
 0873320.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023All sets on asuka.cpp: Some graphics planes are shifted in a direction with the Flip Screen dip switchBalthier
 0873220.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023bshark, bsharku, bsharkj: Analog Y axis is not aligned, 5 extra input buttons but game only has a single fire buttonBalthier
 087310.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023bsharkjjs: Left/Right inputs are reversed except when "Mirror screen" dip switch is onBalthier
 0872830.256Misc.MinorJul 20, 2023buggychl and clones: Coins A-H lockouts activate every other second while in service modeBalthier
 0872720.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023rbisland, rbislando, rbislande: P2 Left input doesn't work, Tilt hangs the games at black screen until a reset is doneBalthier
 0872510.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023recalh: Exiting service menu auto-increments coin countersBalthier
 08724150.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023Most sets on taito_f3.cpp: Coin lockouts are always engaged while in Service Menus, impossible to test coin switches in Switch TestBalthier
 0872310.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 20, 2023recalh: P1 Button 2 also activates Service3 input when pressed, actual Service 3 input does nothingBalthier
 087210.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023srmp3: A error occurs when continuing gamesadole
 087160.250GameplayMinorAcknowledgedJul 20, 2023alpine, alpinea: Timer runs faster than arcade hardware.johnmcallister
 06629130.187Side-by-sideMajorResolved (curtcoder)Jul 19, 2023MESS-specific a7800 a7800p: Incorrect RIOT Behaviortrebor
 08726240.256DIP/InputMinorResolvedJul 19, 2023arabianm, cupfinal, intcup94, lightbr, pwrgoal, ringrage, scfinals and all their clones: Coin inputs only affect the first coin counter when game is set to Game Style G (4P 4SLOT)Balthier
 08730220.256GraphicsMinorResolved (Balthier)Jul 17, 2023invqix: Game outputs a 257x241 displayBalthier
 087290.256DIP/InputMinorResolved (Balthier)Jul 17, 2023bonzeadv and clones: P2 Left input doesn't workBalthier
 0868940.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 16, 2023hardhat, pepper2, venture: background music stops working during gameplayhap
 087220.256SoundMajorResolved (hap)Jul 14, 2023vidbrain: Music doesn't work anymorehap
 0868710.256Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (cuavas)Jul 11, 2023zooo: zooo game crashes after starting gametvare
 086970.256GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023kaiserknj: transparent (down)scaled graphics are drawn incorrectlyywy
 0865940.255InterfaceMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023opengl, bgfx: All but one screen start minimized when numscreens > 1 and windowed mode is disabledICEknight
 0866010.255DIP/InputMajorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023drgnbstr: "Allow Continue" DIP Switch doesn't workCow
 0868020.255GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023All sets in slapshot.cpp: Some graphics are vertically offset when Dip Switch is set to DISPLAY REVERSE. (possible) graphics are rotated and not flippedBalthier
 0869620.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023opwolf3 and clones: games are using LIGHTGUN inputs for the guns, but the real machines use X/Y variable resistors for aiming (pots)Balthier
 0870020.256DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJul 11, 2023luckywld and clones: Positional guns incorrectly mapped to lightgun inputsBalthier
 08695210.256Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023opwolf3 and clones: Muzzle flash of gun in attract mode has wrong colorsBalthier
 08701110.256SoundMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023msx systems: Homebrew SCC PCM tests don't work correctlyhap
 08703110.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023zookeep, zookeep2: occasional shifted text in Service Menu Audit Totals screenBalthier
 08714230.256GameplayMajorResolved (hap)Jul 11, 2023changela: Impossible to drive fastBalthier
 087170.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023bonzeadv and clones: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0871910.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023rbisland, rbislando, rbislande: Auto-incrementing coin counters on boot, increment values are different depending on reset type (F3 or Shift+F3)Balthier
 087200.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 11, 2023superman and clones: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0871540.256SpeedMinorResolved (hap)Jul 11, 2023vclock3: [possible] Clock runs slower, it needs around 78 seconds to reach a minuteBIOS-D
 00997120.36b16GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023ddcrew and clones: Vertical line glitch during intro.sjyune
 0870420.256SpeedMajorAcknowledgedJul 10, 2023All sets on dassault.cpp: Games running very slowBalthier
 08706610.256GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023cryptklr: Artifacts in spritesyoshi200213
 0871010.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023elim4, elim4p: Coin counter auto-incrementing every second the games are runningBalthier
 0871110.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023soniccar: 2nd coin counter increments at random times during attract modeBalthier
 087080.256Misc.MinorConfirmedJul 10, 2023atlantis, atlantis2, bagmanm2, bagmanmc, theend, theends, theendss: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0869460.256Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (pmackinlay)Jul 10, 2023warfa and clones, sf2049 and clones: Game no longer starts.Hydreigon
 079490.230SoundMinorAcknowledgedJul 9, 2023cop01, cop01a: Voices pitch is higher and volume is lowsasuke
 08403180.246GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 9, 2023ssf2t: Graphics tearing in Cammy's stage (England)MidnightWolf
 087090.256Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jul 9, 2023sindbadm: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 02005160.126Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jul 9, 2023changela: Service mode - Memory Error?RansAckeR
 0871220.256PluginsMajorClosedJul 9, 2023bit32 LUA module does not seem to be present in MAME 0.256 Windows buildsBletch
 08713230.256GraphicsMinorClosedJul 9, 2023ddcrew and clones: Vertical line of graphics on left of cut sceneBalthier
 087020.256Misc.MinorResolved (AJR)Jul 8, 2023kram, kram2, sdungeon, sdungeona, zookeep, zookeep2, zookeep3: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 004087320.37b8SpeedMajorConfirmedJul 8, 2023sf2hfu: Running too fast.Sixtoe
 0870510.256Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jul 7, 2023Many sets on system1.cpp: Auto-incrementing coin counters on bootBalthier
 0870710.256SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jul 7, 2023msx systems: Konami SCC sample reload is wronghap
 08698240.256SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jul 6, 2023nemesis: Sound regression in NemesisFungi66
 0651430.182SoundMinorResolvedJul 5, 2023lifefrce: Missing "pick it up for" speechYonah
 0607740.167SoundMinorAcknowledgedJul 5, 2023gwarrior, salamand: Various speech problems in nemesis.c gamesNRS
 0869920.256SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jul 5, 2023twinbee: Announcer should say "Stage One" instead of "One"Fungi66
 08676120.255GameplayMajorConfirmedJul 5, 2023vf2 and clones: Imperfect hit boxesCow
 0869010.256DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 4, 2023dirtfoxj: Steering to the right is capped at value 126 instead of 127Balthier
 086910.256GraphicsMinorResolved (AJR)Jul 4, 2023metafox: bad graphicsRobbbert
 0869210.256CoreMinorJul 1, 2023tap performanceholub
 08681260.255Flip Screen/CocktailMinorJul 1, 2023sgunner and clones, sgunner2 and clones: These games do not have an option to mirror the display like a real machineBalthier
 01862230.125u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedJun 30, 2023burnforc, burnfrcj: Flickering/misplaced graphics in Service ModeTafoid
 0868310.255Crash/FreezeMajorConfirmedJun 29, 2023spec128: Main menu cursor doesn't work when "MGT DISCiPLE" device pluggedArcadeShadow
 0867920.255DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJun 29, 2023alien3 and clones: Aiming reticle rolls over from top of screen to bottom, Service Mode shows value for UP goes beyond max FF value back to 00Balthier
 0868620.256GraphicsMinorJun 29, 2023All sets in segag80v.cpp: native (raw) display is inverted with -norotate, also affects artworkBalthier
 0868810.256GraphicsMinorJun 29, 2023All sets in cinemat.cpp: native (raw) display is inverted with -norotate, also affects artworkBalthier
 08684120.255DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJun 28, 2023sgunner2 and clones: games use pot based mounted guns, but are mapped to lightgun inputsBalthier
 0708450.201Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedJun 27, 2023giclasex: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: offset < ARRAY_LENGTH(m_regsb)Tafoid
 08685110.255SoundMinorResolved (hap)Jun 26, 2023wow: Astrocade sound is hard-panned to the left speakerFungi66
 08682110.255DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJun 25, 2023bubbletr, bubbletrj, gollygho: Diorama Test shows a constant increasing SCI ERRORBalthier
 0866810.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 25, 2023All sets in segas16a.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being addedBalthier
 0866620.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 25, 2023All sets in segahang.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being added, coin inputs not working correctlyBalthier
 0866550.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 25, 2023All sets in tx1.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being added, coin inputs not working correctlyBalthier
 08670110.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 25, 2023All sets on stv.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up though credits are not being added, coin inputs not working correctlyBalthier
 0866350.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 24, 2023All sets in namcos1.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being addedBalthier
 0866220.255SoundMinorResolvedJun 24, 2023banbam, pettanp: Balance between 2 PSG chips is incorrect-MAME Source-
 0867710.255GraphicsTrivialResolved (hap)Jun 23, 2023All sets in popeye.cpp: A single rendered field hangs on the screen while pressing Insert when Interlace mode is set to "Interlaced (bitmap)"Balthier
 0867440.255DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJun 21, 2023harddriv and clones: Coin inputs for 5 and 6 keys load the wrong counters, but Service Mode input test shows they are mapped correctly.Balthier
 0867520.255DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJun 21, 2023galastrm: 5 key adds coins to both counters, 6 key adds credit to game but does not affect the counters at all like a service coinBalthier
 0854270.251TimingMinorClosedJun 21, 2023spec128, specpl3e: Some spectrum models are running at wrong speedStHiryu
 0867310.255DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJun 21, 2023harddriv and clones: Service Mode Self Test shows "BAD GSP VRAM", "BAD SOUND WAVE ROM CHECKSUMS", Operator Screen errorsBalthier
 0867210.255DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJun 21, 2023stunrun and clones: Self Test produces "BAD GSP VRAM" message in Service Mode, VRAM SHIFT REGISTER TEST shows vram is bad, Operator Screens errorsBalthier
 0866740.255Misc.MinorConfirmedJun 21, 2023All sets in topspeed.cpp: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being addedBalthier
 0866910.255Misc.MinorConfirmedJun 21, 2023orunners and clones: Coin counters autoincrementing at title screen even though credits are not being added, coin inputs not working correctlyBalthier
 08671110.255Misc.MajorClosedJun 18, 2023f1lap and clones: Running these games in mame triggers a Windows Security AlertBalthier
 0866480.255Misc.MinorResolved (hap)Jun 16, 2023buckrog and clones, subroc3d: Coin counters increase at each boot up even though credits are not being addedBalthier
 08661120.255GameplayMinorClosedJun 15, 2023nwarr: Player win count is always 0 winsMidnightWolf
 01101460.62GraphicsMinorConfirmedJun 15, 2023elvactr: The background seems to "skip" where it is supposed to scroll at the beginning of the 3rd stage.Nerox91