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05726 Gameplay Major Always Oct 12, 2014, 20:48 Mar 27, 2022, 11:05
Tester Arkhound View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Status [?] Confirmed Driver mainevt.cpp
Version 0.155 Fixed in Version Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 05726: devstors and clones: Erratic gameplay logic
Description Game Kommander has a list of emulation problems in the game Devastators and its clones. While this list was written primarily for the Game Room version available on the PC and Xbox 360, it seems to apply to MAME as well from my experience. I've seen at least one other person online claiming that Devastators is not emulated correctly.

List of problems.
* The player's character can walk through obstacles such as sandbags and drums.
* Your cross-hair does not detect watchtowers and other large targets that appear on the left side of the screen, making them invulnerable to your bazooka.
* Enemy soldiers don't always shoot when they take a shooting stance.
* The enemy placement is inaccurate. Enemies in Mission 5 in particular don't always show in the same locations.
* The algorithm of enemy soldiers is also inaccurate. Enemies during boss battles tend to have a habit of throwing an absurd amount of grenades.
* The attack patterns of certain bosses are inaccurate. The turrets in some enemy vehicles don't shoot when they're supposed and the final boss never uses its large cannon.
* Certain graphics, such as the fighter jets in Mission 2, are not displayed correctly.
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information The videos posted by Smittdogg in a previous report seems to be consistent with Kommander's assertions.

Compare the attract sequence on MAME with this video of the PCB of Version V. Notice how Player 1 destroys the first watchtower in the PCB video.

Here's another video of the real PCB from Nico Nico Douga (you need an account to view it).
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Affected Sets / Systems devstors and clones
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Senior Tester
Oct 13, 2014, 19:01
Could you please test with the latest version of official MAME (0.154) and confirm on there? A lot of changes tend to occur between MAME revisions, particularly since the u releases were discontinued, making it important to test with the latest officially released version. I'll keep this bug open for your reply.
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Oct 15, 2014, 16:02
edited on: Oct 15, 2014, 16:03
I tested both, ver. 0.154 and 0.155, and the problems seems to persist in both updates. I updated the report accordingly. Your bazooka is supposed to flash orange when it approaches the first watchtower in Mission 1 (indicating that you can destroy it), but it doesn't on MAME. Also, you can walk pass sandbags towards them, but not from behind.
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Senior Tester
Oct 15, 2014, 21:14
edited on: Oct 15, 2014, 21:14
it sounds very much like the protection has never been properly emulated and these should be demoted to NOT WORKING until it is.

(also sounds like you found somebody else ripping off MAME code without doing any original research ;-)
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Oct 15, 2014, 21:25
edited on: Oct 15, 2014, 21:46
You'll be surprised at how many developers rip off MAME. There was a series of retro game releases for the PS2 a few years ago (Ore-tachi Ge-sen Zoku) that turned out to be nothing more than repackaged MAME emulators and ROMs.
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Senior Tester
Oct 15, 2014, 23:02
Thank you Arkhound and Haze! :3
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Jun 7, 2021, 20:24
Game has been demoted to MACHINE_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION for a while by now.