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08607 Interface Feature Have not tried Apr 21, 2023, 01:43 Apr 25, 2023, 18:03
Tester Augusto View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Open OS
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Version 0.253 Fixed in Version Build
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Summary 08607: Feature Request : New menu "debug" with overclocking settings, cpu frequency and screen refresh rate
Description Hello.
Thanks for reading my topic.

Several emulators have options allowing users to overclock the emulated cpu to an "better" gameplay experience.
However MAME cpu, device and sound overclock are for debug and not for an "better" gameplay.
CPU overclocking settings and screen refresh rate are enabled in OSD enabling the option "cheats" that strangely the name not is exactly related with overclock, screen Hz or debug.
MAME devs and some testers use overclocking for debug.
I have used overclock for debug in some games. When an game have bugs I try play using overclock and if the bug is "fixed" will be reported it. Example karatedou (voice slow), robocop (van sound), ddragon3 (game over and ending music) and some others if sound cpu use 110 % fixes all sounds bugs.

Unhappily some users think that overclocking settings in OSD are related for gameplay because are there if cheat is enabled and "cheat" is an naming related with gameplay.

Other detail is cpu overclocking settings in OSD only show percentage value.
If showing both percentage and frequency value will be better for debug having an precise setting.

Thus an new option "debug" enabled in ini file or UI will show all overclocking settings and screen refresh rate moved from OSD Slider menu to that new debug menu.

Have an nice week.
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