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 07991220.232DIP/InputFeatureClosedMay 30, 2021thunderh: Lightguns works like a non-analog controllers, and don't have a crosshair.VasiliyFamiliya
 0798920.232InterfaceTypoResolved (AriaOTP)May 29, 2021pcnfrku: Wrong titleAriaOTP
 05692230.154Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedMay 28, 2021slrasslt: Stage 3 crashes the emulator.ReyVGM
 07475140.215DIP/InputMinorResolved (tlindner)May 26, 2021MESS-specific coco3: Joystick Buttons not working correctly from some ML gamesdrencorxeen
 07988130.231GameplayMajorClosedMay 26, 2021legionna: Missing moves from the playersrunar-orested
 0798630.231Media SupportMinorResolved (thankyoumame)May 25, 2021MESS-specific dragnegg: [pce] dragnegg: marked as not supported, but worksthankyoumame
 07979120.231Media SupportMajorResolved (galibert)May 25, 2021MESS-specific Mac systems with HD floppy drives: Floppy drives don't accept HD disks anymore after ejecting them oncer09
 0693270.196SoundMinorAcknowledgedMay 23, 2021many irem m72 sets: [possible] vgm & sfx problemArcadeGuy
 07075140.199SoundMinorResolved (jkm900)May 23, 2021hharry: Victory scream is too low compared to previous mame releases and arcade pcbStHiryu
 07982230.231DIP/InputTrivialResolved (jkburks)May 23, 2021itaten: Incorrect default difficulty settingjkburks
 07965230.231Media SupportMajorResolvedMay 23, 2021MESS-specific gamegear [ddragon, ddragonp]: Corrupt background tileskmg
 07984180.231DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedMay 23, 2021warp1t: Warp-1 (Japan, Taito license) requires DIP setting for cocktail/uprightgspat
 0777290.225SoundMinorResolved (Kale)May 23, 2021luckywld, luckywldj: Lucky and Wild aren't talkitive + some missing sound effects.danylopez123
 079562170.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)May 22, 2021mslug, mslugx, garou: lower volume on parts of musicAlex7
 0798330.231InterfaceMinorClosedMay 22, 2021Warp-1 (Japan): Warp-1 (Japan) fails in UI, but works from CLIgspat
 0077410.62SoundMinorResolved (Kale)May 22, 2021sgunner2, sgunner2j: Machine gun samples do not seem to play ingame,Nerox91
 04137430.140u2Color/PaletteMinorResolved (M.A.S.H.)May 22, 2021rpatrol, rpatrolb: Wrong sprite colors.M.A.S.H.
 02778160.128u6SoundMinorResolved (Kale)May 21, 2021suzuka8h, suzuk8h2, finallap, finalap2, finalap3, fourtrax + clones: buzz/humming sound in backgroundEndaar
 0798020.231SoundMinorConfirmedMay 20, 2021scion: constant background white noisejkburks
 07512110.216GraphicsMinorResolved (tlindner)May 20, 2021MESS-specific coco3: Incorrect Graphics Mode GIME with SKIING gamedrencorxeen
 0513860.147CoreMinorResolved (tlindner)May 20, 2021MESS-specific coco, coco3: strange behavior when initializing PIA interface chipRichard42
 07561230.218GraphicsMinorConfirmedMay 19, 2021skyfox, exerizer, exerizreb: Shorter vertical resolution than PCBsasuke
 0730630.209Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (tlindner)May 19, 2021MESS-specific coco3 [superpit]: Unable to run Super Pitfall Cartridge using Coco 3 driver -- freezes at black screenMrGW
 06705160.190GraphicsMajorResolvedMay 19, 2021MESS-specific coco3 [megabug]: Graphic corruption when running MegaBug using the Coco 3 driverMrGW
 0666580.188TimingMinorConfirmedMay 19, 2021MESS-specific All drivers in coco12.cpp, coco3.cpp: Very slow load times when accessing the floppy driveMrGW
 0766230.221InterfaceMinorResolved (hap)May 18, 2021MESS-specific coco3: Snapshot of RGB screen doesn't work.tlindner
 0668620.189Misc.FeatureResolvedMay 18, 2021MESS-specific All TRS-80 Color Computer (Coco) drivers: Allow Becker Port Interface host IP address and/or port to be configurableMrGW
 0761913N/AGraphicsMajorResolved (AJR)May 18, 2021MESS-specific coco, coco2: Graphics glitches in Arkanoidtlindner
 074332190.213InterfaceMinorAcknowledgedMay 16, 2021Internal UI font used for artwork text is missing glyphsHeihachi_73
 0797820.231InterfaceCritical (emulator)Resolved (AJR)May 16, 2021UI: File Manager crashes MAME in spectacular wayskmg
 05411170.151GraphicsMinorConfirmedMay 14, 2021MESS-specific maclc3: Jigsaw Puzzle is glitched outJustin Kerk
 0797630.231DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedMay 13, 2021mspactwin: P1 springs to life in a P2-only gamedink
 0789640.229GameplayMajorConfirmedMay 12, 2021raiden2 and clones: Score-based extends do not work correctlymahlemiut
 07967260.231SoundMinorAcknowledgedMay 11, 2021MESS-specific genesis and clones [oozeju]: Missing notes in intro music of The OozeICEknight
 0793320.231SoundMinorAcknowledgedMay 9, 2021MESS-specific cpc664, cpc6128: Incorrect 3 inch floppy drive samplesICEknight
 0797510.231SoundMinorClosedMay 9, 2021MESS-specific cpc664, cpc6128: Incorrect floppy drive samplesICEknight
 07969140.231GameplayMinorResolved (Tafoid)May 9, 2021offensiv: Loses sound after stage 1 and is not possible to complete because of bar at stage 5Hirudov
 079710.231SoundMinorConfirmedMay 6, 2021MESS-specific genesis [vru], megadriv [vrj]: Speech and screeching sound effect does not playCow
 00147220.117GraphicsMinorResolved (dink)May 6, 2021arabianm: Just before round 1 starts, there's a vertical line in the black screen that disappears when you enter the gameIaspis
 0797020.231Crash/FreezeMinorClosedMay 6, 2021sscope2: During gun calibration the game freezesOsso
 07964150.231CoreMajorConfirmedMay 5, 2021akumajoun: Getting on the High Score table does one of the following, all resulting in weird behaviorCow
 079610.231Misc.MinorConfirmedMay 3, 2021dstage, ddr2m and clones: Wrong video playback speed in analog System 573 DDR gameslauncherEXE
 07962130.230GameplayMinorAcknowledgedMay 3, 2021mspactwin: 2 player dots finished but game will not advance to level 3TrevEB
 0796360.231Misc.MinorClosedMay 3, 2021chaoshea (Chaos Heat V2.09O): "ZSG2 write mask 00FF, contact MAMEdev" repeatedly displays once game has loadedSteve Coomber
 07954450.230DIP/InputMajorAcknowledgedMay 2, 2021All games with 2 players or more: Xbox series controller wireless mode only issueDubaiShark
 07959140.231GraphicsMinorClosedMay 2, 2021tmnt and clones: [possible] Corrupt graphics at stage 5DubaiShark
 0795750.231SoundMinorClosedMay 2, 2021rygar and clones: Pops/crackles occurs in game music basslineSteve Coomber
 0418630.141Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Roberto Fresca)May 2, 2021comg079: Hang immediately after startTafoid
 0796020.231SoundMinorResolved (AJR)Apr 30, 2021timelimt: Sound broken after game overjkburks
 0795840.230SoundMinorConfirmedApr 29, 2021kollon, kollonc: Crackling/Overdriving of audio-Misc Reporters-
 0035510.37b5SoundMinorResolved (AJR)Apr 29, 2021soldam, soldamj: During attract mode, when changing screens, the last music note keeps on ringing.YMI
 0788160.229SoundMinorResolved (windyfairy)Apr 29, 2021dstage: CDDA playback is later than shouldlauncherEXE
 06022270.164GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 28, 2021pitfight: Pit-Fighter - Vertical gaps in the background scenesrcoltrane
 0789540.229Misc.TrivialConfirmedApr 28, 2021sfrushrk: Menu and races load too fastPepsiBoy428
 0108630.64SoundMinorResolved (Haze)Apr 25, 2021shtrider: [possible] Sound and graphic desync at the start of the game.Jonemaan
 0795330.230DIP/InputMajorResolved (AJR)Apr 24, 2021MESS-specific Any software using second joy port: Y-axis input on second joy port using x-axis valuesHeadrush69
 03911150.138u2SoundMinorResolved (sasuke)Apr 24, 2021stfight, empcity: Music pitch is too lowPhil Bennett
 07939480.230CoreMinorAcknowledgedApr 22, 2021MESS-specific zx81: Incorrect default amount of RAMICEknight
 079301210.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 21, 2021shinobi2: Missing Instrument and bad helicopter sound.Emuissues
 0770180.222DIP/InputMajorResolved (tlindner)Apr 20, 2021MESS-specific coco2, coco3 [tetris]: Keyboard navigation controls do not work correctly when playing Tandy Tetris (26-3163)MrGW
 079501100.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 20, 2021twinspri: Incorrect sound on game mode / character select screensKeade
 0795120.230Misc.MinorClosedApr 18, 2021beezer1: self test not workingjoemagiera
 059011160.160GameplayTrivialAcknowledgedApr 17, 2021ddragon2, ddragon2u: [possible] Finishing without continues does not allow high score name inputAugusto
 07213550.205GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedApr 16, 2021All: keepaspect is ignored when Non-Integer Scaling X/Y is enabledICEknight
 07948120.230DocumentationMinorResolved (sasuke)Apr 16, 2021dogfgtj: Game title name is wrongsasuke
 0793720.230Media SupportMinorResolved (AJR)Apr 16, 2021MESS-specific trs80l2 and clones: Crash if you try to create a new JV1 diskRobbbert
 0793530.230Media SupportCritical (emulation)Resolved (galibert)Apr 15, 2021MESS-specific trs80m2: Cannot boot any disksRobbbert
 07932260.230Misc.FeatureResolved (VasiliyFamiliya)Apr 15, 2021MESS-specific [msx2_flop:dslayer4]: Publisher and date of software list item specified incorrectly.VasiliyFamiliya
 057251120.154GameplayMajorResolved (furrtek)Apr 14, 2021contra and clones: Rolling mines behavior is inaccurate.Arkhound
 079420.230GameplayMajorConfirmedApr 14, 2021neckneck: The ticket dispenser isn't working.Zach S.
 07941110.230DIP/InputMinorResolved (dink)Apr 14, 2021omegrace: Omega Race p2 inputs (coctail) scrambleddink
 00752280.67Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 14, 2021wwfmania: Crash in the Buddy mode.-Misc Reporters-
 079360.230Media SupportMinorConfirmedApr 12, 2021MESS-specific any system that uses floppy disks: If you create a disk with certain formats and unload it, it becomes unusableRobbbert
 07934110.230Known Issues/To-Do'sMinorResolved (vidpro1)Apr 11, 2021ninjemak: Color proms for Ninja Emaki do not need a redump in driver.vidpro1
 0793810.230Known Issues/To-Do'sMinorAcknowledgedApr 11, 2021totlvice, evilngt: Lack of lightgun support for player 2 and 3Hydreigon
 07940110.230CoreFeatureAcknowledgedApr 11, 2021MESS-specific zx81 and clones: No slot for expansion portICEknight
 07775360.225GraphicsMajorConfirmedApr 6, 2021MESS-specific cpc6128: Incorrect ingame screen positioning in Space Moves and The Abduction of Oscar ZStHiryu
 0793170.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 5, 2021MESS-specific megadriv [sor2]: The fx effects for selecting options and hitting enemies are different in the current 231GIT.StHiryu
 0792750.230SoundMajorResolved (Osso)Apr 5, 2021jackal and clones: Music stops playing in gameSteve Coomber
 0792510.230CoreMinorConfirmedApr 4, 2021MESS-specific gen_nomd, megajet: TMSS missing in Mega Drive-based handheldsICEknight
 0792910.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 4, 2021kikikai: The name entry tune is broken.Zach S.
 0777330.225SoundMinorResolved (hap)Apr 4, 2021kot: sound is corruptedOsso
 0792330.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 4, 2021MESS-specific genesis [vecman]: Problems with title music in VectormanICEknight
 0792240.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2021MESS-specific genesis [sporttbb]: The bat hitting the baseball sound effect is only heard if you hit the first pitchAndrew
 0792410.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2021rthunder: Music plays incorrectly during Rolling Thunder cutscenesDMala
 0792610.230SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2021gaunt2 and clones: Pops and cracks heard during title musicSteve Coomber
 059270.160SoundMinorConfirmedApr 3, 2021MESS-specific genesis [t2ag]: Fire gun sound effect is not heardAndrew
 079035170.229Media SupportCritical (emulation)Resolved (Robbbert)Apr 2, 2021MESS-specific trs80l2, trs80m3: Multiple TRS-80 model 1 and 3 disks which previously worked no longer boot.star2root
 07824110.226InterfaceTrivialResolved (cuavas)Apr 2, 2021UI: Incorrect message when enabling/disabling UI on systems with emulated keyboardStHiryu
 03161430.131u1Color/PaletteMinorResolved (dink)Apr 1, 2021gslgr94u, gslgr94j: Some colors aren't correct on the pre-game screens.Smitdogg
 07607160.219SoundMinorResolved (dink)Apr 1, 2021scross, scrossa, scrossu: No engine soundHydreigon
 0680950.193Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (windyfairy)Apr 1, 2021bmiidx6, bmiidx8, bmiidxc2: Beatmaina iidx games crashing in Expert modeNate123
 07919120.229GraphicsMajorAcknowledgedApr 1, 2021winrun: 3D graphics don't always load up upon starting game.Jonathan
 0792050.229Crash/FreezeMajorClosedApr 1, 2021MAME sometimes crashes at the "initializing" screenJonathan
 0792110.229Known Issues/To-Do'sMajorConfirmedMar 31, 2021pocketrc: Game will freeze a few seconds after accessing the test menuJonathan
 0579140.156Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ConfirmedMar 30, 2021MESS-specific bigboard: Use of any floppy from software causes crashdemotester
 078890.229Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Osso)Mar 28, 2021MESS-specific ti99_4p, ti99_4ev: [debug] Assert shortly after launchTafoid
 078870.229Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Osso)Mar 28, 2021divebomb: [debug] Assert shortly after launchTafoid
 079170.229Misc.TypoResolved (idimom)Mar 28, 2021pzloop2jd: Manufacturer is wrongidimom
 070520.199GameplayMajorResolved (Lord Nightmare)Mar 26, 2021MESS-specific macplus [bdrkcast]: Performance and sound issues with macplusshoegazer