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 0786270.227Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedJan 29, 2021pitfight3: Pit-Fighter Rev. 3 - Game crashes around match 6 onwardrcoltrane
 0783480.227GameplayMajorResolved (galibert)Jan 28, 2021gauntlet, gaunt2 and clones: Protection issues when finishing a levelAndrew
 0785940.228DIP/InputMinorClosedJan 28, 2021MESS-specific jupace: Natural keyboard playing upRobbbert
 0496610.146u4InterfaceCritical (emulator)AcknowledgedJan 27, 2021Cannot Fast-Forward a screenless system when showing "skip 0"Tafoid
 0155010.123u6SoundMinorResolved (jkm900)Jan 25, 2021cabal, cabala, cabalus, cabalus2: Cabal uses msm5205 chips instead of the custom adpcmKold666
 0732020.209Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedJan 24, 2021Rarely occurring fatal error on startupAJR
 0771320.222SoundMinorResolvedJan 23, 2021ddrs2kj: Silence during Dancemania promo screenslauncherEXE
 0050020.59GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 21, 2021alleymas: When entering initials and d.o.b. details, the cursor does not wrap around correctly.Chook
 0537930.151DIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Jan 19, 2021xybots: Coin inputs are backwards.Yonah
 07850160.227Original ReferenceMinorResolvedJan 19, 2021gradius3j: After inserting coin, the title screen should show "PRESS START" message.-Misc Reporters-
 0785320.227SoundMinorAcknowledgedJan 17, 2021quarth: Sound tempo slightly slow-Misc Reporters-
 0784810.227SpeedMajorConfirmedJan 16, 2021popeye and clones using Discrete: Emulation speed suffered noticable dropTafoid
 07838110.227GraphicsMajorResolved (Haze)Jan 15, 2021btoads: Garbled graphicsalice1999
 07840140.227GameplayMajorAcknowledgedJan 14, 2021motofren and clones: Issues with collision detection; Missing dual board support for motofrenmdHydreigon
 07835150.227CompilingMajorClosedJan 14, 2021[Linux] [Raspberry Pi 4] Linking errors with 0.227 (previous versions OK)bbegin
 078510.227DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJan 14, 2021MESS-specific dragon32, dragon64: Drops characters when typing quickly-Misc Reporters-
 06683230.189GraphicsMinorResolved (Robbbert)Jan 11, 2021suratk: Visible area is too smallM.A.S.H.
 07830120.227PluginsMajorResolved (crazyc)Jan 10, 2021Lua Cheat Plugin: Cheats show errors attempting to activate-Misc Reporters-
 0783730.227GameplayMinorResolved (AJR)Jan 9, 2021starblad, starbladj: Coin counter does not workumeyar
 0784250.227DIP/InputMajorResolved (AJR)Jan 9, 2021luckywld, sgunner2: Credit buttons doesn't workMetalGod
 0784620.227GameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)Jan 9, 2021wcbowl: Game resets itself during gameplayOsso
 0784440.227Crash/FreezeMajorClosedJan 9, 2021poleposa1, poleposa2: NVRAM corruption during game exit, unable to start new game.chaneman
 0784120.227SoundMajorResolved (AJR)Jan 8, 2021kaiserkn and clones: Loss of sound-Misc Reporters-
 0784310.227InterfaceMinorResolved (Tafoid)Jan 8, 2021cbombers: Gear Shifter HUD doesn't work but in-game works.danylopez123
 0742930.213SoundMinorConfirmedJan 6, 2021vf2 and clones: Repeating sound in Attract mode bugs the game (USA)MetalGod
 07836120.226DIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Jan 6, 2021wrally: analog controls don't workPeteMc5150
 0778150.226SoundMinorConfirmedJan 2, 2021wizwarz: Sounds badDullaron
 07833140.227Color/PaletteMinorResolved (AJR)Jan 1, 2021ghoshunt, mouseatk, tickee, tutstomb: Random chance of launching with missing colorsjkburks
 01807260.125u1GraphicsMinorResolved (jkm900)Jan 1, 2021cbombers: missing graphics in attract modeetabeta
 0782940.226CoreMinorAcknowledgedDec 31, 2020superchs: Train with enemies appearing too soon during attract-modeMetalGod
 0783210.227Misc.MinorClosedDec 31, 2020twinklea: Twinkle (set 2) needs roms renamed.chaneman
 0774613N/ACompilingMinorResolved (micko)Dec 31, 2020macOS 11: Compiling on the Apple DTK failsDominus
 00025540.101u5GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 29, 2020superchs: The screen occassionally flickers/flashes with incorrect graphics.Twisty
 00013160.105u4GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 29, 2020gigas, gigasb, oigas, gigasm2, gigasm2b, omega: [possible] Graphical glitch.-Misc Reporters-
 04905130.146Flip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Osso)Dec 29, 2020champbwl: Flip Screen offset leftTafoid
 02536260.127u7GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 29, 2020champbwl: The pin setup to the right shows graphic errors.cibomatto2002
 07811210.226Flip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedDec 27, 2020exerion: Exerion in cocktail mode: bullets last only a few pixelsmaziac
 04533560.144SoundMinorConfirmedDec 24, 2020viprp1: Title Screen SFX and item collection SFX are incorrectretrorepair
 0782710.226Flip Screen/CocktailMinorClosedDec 23, 2020pitfall2: Pitfall2 background graphics of 2nd player misplacedmaziac
 07826110.226DIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 22, 2020fireone: Demo Sounds DIP not working?chaneman
 0782520.226Crash/FreezeMajorClosedDec 21, 2020MESS-specific spectrum: File Manager freezes MAME if a cassette is already loadedICEknight
 03297220.132SoundMinorResolvedDec 18, 2020smashtv: Music sputters/lags when doors openYonah
 07822350.226Color/PaletteTrivialConfirmedDec 17, 2020turtles: Turtles has two color PROMS flipped due to a production errormgkastra
 04128430.140u1GraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 16, 2020wecleman: Graphic and color are wrong during lap 4Scagazza
 0782140.226GameplayCritical (emulation)ClosedDec 15, 2020mwalk, mwalku, mwalkj: Black screen in this 3 sets onlyFortuna
 071194550.200GameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (galibert)Dec 15, 2020rampart, maybe rampartj and rampart2p: Late-game (level 4) internal game board different from that on screen, ultimately causes hanguprodneylives
 0782010.226DIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Dec 14, 2020wingwar360: Throttle (Pedal 1) doesn't work at all.danylopez123
 0781410.226GraphicsTrivialConfirmedDec 13, 2020All systems that do screen resolution change.: MNG recording for systems that change screen resolutionHirudov
 07816150.226PluginsMajorClosedDec 13, 2020tinstar: [possible] tinstar - high score not being saved/restored properlyrcoltrane
 03806220.137u2Color/PaletteMinorResolvedDec 12, 2020sfposeid: Wrong colors in title screen.Roberto Fresca
 0769910.222GameplayMinorConfirmedDec 11, 2020swa, swaj: Radar Does Not FunctionSarn
 0781210.226DIP/InputMinorResolved (AJR)Dec 11, 2020quizpun2: Test mode doesn't workOsso
 0781720.226Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Osso)Dec 11, 2020empcityfr: Game locked at startzozo
 07815120.226SoundMinorResolved (AJR)Dec 9, 2020sentetst: Sente Diagnostic Cartridge: Fails Sound Board Test.chaneman
 078130.226DIP/InputMinorResolved (danylopez123)Dec 9, 2020gchgchmp: Player 2 Inputs Up and Right are swappeddanylopez123
 0780660.226SoundMinorConfirmedDec 9, 2020tinstar: [possible] Sound plays randomly when inserting a coinrcoltrane
 0780850.226SoundMinorResolved (Tafoid)Dec 6, 2020spacduel, spacduel0, spacduel1: Sounds missing (MAME not invoking second pokey?)joemagiera
 07805120.226DIP/InputMinorDec 6, 2020roughrac: Sluggish Dial Input Response "Deadzone"mmarino4
 078070.226DIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 6, 2020ghostb and clones: Coinage dips aren't hooked up / don't workOsso
 07810110.226CoreCritical (emulator)ClosedDec 5, 2020MESS-specific snes: (Possible) hash file issueArcadeShadow
 0600070.163SoundMinorAssigned (couriersud)Dec 5, 2020breakout: [possible] sound output pitch different from real PCBkazblox
 0780410.226Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)AcknowledgedDec 4, 2020MESS-specific cpc6128 [goody, goodys19]: Goody freezes after loadingStHiryu
 0780320.226SoundMinorResolved (Osso)Dec 1, 2020fghtbskt: AY-3-8910 sound is missingM.A.S.H.
 07802170.226GameplayMinorConfirmedNov 30, 2020zerowing,zerowingw: [possible] Can't Shoot Stage 5 Boss Up and Down SidesAlex7
 0687590.194Original ReferenceFeatureAcknowledgedNov 30, 2020sf2m1, sf2m9: This is only a reference about this 2 sets in this driver (and maybe other similar clones)Fortuna
 0352480.135GraphicsMinorConfirmedNov 29, 2020p47aces, gametngk, hayaosi3, suchie2, kirarast: MegaSystem 32 - Brightness control issuesHaze
 00991120.55GraphicsMinorResolvedNov 28, 2020elim2, elim2a: During gameplay there is a blue dot in the centre of the screen.-Misc Reporters-
 07792160.226GraphicsMajorResolved (Haze)Nov 27, 2020quartet, quarteta, quartet2, quartet2a: The moving floors that appear after the 15th stage are not displayed.AexRyu
 01143110.37b15GraphicsMinorResolvedNov 27, 2020gallop: [possible] When you use tracking laser on large things, you occasionally get pushed about the screen.Sixtoe
 0386220.138DIP/InputMinorResolved (enik2)Nov 27, 2020vsgshoe: [possible] Shots hit multiple targetsAWJ
 02065140.126u3DocumentationMinorAcknowledgedNov 27, 2020buggychl, buggychlt: Reference screenshot for Buggy ChallengeKold666
 0779350.226DIP/InputMinorClosedNov 24, 2020calspeed, sf2049, vaportrx and clones: Broken analogue inputs after second launchGeekyFerret
 0779910.226GameplayMinorResolved (tedgreen)Nov 24, 2020blitz99: Attract mode constantly skipsGeekyFerret
 07797110.226Crash/FreezeMajorClosedNov 24, 2020tgtpanic: Freezes at boot during Rom/Ram check.chaneman
 07796110.226Misc.MinorResolved (crazyc)Nov 24, 2020stdragon: high scores higher than 1.000.000 points are not displayed correctly at the high scores tablercoltrane
 07794120.226DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedNov 24, 2020All sets in namcofl.cpp: The games lock up if you enter and exit test mode.Hydreigon
 0777820.226Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (Haze)Nov 18, 2020carnivalh, carnivalha: Game crashes after clearing first round.chaneman
 0720050.204DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedNov 18, 2020Stable Controller IDs for 2 controllers of the same brand.illando
 0295730.129u4GraphicsTrivialConfirmedNov 17, 2020soulclbr, tektagt and clones: Screen is offset by 9 pixels in-gameHeihachi_73
 07790130.226GraphicsMinorResolved (hap)Nov 14, 2020propcycl: Misaligned zoom effect in score entry screenMetalGod
 07786110.226DocumentationTypoResolved (J.J.Boy)Nov 13, 2020karatourj: title suggestion for karatourjJ.J.Boy
 0778940.226Misc.FeatureClosedNov 13, 2020No system type ini for handheldsStHiryu
 07784160.226GameplayMajorResolved (Robbbert)Nov 12, 2020vulgus and clones: gameplay too slow shot the cannon (only UI port)J.J.Boy
 0778720.226GraphicsMajorConfirmedNov 12, 2020MESS-specific cpc6128: Game menu display graphics are corrupted in CPC soccer.StHiryu
 077880.226Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedNov 12, 2020MESS-specific cpc6128: Freeze when starting a pinball table in Pinball DreamsStHiryu
 0107040.120SoundMinorResolved (AJR)Nov 10, 2020stadhero: The back ground music should vary randomly inning by inning.-Misc Reporters-
 0775710.224DocumentationTrivialResolved (PepsiBoy428)Nov 10, 2020nbashowt: Incorrect release yearPepsiBoy428
 05877140.159GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedNov 10, 2020outrun and clones: Minor graphics errorMachone
 07717130.222GraphicsMinorResolvedNov 9, 2020renegade,kunio: glitch in both side of screenAugusto
 077830.226DIP/InputMinorResolved (terencew)Nov 9, 2020bowl3d: Function of DIPs labelled as Unused, some unassigned functionsterencew
 07782210.226DocumentationTrivialResolved (Fortuna)Nov 9, 2020ffreveng, ffrevng10: This game present 2 titles for 2 different marketFortuna
 07785110.226DocumentationTypoResolved (J.J.Boy)Nov 9, 2020marukodq: title suggestion for marukodqJ.J.Boy
 07776330.225GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedNov 8, 2020dariusgx: Background and sprites not behaving properly in Zone D (1P side) and Zone U (2P side)giro-X
 06580150.185DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedNov 8, 2020wheelrun: Turning left less responsive than turning right (deadzone?)mmarino4
 0743530.210Save/RestoreMajorResolved (cuavas)Nov 7, 2020Vector: Vector Many games do not return stably from save stateZaghadka
 0570180.154DocumentationTrivialResolved (FMecha)Nov 5, 2020daytona and clones: Hacked versions are not marked bootleg, and some games have "(Japan)" in them despite the region is changeable.FMecha
 0646240.181SoundMinorResolved (galibert)Nov 3, 2020qbert, qbertj, myqbert, qberta, qbertqub: Sound incorrect in all Qbert setsevh347
 00486180.109u4SoundMinorResolvedNov 2, 2020qbertqub: missing sounds because the Q*bert sound roms are being used instead of the Q*bert's Qubes sound roms.sxevious
 0713640.203SoundMinorResolved (Lord Nightmare)Nov 2, 2020mtrap and clones: Digital Audio Priority problemBrad O.
 00003330.103u2Misc.TrivialConfirmedNov 2, 2020goldnaxe3, goldnaxej, passsht: ROM board have two of their four CPU ROMs in common.AWJ