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01040 Core Minor Have not tried Feb 8, 2008, 14:50 Jun 4, 2008, 18:01
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Assigned To Resolution Suspended OS
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Version 0.108u2 Fixed in Version Build
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Summary 01040: Possible bug in m68k core : Some inconsistency between real board and mame m68k C core.
Description A rom hacker told me some inconsistency between real board and mame m68k C core

1. about the second byte of a word and a dworde.g. the following instruction will cause a halt on the real machine but not in mame:
cmp.w #$1, (a1001)

2. when addressing beyond 64k mame core may get halted, if he recalled correctly
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Additional Information Posted by Namume
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Affected Sets / Systems Possible bug in m68k core
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Jun 4, 2008, 01:07
Haze, do you know anything about this? Is this something that can be closed or left to linger?
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Senior Tester
Jun 4, 2008, 18:01
it doesn't make sense to me, especially not the 2nd part.. sounds more like something system specific than cpu specific??