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01088 Interface Trivial Have not tried Feb 9, 2008, 14:43 Mar 1, 2008, 19:29
Tester Tron1001 View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution No change required OS
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Version 0.123 Fixed in Version 0.123u3 Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 01088: mario: Discrete volume also controls DAC volume.
Description The discrete sounds in mario bros are noticeably louder than the DAC sounds, which makes the mix seem unbalanced. When I lower the discrete volume level under the ~ menu, it also lowers the DAC sounds in proportion so I get no net effect.
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Mar 1, 2008, 19:28
The DAC sound is mixed with the output of the discrete circuits by means of a resistor network. There is no adjustment possible for the operator. It is not a bug that there are no separate adjustments. That has been been implemented on purpose.