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01277 DIP/Input Minor Have not tried Feb 17, 2008, 13:39 Feb 17, 2008, 13:39
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Version N/A Fixed in Version Build
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Summary 01277: strider: The bonus-Life DIPSW isn't well mapped.
Description The bonus-Life DIPSW isn't well mapped.
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Additional Information This is wrong because the game gives lives but doesn't update the counter on every life you gain. For example, if you got the 20K-life when you have 3 lives, the lives-counter still tells you 3 lives, but in reality you have 4 lives. There are probably other early CPS-1 games that do this (Ghouls n' Ghosts?), but for what I recall, it's a game bug and not a MAME bug. -Kale
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