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01339 Gameplay Minor Have not tried Feb 19, 2008, 16:07 Feb 19, 2008, 16:07
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Version 0.116u2 Fixed in Version Build
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Summary 01339: smashtv: There is often an invisible wall preventing you from reaching the edges of the screen.
Description This problem has been in MAME for as long as I remember, although just to be sure I tested with 0.66 0.101 and 0.116, all of which produce the same issue.

When playing the game there is often an invisible wall preventing you from reaching the edges of the screen. This can happen on all four sides and it appears and disappears throughout gameplay. Essentially it reduces the size of the arena your player can move in. The distance from the actual arena wall is just about the height of the device that displays your score on the playfield, although it's sometimes smaller.
If walking diagonally towards a wall your character will sometimes quickly readjust his heading meaning he had not yet reached the actual arena wall. I believe this is sort of a minor manifestation of the aforementioned invisible wall.
This bug can be easily reproduced on any level of the game, (if not found on the first rather short board, then for sure on the next).- smashtv0116u2gre, The_Pro
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Additional Information Not a Bug. I know this game pretty well.

I think you'll find that the large invisible wall only appears when you have the spinning yellow saw blades, and that the smaller ones happen when you have the forcefield or the blue orbiting gun. - Zaphod (0.118u3)
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