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01352 Misc. Minor Have not tried Feb 20, 2008, 03:14 Feb 20, 2008, 03:14
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Summary 01352: fatfury3: Gritch of the ending with the English BIOS.
Description Some time ago, there was a bug listed for this game but it is now not listed. Having just played the game twice to check, it is NOT fixed (and yes I cleared the nvram and cfg files first)
Fatal Fury 3 will either reset or give a ram error during the ending of the game.
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Additional Information This only happens when you have the language set to English, and it is an original game bug. The Japanese ending works, but the English ending wasn't completed properly. - Vas Crabb (0.122u3)

it's not a bug, it's been confirmed on the real hardware with english bios. the 'special' ending does not work (the standard ones do). with Japan bios everything is fine. - Haze (0.122u3)
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