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01379 Gameplay Minor Have not tried Feb 21, 2008, 05:00 Feb 21, 2008, 05:00
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Summary 01379: rainbowe: Power up items and diamonds.
Description In Rainbow Islands Extra, the power up you receive is based on the LAST diamond collected. (no, you still need to collect the 7 diamonds in order, but you can still collect diamonds after you've finished this) anyways, if the last diamond is: you get:

Red - Book of Continues
Orange - Money BAG (NOT coin!)
Yellow - Key
Green - Protection Fairy
Blue - Yellow Potion
Indigo - Red Potion
Violet - Shoes

Now, some of these are different then in Rainbow Islands:
-Money bag, a 100,000 point money bag will fall on each level (random time). Unlike the Coin in RI, it will NOT turn all hidden fruit into 10,000pt money bags.
-Key, the rooms 'secret code' will be revealled for about 8 seconds. In RIE, only the first digit, and one more (depending on the LAST diamond you got) are normally revealled.
-Protection Fairy - In RIE, the protection fairy is NOT permanent as it is in RI. It will last for a short duration at the beginning of every round, or after you die/start a new man. - THIS IS INTENTIONAL, the code that handles the protection fairy is modified to do just this.
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