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01422 Misc. Minor Have not tried Feb 24, 2008, 15:44 Feb 24, 2008, 15:46
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Summary 01422: sinistar: Rows of zeroes appear on the title screen.
Description Rows of zeroes appear on the title screen.
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Additional Information There were two Sinistar machines at California Extreme, both in perfect working order. One machine displayed a bunch of periods in the same way as all those 0's in MAME, and the other had an actual message displayed there. If you go into diagnostics (hit F2 - Advance) and go through all the tests, you'll end up at the game adjustments screen. Move to the bottom of the list and hit Button 1 (Fire) to select "Yes" for "Set Operator Message". Then hold down the Fire button and hit Advance again, and you'll be taken to the screen where you can set the operator message. Once you're through this screen, the 0's on the title screen will go away. =) However, I noticed one different problem: Once you're out of diagnostics mode AND YOU'VE TOLD IT TO UPDATE THE OPERATOR MESSAGE, it's impossible to play the game! The ship stays in one place and orientation on the screen, rocks appear but don't move on the screen, same thing with any enemy ships that might appear. Firing causes your shots to be displayed OVER the ship. The ship and your shots do not interact with anything on the radar, and some of the radar blips are also stuck.
When the Sinistar comes alive, it taunts you and you can see its blip on the radar, but it never appears in the main game area and it can never attack you. The only way out of this is to exit and restart the game. It seems that telling it to adjust the op message causes the game to corrupt something in memory. In order to make any adjustments to the message at all, you HAVE to hold down the Fire button. I don't believe this is how it was meant to work on the real machine.

Another update: Removing zeros can work well but you need to press F1+F2 not just F2. If you do that with f2 only, game doesn't work well.
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