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00156 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulator) Have not tried Jan 24, 2008, 17:08 Jan 24, 2008, 17:08
Tester Firewave View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.115 Fixed in Version 0.115u1 Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 00156: nekkyoku: Crash on startup.
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
fromance_paletteram_w (offset=0, data=33) at src/mame/video/fromance.c:211
211 local_paletteram[offset] = data;
(gdb) bt
#0 fromance_paletteram_w (offset=0, data=33) at src/mame/video/fromance.c:211
#1 0x00ca3a4a in program_write_byte_8 (address=63488, data=33 '!')
at src/emu/memory.c:2723
#2 0x011982e9 in ed_b0 () at src/emu/cpu/z80/z80.c:2923
#3 0x0119bc86 in z80_execute (cycles=744) at src/emu/cpu/z80/z80.c:3283
#4 0x00cb5763 in cpunum_execute (cpunum=1, cycles=744)
at src/emu/cpuintrf.c:1389
#5 0x00cfe833 in cpuexec_timeslice () at src/emu/cpuexec.c:502
#6 0x00c9686f in run_game (driver=0x1434260) at src/emu/mame.c:346
#7 0x00d363c7 in cli_execute (argc=6, argv=0x4fa1fe8, osd_options=0x20a7d50)
at src/emu/clifront.c:268
#8 0x00c48fe0 in utf8_main (argc=6, argv=0x4fa1fe8)
at src/osd/windows/winmain.c:279
#9 0x0136c842 in main (argc=6, a_argv=0x4eb2500) at src/osd/windows/main.c:67 
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