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01656 Graphics Minor Always Mar 28, 2008, 14:34 Oct 4, 2008, 15:34
Tester LastNinja2 View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Bugs That Aren't Bugs OS Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.124a Fixed in Version Build Normal
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 01656: Many sets in neodrvr.c: Various NeoGeo sets have borders at both ends.
Description A lot of NeoGeo sets show stripes on the left and right borders of the screen.
The issue seems to afflict random sets: for example, mslug has this problem but mslug2 doesn't.
You can also verify by selecting different sets from the same parent: kof99 is correct but all the clones are bugged.

The issue also afflicts the scrolling. You can clearly see this problem in kof96: the right side of the screen flickers consistently while the background is scrolled.
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information Two snaphots attached: kof96 and mslug.
Github Commit
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Affected Sets / Systems Many sets in neodrvr.c
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png file icon kof96.png (36,197 bytes) Mar 28, 2008, 14:34
png file icon mslug.png (29,356 bytes) Mar 28, 2008, 14:35
png file icon 0000.png (20,089 bytes) Oct 4, 2008, 15:32
gif file icon kof96-scrollglitch-vsscreen.gif (49,753 bytes) Oct 4, 2008, 15:34
png file icon kof96-scrollglitch-vsscreen.png (12,219 bytes) Oct 4, 2008, 15:34
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Mar 28, 2008, 14:49
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Mar 28, 2008, 14:56
edited on: Apr 5, 2008, 12:51
This is a good a time as any to make a BTANB out of this.

In short, Neo-Geo games were made with 2 different resolutions - 320x224 and 304x224. Prior to 0.122u4 - the behavior was to arbitrarily stretch the image to 320x224, regardless of original resolution of the game. This caused a lot of people nit picking the graphics (in particular, the stretched text) as the forced stretching of certain bits caused odd looking characters at times.

The decision was made in 0.122u4 and onward to force the screen resolution to 320x224 for all games, but not stretch. This is the way Neo-Geo handled it originally and the monitor would be adjusted to remove those 'bars' on the side. Graphic oddities and glitches appear from time to time in these unused screen portions.

If you hit TAB, then select Video Options, you can choose the style which you desire. If you want to old behavior (stretching image to the sides) - choose "Screen 0 Stretched (304x224)". By default, the setting is "Screen 0 Cropped (304x224)".
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Mar 28, 2008, 15:06
edited on: Mar 28, 2008, 15:19
Thanks Layne and Tafoid, very useful notes. I hope that this report can help someone else.