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01723 Original Reference Minor Always Apr 18, 2008, 21:46 Apr 19, 2008, 18:18
Tester Stefan Lindberg View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Bugs That Aren't Bugs OS Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
Status [?] Resolved Driver cps1.cpp
Version 0.124u3 Fixed in Version Build Normal
Summary 01723: kod: About missing distorsion effect into "The King of Dragons (World 910711)" set.
Description About this comment reported into the MAME source:

Known Bug List
"King of Dragons (World).
* Distortion effect missing on character description screen during attract
mode. The game rapidly toggles on and off the layer enable bit.
I think this IS the correct behaviour. The Japanese version does the
distortion as expected."

Sfefan Lindberg has checked this strange behaviour on its original (World 910711) PCB and he says:

"The King of Dragons (World 910711) do not have the distortion effect and MAME is correct :-) Only the Japan and USA versions has the distortion effect."

Note that distorsion effect on this set is missing into player selection screen too.

Thanks to Stefan another cps1 doubt has been verified on real hardware and solved, so this comment on MAME source can be deleted :-)
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png file icon kod.png (151,706 bytes) Apr 18, 2008, 21:47
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Stefan Lindberg
Senior Tester
Apr 19, 2008, 01:01
I guess this is because the ETC version is the oldest of the current known revisions of KoD, there is lot's of other differences also.
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Apr 19, 2008, 01:39
Whomever can, please make sure the source is corrected where needed. Resolved.
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Apr 19, 2008, 09:47
edited on: Apr 19, 2008, 10:16
Strange, I thought the different behaviour of World pcb was known, infact I've included this information in history.dat 2 years ago with all difference between World and US/Japan revision.
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Senior Tester
Apr 19, 2008, 13:52
I suspect what Stefan is trying to say is that if a newer revision of the World set turned up then chances are it would have the effect too. The current world set is older than the others, and the effect was probably added later, so, worth keeping a lookout for.
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Stefan Lindberg
Senior Tester
Apr 19, 2008, 15:40
It was Layne who reported this he wanted me to check something that was mentioned in the MAME source, although checking it now i see it has been removed from the source already... but now the KoD behavior has been documented here at MT at least :-)

Finding more revisions of Kod could be hard, most has probably been reprogrammed not to "suicide"... i have even seen some sold as "phoenix edition" on eBay :-/
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Senior Tester
Apr 19, 2008, 16:53
Yeah sadly those stupid Phoenix hacks are going to cause real problems in finding genuine newer./alt revisions of CPS1 / CPS2 games because there seems to be a mad rush to convert all the boards to them, throwing away the original roms in the process....

Rom hackers should be shot ;-)
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Apr 19, 2008, 17:14
Stefan this comment is still into MAME source with a lot of others that needs to be verified, the directory is:

MAME source file: / src / mame / video / cps1.c
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Apr 19, 2008, 18:18
edited on: Apr 19, 2008, 18:33
When I've reported the KOD credit sequence background bug that is still present in Mame, I checked the revision of that pcb and it was "910731 ETC" (you can see it in the videofile I attached when I made the report of the 01016bug) . That World revision is different from the one we have in Mame and it has the same behaviour and the updates present in Japan and Us revisions but unfortunately I can't check if that pcb is an original or a bootleg.
The only thing I know, is that the pcb is still alive and working at ours days from the half '90 years into an arcade of a little country town where I pass sometimes my vacations. Kold and I suspect that It could be the same of the bootleg one not working in Mame (that has the same "910731 ETC" revision). Therefore we should investigate if a "910731 ETC" really exists on a original pcb of simply bootleggers have changed the revision of a Japan/US dead board.