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01792 DIP/Input Major Always May 8, 2008, 12:25 Mar 30, 2016, 21:17
Tester nightsoil View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Luca Elia Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver subsino2.cpp
Version 0.125 Fixed in Version 0.173 Build Normal
Summary 01792: bishjan: Keyboard mode does not work
Description When the dip switches are set for keyboard mode, the game does not work right. (Try to declare chi, pon, etc., and you will see what I mean.)

With the dip switches set for joystick mode, however, the game seems to play OK, but the controls are a little counterintuitive. (You need to use the second button to declare chi, etc.)
Steps To Reproduce Set the game for keyboard mode. Play. At some point, you will want to call for a tile. When you do, you won't be able to get it.
Additional Information bishjan.c -> subsino2.c in 0.141u2
Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems bishjan
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png file icon 0001.png (46,341 bytes) May 8, 2008, 23:53
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May 8, 2008, 16:32
I have no real knowledge of Mahjong and how to play with a normal interface so I'll leave this open for other reporters/testers to verify.
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May 8, 2008, 17:58
looking at the Test Mode, keys A->N seem to be correctly detected.

if the emulation actually differs from the behavior of a real machine, it could be related to other emulation aspects rather than input emulation
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May 8, 2008, 22:33
To hell with Test Mode. Try playing the game.

The basics of mahjong are simple enough for pretty much anyone to learn.
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May 8, 2008, 23:53
edited on: May 8, 2008, 23:54
Confirmed the issue.

This game uses a special key input scheme for the keyboard mode.
In usual mahjang games, when you declare Chi, Pon, Kan, Reach and Ron, you have to press the respective keys.

In bishjan, a menu appears when you can declare any of them and then chose it. (see the screenshot)
In the joystick mode, button 1 is to cancel, button 2 is to accept, but in the keyboard mode, I can't find the key to accept it as far as I tested.