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01971 Cheat System Minor Have not tried Jul 5, 2008, 15:45 Jul 6, 2008, 13:40
Tester Fujix View Status Public Platform
Assigned To aaron Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.125u9 Fixed in Version 0.126 Build
Summary 01971: Cheat menu flickers.
Description When the cheat select menu is longer than the menu box height, it is not displayed correctly and flickers.
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gif file icon menu.gif (140,508 bytes) Jul 5, 2008, 15:45
related to 01980Resolvedaaron Enable Cheats menu only showing the first 24 cheats for ANY game 
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Jul 5, 2008, 15:58
This and other observations are located here:
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Jul 5, 2008, 16:27
edited on: Jul 5, 2008, 16:42
In addition, I confirmed this also in MAME with the "emergent" cheat fix for 0.126.

I think the author of the new cheat system should take it more seriously.
Not small number of Devs, testers and people around MAME are actually prompting complaints about the update.

It's allowed to twiddle with it but he should keep backward compatibility and test his code before submit wherever possible. Some lines are still shown as "(null)".
And as seen in the recent releases, new fix causes new problems, we can't expect him to cope with what is going on.

blah, blah, blah..
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Jul 6, 2008, 06:03
It is a chicken and egg problem.

I think ShimaPong takes the cheat engine seriously, but I think everyone else does not take his updates seriously. Nobody reports bugs here on Mantis, instead everybody just whines on the forums or compiles in the old cheat engine without reporting bugs. That is useless.

If we revert the cheat engine, the new code will never be fixed. But nobody is maintaining the old code, which is a terrible mess. I would rather have somebody maintain the code and have some pain and bug reports to make the code work better.
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Jul 6, 2008, 09:43
I agree, it's rather flustrating it's better to move this changes to the end instead of reverting to old cheat engine. Some of mame clones autors could possibly help instead of using old cheat engine.
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Jul 6, 2008, 13:25
Well I don't feel that posting bug reports here is going to help get ShimaPong to fix any bugs. If anything it's more of a guarantee of the bugs staying in. I know what he thinks of me and he can't even say Pugsy without asterisking all or part of it.

If I knew exactly what the issues with the old cheat engine you have I could have a go at addressing them. I appreciate that ShimaPong has done a LOT of work on the cheat engine but the number of bugs he's introduced has surely got to the stage of being counter-productive.
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Jul 6, 2008, 13:40
Posting bug reports here adds a lot of transparency to the process.
In addition, comments here tend to be a lot more focussed on the subject than any forum I have seen so far.
Any bug appearing here is accounted, traceable and attributable. That is the reason why I started copying over your findings here. I have picked those issues from your list which I could easily reproduce. I would kindly like to ask you to add the other ones.