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02117 DIP/Input Minor Always Aug 16, 2008, 00:05 May 19, 2013, 18:36
Tester RansAckeR View Status Public Platform MAME (Self-compiled)
Assigned To Resolution Fixed OS Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
Status [?] Resolved Driver dooyong.cpp
Version 0.126u5 Fixed in Version 0.148u5 Build Normal
Summary 02117: superx: [possible] Service mode DIP switch has no effect.
Description Service mode DIP switch has no effect.
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information I have some documentation from Guru that the switch enables service mode, but it's a handcrafted html page so I'm not convinced the game has a service mode. All other games in this driver have a service mode, but this is the only game made by "NTC".

See the switch's history:
0.74: game added, switch marked as 'service mode'
0.96u1: renamed to 'unknown'
0.106u3: renamed to 'service mode'

Note that whatever it's name was during the changes, it never had any effect.
Flags Possible
Regression Version 0.74 (addition)
Affected Sets / Systems superx
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May 19, 2013, 18:36
fixed by Sonikos