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02534 Graphics Minor Have not tried Oct 12, 2008, 18:41 Nov 26, 2018, 00:10
Tester Smitdogg View Status Public Platform MAMEUI
Assigned To Resolution Bugs That Aren't Bugs OS Windows XP/Vista 64-bit
Status [?] Resolved Driver djboy.cpp
Version 0.127u7 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary 02534: djboy: [possible] Graphics glitch with the briefcase at the beginning of the 2nd level
Description Near the beginning of level 2, an enemy throws briefcases at you. The briefcase graphic occasionally flickers on then off for a frame or 2 in places that it shouldn't. I don't know if it's a bug in the real game or not. Also there may be other places where this happens with other graphics. I attached an inp that will take you through this level.
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Affected Sets / Systems djboy
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zip file icon (225,733 bytes) Oct 12, 2008, 18:41
png file icon 0005.png (8,036 bytes) Oct 12, 2008, 20:34
png file icon 0006.png (8,011 bytes) Oct 12, 2008, 20:34
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Oct 12, 2008, 20:33
Made snaps from the INP - one when the case appears in the wrong place, then again after it shows where is should.
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Aug 3, 2010, 11:00
does this happen in 139 after the mcu is properly emulated ?
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Aug 3, 2010, 12:51
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Senior Tester
Aug 3, 2010, 13:29
it's an interrupt timing issue I think, the driver currently toggles 2 interrupts with even spacing when in reality they should probably relate to specific points in the screen (vblank in/out maybe)

this causes the spritelist to be updated at the wrong point, and the glitches to occur. If you simply swap them over you get very jerky video update instead.

it could of course happen to an extent on the real PCB, as it does on B.Rap Boys, but still, the current interrupt timing is a hack.
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Senior Tester
Nov 24, 2018, 12:46
Very brief appearance of the suitcase out of place in the arcade pcb too: