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02540 Graphics Minor Unable to reproduce Oct 13, 2008, 13:12 Oct 13, 2008, 14:54
Tester Iaspis View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Invalid report OS Windows XP/Vista 64-bit
Status [?] Closed Driver
Version 0.127 Fixed in Version Build Normal
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 02540: 19xx: Graphical glitch in level 5
Description The following glitch happened to me only once in the official .127 version of mame and I have not been able to reproduce it ever since in any version (0.127 or later), I will post this here however, just in case someone has seen something like that. In level 5, in the part which looks like a factory, there are several tank producing facilities. Destroy the first 3 or 4 VERY QUICKLY and a couple of bi-choppers appear. When the glitch happened, the 1st bi-chopper appeared as a glitched half of its true form, dissapearing a while after. To my dissapointment, I wasn't prepared to capture this in a snapshot. The attached one only indicates the point the bi-chopper appears and IT IS CORRECT by all means. Save states WERE used and I suspect this being the cause of the glicth, however there were never such problems in a cps2.c game (unlike toaplan2.c), although there IS a Save States Warning in the driver. Anyway, feel free to close this report at your convenience.
Steps To Reproduce Reach the point described above, having met the conditions which make the choppers appear.
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Oct 13, 2008, 14:53
I've had graphics glitches in lots of games after using save states when they weren't supported, this isn't really a bug. I'm going to close it.