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02585 DIP/Input Minor Have not tried Feb 5, 1997, 00:00 Feb 5, 1997, 00:00
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Summary 02585: bombjack: "Bonus Life" Dip Switches NEVER give extra lives.
Description "Bonus Life" Dip Switches NEVER give extra lives because of patched code at 0x5a07 :
"push af" instruction (0xe5) has been replaced by "ret" instruction (0xc9).
 However, they still affect hi-scores table due to code at 0x0945 :
     value     bonus life       hi-scores

     0x00   none                 10000
     0x01   every 100k          100000
     0x02   every 30k            30000
     0x03   50k only             50000
     0x04   100k only           100000
     0x05   50k and 100k         50000
     0x06   100k and 300k       100000
     0x07   50k 100k and 300k    50000
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