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02923 Misc. Minor Always Feb 18, 2009, 19:00 Feb 26, 2009, 08:24
Tester Firewave View Status Public Platform MAME (Self-compiled)
Assigned To aaron Resolution Fixed OS Windows XP/Vista 64-bit
Status [?] Resolved Driver segas16b.cpp
Version 0.129u4 Fixed in Version 0.129u5 Build Debug
Summary 02923: sonicbom: [debug] Writes extensively to the console
Description In 0.129u4 it started to write the following repeatedly to the console:

  000000-003FFF (00C000) = I/O space
  000000-000FFF (00F000) = color RAM
  000000-00FFFF (000000) = tile RAM
  000000-000FFF (00F000) = text RAM
  000000-0007FF (00F800) = object RAM
  000000-003FFF (00C000) = work RAM
  000000-00FFFF (000000) = ROM 2
  000000-00FFFF (000000) = ROM 1
  000000-00FFFF (000000) = ROM 0

With a simple -str 2 run I got almost 200 MB of output.
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Flags Debug build specific
Regression Version 0.129u4
Affected Sets / Systems sonicbom
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Senior Tester
Feb 18, 2009, 19:39
i'm pretty sure the sega drivers have always done this in debug mode, they print out each time the memory map changes, and in some cases the games set the memory map every frame (golden axe comes to mind)