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03252 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulation) Always Jun 10, 2009, 04:13 Jan 7, 2023, 03:26
Tester ArcadeDude View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To peterferrie Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.132 Fixed in Version 0.240 Build
Fixed in Git Commit 5857dd9 Github Pull Request #
Summary 03252: tm, tm2k, tm3k, tm4k, tm5k, tm7k, tm8k: Emptying any column in Solitaire.
Description Touchmaster 5000 (v7.10 Standard and California) - Game 'freezes" when playing solitaire randomly. Sometimes it locks-up after :30 seconds, other times several minutes. One thing that always happens - it seems to lock-up consistently when the yellow arrow is pointing at a card and you attempt to move it with the mouse. I've tested this several time with both sets and it consistently lock-up. When it eventually locks, the graphic for the card seems corrupted? - see attached snapshot below.

Updated by JazzX: Emptying any column in the "Solitaire" subgames on any version of Touchmaster results in crash/freeze with very specific onscreen behaviour.
Steps To Reproduce Play any game of Midway Touchmaster "Solitaire" or "Solitaire Highscore" or "Super Solo-taire".

As soon as you attempt to empty a column, the crash occurs. EVERY time.
Additional Information Further analysis is done JazzX in 04125. You can download inp and sta files.
Midway Touchmaster Solitaire Bug Analysis – MAME 0.140


In the Touchmaster games by Midway, there is a bug which renders the Solitaire subgames unplayable. After a specific action is taken (the same one in every case), the game crashes and displays the same crash behaviour onscreen, regardless of version.

The analysis will show that ArcadeDude's contention that this is a random bug is incorrect, and that the bug information on MameTesters requires immediate updating.

The evidence will also show that this is NOT an in-game bug. This is clearly an emulation bug.


The game was tested on an Intel i5 Quadcore Processor, 64 bit, running Windows 7

MAMEUI64 v.0140 was used to load the games and record the inp files
The enclosed nvram files are required for the inp files to load correctly


Two games of each version of solitaire (1 flip and 3 flip) from the romsets tm,tm2k,tm3k,tm4k,tm5k,tm7k and tm8k were played and recorded.

from tm2k onwards there are two versions of Solitaire for each romset included in the Touchmaster games (a “High Score” or “Super” version was added by Midway in each case). Each was tested on both 1flip and 3flip settings just like the “Classic” versions.

So, apart from romset “tm” - every other romset has four tests attached.


The rules of “Solitaire” are well known; the game is sometimes known in the UK as “Patience”, and sometimes in the US as “Klondike”. All Windows computers have this game included (Games>Solitaire), and the included help file upon loading this game should clear up any questions regarding the basic rules. The basic rules are also included in the Touchmaster games by pressing the “Help” button on the Solitaire subgame screen.

Central to the game, however, is removing cards from the board so as to create empty columns in which a King can be placed (no other card is allowed into an empty column).

It is impossible to complete the game without emptying any columns, as that is the objective. The columns are rearranged and emptied by moving cards down onto the four suited build piles (each built up from Ace to King).


The bug is not random in any way. In every test, the following behaviour was observed to happen EVERY time, and in EVERY version of the game – whether that be “Super” or “High Score” or “Classic”, or “1 flip” or “3 flip”:

   1. Whenever a column is emptied by the player, the game freezes

   2. After a short while during the freeze, a column of a frozen pack of cards is displayed down the screen in line with the column that was emptied

   3. If the player was moving a card/cards to another column, those cards will appear in the correct place when the line of cards is displayed. Then nothing happens.

   4. If the player was moving a card to the build pile, nothing appears to happen when the frozen line of cards is displayed – but if one waits for a significant amount of time, the card will travel down the screen at an excruciatingly slow rate (Press F10 to speed this up and observe this behaviour) until it settles into the designated build pile. Then nothing happens.

   5. It does not matter which columns are emptied. During the tests, each of the first four columns were emptied at some point and, without exception, the above behaviour was observed. It is reasonable to assume that columns 5,6 and 7 would also exhibit the same behaviour had they been emptied. [These are harder to empty - as each column, from left to right, contains progressively more cards to remove]

   6. There were no other crashes/freezes during any test. The bug is NOT random in any way.

[Anecdotal evidence: I have played most of the Touchmaster subgames in each version – no other subgames, specifically card games, seem affected by this bug]


Every version of Solitaire on every version of Touchmaster fails when emptying any column

While it is possible that Midway accidentally left a broken subgame in every version of their Touchmaster series, this is inconceivable for these two reasons:

   1. New versions of Solitaire were added by Midway – a tester would have spotted that the new version was just as unplayable as the Classic version. Solitaire is also a popular card game – several disgruntled arcade owners would moan to Midway about having to reset the machine upon the inevitable crashing whenever someone tried to play it.

   2. Every version is affected, suggesting a problem in the Touchmaster core driver which is common to every game

   3. The nature of the crash suggests a poorly emulated special effects routine whenever a column is emptied. This would require further verification, however.

TESTER: Paul Stubbs, aka JazzX
Github Commit
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Affected Sets / Systems tm, tm2k, tm3k, tm4k, tm5k, tm7k, tm8k
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png file icon 0000.png (33,448 bytes) Jun 10, 2009, 04:13
has duplicate 04125Closed  tm, tm2k, tm3k, tm4k, tm5k, tm7k, tm8k: Emptying any column in the "Solitaire" subgames on any version of Touchmaster results in crash/freeze. 
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Nov 30, 2010, 13:30
Updated according to analysis by JazzX. See 04125 for attachments.
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Senior Tester
Dec 12, 2010, 12:14
It's not mentioned, but the "erotic" versions of the solitaire games also fail in precisely the same way.

I run MAME/SDL on a Pentium 4 (Northwood) @ 2660MHz on Gentoo Linux, which exhibits exactly the same problems to the letter that the analysis reports. Even using the latest version present in MAME (Touchmaster 8000 v9.04 Standard) Solitaire works just fine.... until you try to place a card on an empty slot, at which point the sh.... er.... it all hits the fan.
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Oct 17, 2017, 22:26
At today this issue it's also present and the games it's reported to full working..... it's a bad bump or a emulation trouble?
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Jan 7, 2020, 21:22
Might this be a blitter timing problem?
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Feb 3, 2020, 09:52
& shows the solitaire running.
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Jan 2, 2022, 05:56
fixed in 5857dd9d2b763cd8211497a769055d73e7a503c2
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Jan 7, 2023, 03:26
Finally now can play all Touchmaster series whitout freeze.

I have only right now see the difference on 0.251 :)