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03590 Color/Palette Minor Always Dec 20, 2009, 14:38 Nov 5, 2014, 08:47
Tester Machone View Status Public Platform
Assigned To AWJ Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver rockrage.cpp
Version 0.135u3 Fixed in Version 0.156 Build
Summary 03590: rockrage, rockragea, rockragej: Incorrectly coloured enemy sprites
Description The enemy characters that drop bonus items when killed should be coloured red according to the following video:

Note both pcbs show the same behaviour. Also have video from another source if it needs verifying further.
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Affected Sets / Systems rockrage, rockragea, rockragej
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Senior Tester
Dec 20, 2009, 18:22
edited on: Dec 20, 2009, 18:22
the way it's hooked up in MAME indicates that the sprite look-up table rom only ever contains a single palette (every entry is 0x00 - 0x0f)

I think there is either some misunderstanding, or some versions should use a different prom, because with the current one there is no way to select another palette, and the driver is hardcoded around this.
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Nov 5, 2014, 08:47
It appears we were loading the PROMs in the wrong order; the "dummy" PROM (the one that's equivalent to just wiring the PROM address lines to the data lines) is for the BG tilemap, not for the sprites.