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04259 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulator) Always Feb 22, 2011, 20:41 Dec 25, 2016, 21:02
Tester Scagazza View Status Public Platform MAME (Self-compiled)
Assigned To Resolution Fixed OS Windows XP (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver namconb1.cpp
Version 0.141u2 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary 04259: machbrkr: Mame crashes when you select Rapid Jump in the 4th day.
Description (gdb) run machbrkr -window
Starting program: C:\MAME/mame.exe machbrkr -window
[New Thread 1568.0x7b0]
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Input file: machbrkr.inp
INP version 3.0
Created Tue Feb 22 20:17:20 2011
Recorded using MAME 0.141u2 (Feb 10 2011)
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[New Thread 1568.0x8fc]
Total playback frames: 40641
Average recorded speed: 99%

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000000001e1620d in device_execute_interface::device_input::empty_event_queue
(this=0x2a6f20) at src/emu/diexec.c:987
987 m_execute->execute_set_input(m_linenum, CLEAR_LINE);
(gdb) bt
#0 0x0000000001e1620d in device_execute_interface::device_input::empty_event_queue (this=0x2a6f20) at src/emu/diexec.c:987
#1 0x0000000001e15d6e in device_execute_interface::device_input::set_state_synced (this=0x2a6f20, state=1, vector=-16777216) at src/emu/diexec.c:905
#2 0x0000000002ce7e73 in device_execute_interface::set_input_line (
    this=0x2a4cd0, linenum=52, state=1) at src/emu/diexec.h:217
#3 0x0000000000be5e8d in namconb2_cpureg8_w (machine=0x2a31e0, reg=2,
    data=52 '4') at src/mame/drivers/namconb1.c:508
#4 0x0000000000be60e7 in namconb2_cpureg_w (space=0x175fc440, offset=0,
    data=13312, mem_mask=65280) at src/mame/drivers/namconb1.c:550
#5 0x0000000001e11f6a in handler_entry_write::write_stub_legacy (
    this=0x176b9e10, space=..., offset=0, data=13312, mask=65280)
    at src/emu/memory.c:5059
#6 0x0000000002d8db63 in delegate_4param<void, address_space&, unsigned int, un
signed int, unsigned int>::operator() (this=0x176b9ec0, p1=..., p2=0,
    p3=13312, p4=65280) at src/emu/delegate.h:1193
#7 0x0000000002d96fac in handler_entry_write::write32 (this=0x176b9e10,
    space=..., offset=0, data=13312, mask=65280) at src/emu/memory.c:619
#8 0x0000000002cb3ecf in address_space_specific<unsigned int, (endianness_t)1,
true>::write_native (this=0x175fc440, offset=0, data=13312, mask=65280)
    at src/emu/memory.c:1164
#9 0x0000000002cb376b in address_space_specific<unsigned int, (endianness_t)1,
true>::write_direct<unsigned char, true> (this=0x175fc440, address=15728642,
    data=52 '4', mask=255 '\377') at src/emu/memory.c:1337
#10 0x0000000002cb2dc0 in address_space_specific<unsigned int, (endianness_t)1,
true>::write_byte (this=0x175fc440, address=15728642, data=52 '4')
    at src/emu/memory.c:1455
#11 0x0000000002d8d869 in delegate_2param<void, unsigned int, unsigned char>::op
erator() (this=0x2a7208, p1=15728642, p2=52 '4') at src/emu/delegate.h:989
#12 0x0000000001c22060 in m68ki_write_8_fc (m68k=0x2a6e00, address=15728642,
    fc=5, value=52) at src/emu/cpu/m68000/m68kcpu.h:983
#13 0x0000000001c59159 in m68k_op_move_8_al_i (m68k=0x2a6e00)
    at obj/windows/mame64d/emu/cpu/m68000/m68kops.c:17482
#14 0x0000000001622d75 in cpu_execute_m68k (device=0x2a4c40)
    at src/emu/cpu/m68000/m68kcpu.c:646
#15 0x00000000020ea10d in legacy_cpu_device::execute_run (this=0x2a4c40)
    at src/emu/devcpu.c:329
#16 0x0000000001e31fd7 in device_scheduler::timeslice (this=0x2a4468)
    at src/emu/schedule.c:461
#17 0x0000000001d6e2aa in running_machine::run (this=0x2a31e0, firstrun=true)
    at src/emu/machine.c:391
#18 0x0000000001defb75 in mame_execute (osd=..., options=0x3eaac0)
    at src/emu/mame.c:200
#19 0x00000000020c81ee in cli_execute (argc=5, argv=0x3e7a40, osd=...,
    osd_options=0x3c62b20) at src/emu/clifront.c:187
#20 0x0000000001578018 in utf8_main (argc=5, argv=0x3e7a40)
    at src/osd/windows/winmain.c:417
#21 0x0000000002356e36 in wmain (argc=5, argv=0x3e73a0)
    at src/osd/windows/main.c:82
#22 0x000000000040141e in __tmainCRTStartup ()
    at ../mingw-w64-crt/crt/crtexe.c:268
#23 0x0000000077d596ac in ?? ()
#24 0x0000000077d59680 in ?? ()
#25 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
Steps To Reproduce Play till day 4 then choose the Rapid Jump stage
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Affected Sets / Systems machbrkr
Attached Files
zip file icon (776,260 bytes) Feb 22, 2011, 20:41 Uploaded by Scagazza
zip file icon (356,305 bytes) Feb 22, 2011, 21:04 Uploaded by Scagazza
zip file icon (794,522 bytes) Dec 25, 2016, 21:01 Uploaded by Kale
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Feb 22, 2011, 21:07
Added an inp file cos seems that savestate is not working. The inp file seems to go out of sync at the end of day 3 but you can easily proceed from that point to day 4.
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Feb 23, 2011, 05:39
Confirmed. Your inp doesn't work here although.
And please describe the summary more specific, not like "MAME crashes" but like "MAME crashes when, how, if ...".
Thank you.
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Dec 25, 2016, 21:02
edited on: Dec 25, 2016, 21:03
Assume fixed at some point, attached a save state for 0.179