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00525 Speed Minor Have not tried Jan 30, 2008, 12:07 Nov 22, 2017, 03:41
Tester Kale View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Kale Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver metro.cpp
Version 0.37b15 Fixed in Version 0.192 Build
Summary 00525: bangball: When you finish a level, sometimes the game runs like slow-motion.
Description When you finish a level, sometimes the game runs like slow-motion. Returns it to normal when you arrive at next level. It looked like it was running at about 0.25fps, but could have been 1fps, as the fade seemed to be as that speed. The mame FPS display remained at 100% throughout this experience.

Update: I've discovered that this happens when you press any button during transitions.
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Regression Version 0.37b15 (Added)
Affected Sets / Systems bangball
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Mar 6, 2010, 19:31
Memory location 0xf04bce controls this thing:

0x0100: normal animation, sprites runs as normal speed
0x0040: a flag setted that makes the game to behave in slow-motion
0x0000: double speed

Game probably sets that 0x0040 bit flag then expects one of the irqs to clear this memory location, but this doesn't occur for some reason ...
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Stefan Lindberg
Senior Tester
Mar 14, 2010, 10:59
On the PCB so does the animation speed up when you press the button.