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05461 Documentation Minor Always Feb 11, 2014, 03:22 Sep 5, 2019, 18:47
Tester D Go Go Fan View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.152 Fixed in Version 0.213 Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 05461: hbarrel, hbarrelw: wrong ROM labels
Description "Heavy Barrel" sets have ROM names starting with "HB". The other games of the time go in a pattern like (DX, DY, DZ, EA, EB). The MAME driver and mention labels starting "EC". I can't find a PCB picture clear enough to read ROM labels, but "EC" names should be confirmed by someone with a PCB.
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Affected Sets / Systems hbarrel, hbarrelw
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Senior Tester
Sep 5, 2019, 18:27
I can confirm this is fixed, current hbarrel and hbarrelw rom names start with ec. In a very old mame romset I have (0.78) I have checked that they started with hb as D Go Go Fan stated.
I cannot know when this renaming took place, it is not indicated in mameinfo.
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Sep 5, 2019, 18:35
It was actually during 0.213 dev cycle, so I'll resolve. The contributor probably didn't know there was a bug assigned to the label issues and admittedly, it is not a common bug report type.
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Senior Tester
Sep 5, 2019, 18:47
edited on: Sep 5, 2019, 21:10
If a Heavy Barrel (world) pcb has recently been donated or redumped by a contributor, maybe it would be a good chance to check 06354, which will probably be a BTANB