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00555 DIP/Input Minor Always Jan 30, 2008, 20:46 May 6, 2008, 22:14
Tester Bugfinder View Status Public Platform
Assigned To couriersud Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.37b15 Fixed in Version 0.122u7 Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 00555: blktiger: These games can't receive coins during play, only in continue screen.
Description These games can't receive coins during play, only in continue screen. Oddly the service coin (key 9) works!
Update: With the "Allow Continue" dip set to "NO", if you insert one coin, play a game, then die, you can no longer insert any coins to play a second

Follow-up by robiza in 0.111u2: Strangely the bits of coin lockout are set at the start of a play (and with the 9th credit too) and release in "10 seconds to continue screen"; if the continue is "not allowed" (with the dipswitchs) the bits are never released

i think the coin lockout feature, in this game, is not used the credit limit is handled by software; if you try this code:

static WRITE8_HANDLER( blktiger_coinlockout_w )
// coin_lockout_w(0,~data & 0x01);
// coin_lockout_w(1,~data & 0x02);

the credit limit is always 9 but the game accept credit in the game too (not only in attract mode)i think there's a similar problem with the game pacland (coin lockout feature present but non used - in pacland the real credit limit is 99 but coin lockout is set at the 9th credit)
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Regression Version 0.37b7
Affected Sets / Systems blktiger
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May 6, 2008, 22:14
I can confirm that on the pcb the coin lockout pin is triggered in gameplay and when you reach the ninth credit